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A story about gender identity and the fierce battle between the desire of not to being perceived and the euphoria of claiming to be seen.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you. We run short of words because it is thanks to your contributions that WE HAVE ACHIEVED THE FIRST OBJECTIVE to be able to shoot Belgrado!

Aleshores....why are we still here? Shooting is soooo expensive! Our first objective was to cover the minimum expenses to be able to shoot. Now we need to raise enough money to be able to have a decent shooting, to offer quality in the image, the sound and everything involved in the production process and also, and very importantly, that actors and crew can enjoy this shooting beyond being hydrated. That is to say, we are looking for a worthy and quality filming and you are the project managers and you can help us to achieve it, so let's go for it!

The Project

Belgrado is a short film directed by Izar Invierno. A story about the external gaze and its stinging character, about gender identity and the fierce battle between the desire of not being perceived and the euphoria of claiming a place in a society where transgender people have always inhabited the margins.

Belgrado is many wars. It is the protagonist's war against the outside world, but it is also the one he wages internally against himself.

Belgrado is also one defeat after another, one resignation after another until, at one point, everything explodes.

It is a social portrait that shows the contexts of groups such as queer migrants, who run away from the canonical and also how they live in a society that generally forgets them. Belgrado is a small *reflection on humanly transversal dilemmas within a young generation such as the lack of work, hopelessness or uncertainty when we look towards a future that seems to collapse. *

In this context, we see how Belgrado must confront his own identity and, above all, what the outside world decides to say about it as he finds himself looking for a job to pay the rent and sees how the world seems to end around him.

The fact that the main character is named after the epicenter of a possible global collapse places us in a bittersweet, chiaroscuro world with dreamlike touches that at the same time could be entirely plausible in 2023 and creates a link between the significance and repercussions that choosing a transgender person's name can have for a transgender person and the significance that the outbreak of a war that will change everything has for the whole world.


A transgender boy discovers through the news that Belgrado (the name he chose when he transitioned) is the city where an international war has just broken out, possibly changing the world from top to bottom.

Belgrado will try to live the day ignoring the situation but his name and, consequently, his own identity and existence will always be in the eye of the hurricane and in constant questioning.

What will your contributions be used for?

BELGRADO is a short film where we want to put special care in the places where we will shoot and in the art and costumes that will accompany the script because is there anything better than a story that besides being interesting, can be enjoyed to the maximum with the view, right?

Obviously, we don't want to starve so we will also try to hydrate a lot and eat decently with your contributions.

Last but not least -in fact it's the most important thing!- we will give you a good piece of the cake so that you can enjoy your rewards to the fullest :)

If you want to know more about this -We're sure you do- you have more information right here below.

Regarding the rewards

As you can see, we offer a lot of rewards, each one prepared with a lot of love and dedication. The important thing is that any contribution is welcome, because without your help BELGRADO would not be possible.

One of the t-shirts we offer on the rewards
One of the t-shirts we offer on the rewards

You can find among other things t-shirts and totebags designed by Asphalt Witch (@asphaltwitch on Instagram) exclusively for this project, **an exquisite vegan sushi dinner direct to your home or the script of Belgrad0 signed by the whole team. Oh, and if you're up for it, you can even come to the shoot and appear in the short film!

Totebag reward
Totebag reward

We recommend you to read carefully all the rewards and choose the one you like the most, because there is something for everyone. All products are original and unique and well, you will take a little piece of BELGRADO to your home and you will be helping to tell a story that without you would not exist -We will not get tired of reminding you how important you are :)-.

(Hand delivery in Barcelona or shipping costs included to Spain).

Technical Team

Who are we? Who are those embarked on this adventure? Well, the truth is that we are a group of professionals from the world of fiction and documentaries with a great desire to tell a story that we believe is worth telling and also **we have been part of teams that have created films and series that can be seen both in cinema and on platforms such as Netflix or Prime.

Osman Gené, part of the team, on set
Osman Gené, part of the team, on set

But hey, we are not only professionals, enthusiasm and a lot of will, it turns out that Izar Invierno, the director and screenwriter of this project, won the award for best screenplay with BELGRADO in the audiovisual festival Ull Nu. This award was given by two great directors and screenwriters such as Neus Ballús (Sis Dies Corrents) and Chema García Ibarra (Espíritu Sagrado) and now he is more eager than ever to take this project forward and enjoy it on screen.

Izar Invierno with the award of LAB best Script for MBELGRADO at the Festival Ull Nu
Izar Invierno with the award of LAB best Script for MBELGRADO at the Festival Ull Nu

In addition, it is intended that a large part of the team members are from the LGBTQ+ collective with special emphasis on having trans people involved. It is a conscious bet with the intention of creating a trans and LGTBQ+ fiction from a trans and LGTBQ+ point of view that, at the same time, does not fail to touch on universal human issues.

