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"Món Oblidat" Forja's second album

"Món Oblidat" is a conceptual metal album about a journey of self-discovery and personal reunion through Catalan mythology.

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Hi baliga balagues!

FORJA is a metal band born in 2012. Over the years the project has gone from being individual to being made up of five musicians who are passionate about what they do. Throughout our trajectory we have launched one EP (Tornant de la Batalla - 2015), one album (El Llibre dels Feyts - 2017) and two singles (2020 i 2022). In addition to having toured Catalonia, we have played in different cities of Spain like Madrid, Bilbao or Valencia and we also have toured countries like Germany, France or Slovenia, playing both in small format concerts and in festivals.

But the story continues with our next LP which will be called "Món Oblidat"

Front of the New album "Món Oblidat"
Front of the New album "Món Oblidat"

What is this album about?

"Món Oblidat" (forgotten world) is a concept album about the self-discovery and personal reunion of Cassandra, a woman lost in a grey frustration life in the urban modern times. Her involuntary entrance at "Món Oblidat", catches her in a place inhabitated by Catalan mitologic and folkloric creatures where she is going to lose herself through the night of the times. She will remain there, entering, until she finds herself through the encounter with these mysterious beings.

In this album, Cassandra’s observant gaze transports us beyond the space-time, accompanying her on a cross-border trip where, immersed in uncertainty, we can be in touch with the "essence" and transform the collective where it unfolds.

Embark on this exciting journey and discover yourself, like we have done, among impossible creatures and wild spaces. We will wait for you!

Cassandra at Clot de les Ànimes, one of the spots of Món oblidat
Cassandra at Clot de les Ànimes, one of the spots of Món oblidat

What can we find there?

It is a very personal album emerged from a true journey to the deeps of our soul. The outcome is, a very diverse work where every song narrates a different chapter belonging to a same history, creating narrative and musical thread that accompanies us.

That’s why we don’t stick to one particular style and we invite you to transit from symphonic metal to death metal, going through “folk” flavored songs to other more “electro” and from raw riffs to orchestral parts full of delicacy, epic and depth.

Filadora del destí, spin’s people’s lives
Filadora del destí, spin’s people’s lives

How are we going to carry out this project?

Mixing will be done by Joost Van Den Broek and his team of Sandlane Studios in Netherlands, known to have worked with Epica, Blind Guardian, PowerWolf, Ayreon o After Forever among others.

Then we will send it to Tony Lindgren from Fascination Street Studios in Sweden, collaborators of bands as Paradise Lost, Dimmu Borgir i Opeth.

Pare Llop, lord of the wolves
Pare Llop, lord of the wolves

How we’ll use your donation?

The donations will be exclusively destined to the production of the new album. The financing objective it’s just a part of the total project cost, therefore, any extra contribution will be used to improve the production.

What can you get? (rewards)

Here's a brief summary of what you can obtain by participating in our crowdfunding.

--Digital Download--

Digital version of "Món Oblidat" as it will be released to the market. Includes:

-Audio in Mp3, Wav, and Flac formats.


-Translations in Spanish and English.

--Exclusive Digital Download--

Available only through our crowdfunding! It includes:

-Audio in Mp3, Wav, and Flac formats.


-Translations in Spanish and English.

-Instrumental versions.

-Orchestral versions.

-16 and 8-bit versions.

-Audio commentary.

-Live bootleg "Bóveda."

--Món Oblidat CD--

Physical version of the album on CD.

--Special "Món Oblidat" T-Shirt--

"All over" Forja T-shirt, available in men's or women's models of your choice. Here are some samples:

Camiseta Especial Món Oblidat
Camiseta Especial Món Oblidat

Calendar and planificaction

-On august 21st we started to record drums at AXtudio a Barcelona in Barcelona and we will work on the other parts between September and October.

-The album mix will be released from November and then it will be sent to master. Most likely the process will last until December or January 2024.

-Once finished, we will show our project to some record labels. If no agreement is reached we will repeat the self-production system that we have used on previous albums.

-We will release the album spring 2024 and you will receive our rewards in advance.

Follow us on social networks and we will keep you informed:

Facebook or

El Comte Arnau: suffering soul, damned for all eternity
El Comte Arnau: suffering soul, damned for all eternity

More info:

"El Nom del Vent", most recent videoclip:


There are none published yet.

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  • Avi Schmilo

    Avi Schmilo

    7 months

    Glad to support Catalan metal! Shalom from Israel

  • El Minut de la Terra


    7 months

    Aportació feta, endavant amb la feina!!! /,,/.

  • Pepi Garcia Lopez

    Pepi Garcia Lopez

    8 months

    Que tengáis mucha suerte campeones 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Pepi Garcia Lopez

    Pepi Garcia Lopez

    8 months

    Que tengáis mucha suerte campeones 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Wichi


    8 months


#02 / Actualització any nou // Actualización año nuevo // New year's update


Hola a tothom!

Tot i el silenci, hem anat molt liats amb el tema del nou disc, vam tenir uns petits problemes d'edició i ens vam endarrerir una mica, no obstant, res fora del normal i la agenda no s'ha trastocat gaire.

A finals de desembre en Joost (productor de grups com Epica, Blind Guardian, Powerwolf...) ens va passar una primera versió del mix i abans d'acabar l'any li vam passar les correccions pertinents, així que seguim!

Un cop acabada la mescla passarem a la masterització del disc, i posteriorment a la cerca de discogràfica, de no trobar-ne, passarem a l'autoproducció com hem fet fins ara.

No obstant això, la nostra idea és entregar-vos les vostres recompenses abans de la sortida del disc, no us podem dir una data exacta encara, però probablement cap a finals de febrer-març ja puguem començar a enviar-vos les vostres recompenses.

Gràcies per la paciència a tots, tenim moltes ganes de treure el disc i que el pugueu escoltar com més aviat millor!


read more

#01 / Moltes gràcies! // ¡Muchas gracias! // Thank you very much!


Finalment hem assolit la fita del crowdfunding de "Món Oblidat", moltes gràcies a tots els qui heu col·laborat, sense la vostra ajuda no hagues estat possible!

Us anirem informant de les novetats, estigueu al cas!


Finalmente hemos conseguido el objetivo del crowdfunding de "Món Oblidat", ¡muchas gracias a todos los que habéis colaborado, sin vuestra ayuda no hubiera sido posible!

Os iremos informando de las novedades, ¡estad atentos!


Finally we reached the goal for "Món Oblidat" crowdfunding, thanks a lot to every one who partipated, without your help we couldn't make it.

We'll keep you informed about the proces, stay in touch!

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