A trans and LGTBQ+ fiction from a trans and LGTBQ+ point of view and that, at the same time, does not fail to touch on humanly universal issues.

Izar Invierno on set
Izar Invierno on set

It is not only about giving voice to a collective, but also about doing it through and from their own experiences and at the same time creating a fiction that touches on cross-cutting human issues.

Planned calendar

BELGRADO has been in the making for a year now, so we are ready for the final stretch: During the summer we are looking for locations, rehearsing with actors, talking to Associations and also opening this Verkami for you.

The shooting of the short film will take place during the third week of September 2023.

Once the shooting has taken place, we will dedicate some time to finish a good editing and from there we will finish the process with the color and sound design phase.

It is clear to us that we want to move BELGRADO around the festivals next year so we hope you will hear about this short film on the big screen again in 2024.

When will you be able to see the finished short film? We estimate that BELGRADO will be ready during January-February 2024. You will be the first to receive the link to watch it. We also hope to be able to see it in a big screen, so we will inform you as soon as we know the specific dates.

Ah, wait a minute, the most important thing is still missing! **When will you receive your rewards? **We estimate that you will be able to receive them in mid-April 2024.

+ Info

You can find us on social media and ask us any question you have regarding BELGRADO:

INSTAGRAM: @belgradocortometraje


E-MAL: [email protected]


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  • Luna Sáez

    Luna Sáez

    about 1 months


  • ire.sanjuan


    about 1 months

    ¡Muchos éxitos!

  • Julio Ortiz Achar

    Julio Ortiz Achar

    about 2 months

    Como decía Spok: un proyecto "fascinante". ASA, Adelante, Siempre Adelante.

  • Juan Pablo Ortiz

    Juan Pablo Ortiz

    about 2 months

    Izar me encanta el proyecto. Todo mi apoyo. Éxitos. Abrazossss

  • Pilar Casillas Zuzuarregui

    Pilar Casillas Zuzuarregui

    about 2 months

    Avanti! Que BELGRADO sea realidad!!

  • Julia Lidoy


    about 2 months


  • Hunab Moreno

    Hunab Moreno

    about 2 months

    ¡Un proyectazo! Aquí os dejo mi granito de arena para que podáis tirarlo adelante ❤️. ¡Con muchas ganas de ver el resultado final!

  • Débora Vaquer Ferrer

    Débora Vaquer Ferrer

    about 2 months

    Con muchas ganas de verlo , esta es mi pequeña aportación para que vaya adelante :) Debs 💞

#02 / CELEBRANDO LOS 2.000 y con la vista puesta en los 3.000!!!

Queridxs mecenas, estamos de súper celebración!!!!

Sí llegar a los 1.500 euros nos pareció una fantasía, llegar a los 2.000 nos llena el pecho de emoción y orgullo. Lo más importante: Gracias a cada unx de vosotrxs por creer en BELGRADO.

Izar Invierno, director y guionista de BELGRADO os agradece vuestro apoyo 🧡
Izar Invierno, director y guionista de BELGRADO os agradece vuestro apoyo 🧡

La pregunta del millón es: Si ya tenéis 2.000 euros para qué queréis más?

Os lo contamos aquí en dos segundos:

Todos los servicios externos (Catering, transporte etc) los hemos decidido hacer con personas LGTBQ+, migrantes y otros colectivos. Porque? Porque ellxs son a su vez parte de la historia que se cuenta en BELGRADO y por ello les queremos hacer partícipes, porque ellos viven esas realidades.

Ahora bien, lo que más queremos en verdad es PAGARLES DIGNAMENTE POR SU TRABAJO. Los colectivos migrantes y LGTBQ+ son dos de… read more

#01 / A POR LOS 2.000€!

Hemos conseguido llegar a nuestro objetivo de 1.500 euros y ha sido todo GRACIAS A VOSOTRXS, LOS MECENAS.

Queremos en primer lugar agradecer a cada persona que ha aportado para hacer realidad este rodaje y deciros que sin vosotrxs no sería posible: Gracias, gracias, gracias!

En segundo lugar, contaros que, debido al éxito de la campaña (Hemos recaudado esto en tan sólo 7 días!), hemos decidido extener nuestro objetivo a los 2.000€

Estad atentxs, porque aunquue ya hayáis participado, si llegamos a este nuevo objetivo y para agradeceros vuestra confianza, queremos añadir una pequeña recompensa para todxs!


Sumado a esto, vamos a añadir nuevas recompensas para animar a todo el mundo a participar!

read more

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