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Trópico de Capri, primer trabajo discográfico de Andrea Rodríguez

Una apuesta fresca, con un sonido actual pero de raíz entre Canarias y Sudamérica, conectados a través de la historia del Atlántico.

Andrea Rodríguez

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This album, composed of 10 self-penned songs, synthesizes the origins and new sounds in the same project, full of tropical, fresh, feminine and current sounds.

The Canary Islands and Latin America have always been closely linked culturally and musically due to migratory movement. With the Tropic as a link, these vestiges have been consolidated through the songs that make up the album: from salsa to timba, from bolero to cumbia, passing through the rhythmic patterns and harmonic wheels of the islands' folklore, for the son and tenths spinels of the Cuban point so rooted in the island of La Palma, for folk and for jazz and funk.

Influenced by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Susana Baca, Chabuca Granda, or Totó La Mamposina; Her lyrics are a song to the land, to the empowerment of women and also to problems present in society, such as migration.


Originally from the island of La Palma, I went on stage for the first time at the age of 2 and began my musical training as a singer at a very early age, studying at the municipal Music School and participating ever since on the small screen in **musical programs nationally such as “Menudas Estrellas” on Antena3 or the “Premios Veo Veo” on RTVE, being a finalist in both contests.


During my adolescence, I starred in various musicals by the company “Ven y Sueña” making presentations throughout the Canary Islands, without leaving aside their commitment to the roots and folklore of their land, giving me the opportunity to regularly participate in television programs such as “Noche of Taifas” or “Tenderete” and to collaborate with references of roots music on the islands, such as Mestisay, Domingo Oramas “El Colorao”, Yeray Rodríguez, among others.

Committed since I was a child to music and culture, at the age of 20 and while finishing my law degree, I began to direct my first musical projects, among which are “Antología de Boleros”, “El Cantar de las Flores” or “ Carmina Mundi”, where I have had artists of the stature of Luis Morera, among others.

After more than 20 years of musical career on the stages of all the islands, this year I present, with the help of all of you, what will be my first album, “Trópico de Capri”.

Although a campaign limit has been set, it is necessary to exceed that objective (€) for this web portal to receive the proceeds. If the amount is not exceeded, all proceeds will be returned to you in full, putting all the effort of the campaign on deaf ears.


With the proceeds from the pre-sale of the album, we will cushion the production costs that, for the moment, are entirely financed by me because unfortunately I do not have any financing line at this time (subsidy, production company, etc.).

To give you an idea, during the preparation of a recording work you generally have to pay:

  • Composition

  • Musical arrangements

  • Lyricists

  • Recording studio

  • Mastering hours

  • Hours of recording for each of the musicians

  • Photography

  • Hours of photography editing

  • Video clip recording, production and editing

  • Costumes, rental of spaces, props

  • Graphic designer for advertising and CD design

  • CD production and distribution company

  • Merchandising products company (which are products sold with the CD)

  • Community Manager for promotion and advertising on Social Networks (...) Among other services.

The overall costs, depending on the production, usually range approximately between 5,000 and 15,000 euros.

Through your help, I will be able to cushion the costs of recording (musicians, studio, mastering) and production in general.


Trópico de Capri will premiere on September 5 in the Plaza de la Candelaria, on the same stage that I went on for the first time when I was 2 years old and in front of the same audience that gave me my first applause.

From this date, you will receive the packs that you have decided to buy with all the love in the world and a special dedication.


Click on the following links if you want to stay informed of the progress of the campaign through my social networks I will publish the entire process and information:



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  • Julian Diaz

    Julian Diaz

    18 days

    Mucha suerte con el proyecto! Besos de Julian, Juany y Elsa.

  • Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    about 1 months

    Suerte Andrea!! En nada el proyecto se hará realidad 😍

  • Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    about 1 months

    Suerte Andrea!! En nada el proyecto se hará realidad 😍

  • Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    about 1 months

    Suerte Andrea!! En nada el proyecto se hará realidad 😍

  • Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    Guacimara Cruz Díaz

    about 1 months

    Suerte Andrea!! En nada el proyecto se hará realidad 😍

  • Irene


    about 1 months

    Mucha Suerte Andrea de Irene Rayco Daniela y Julia

  • Candilena Música

    Candilena Música

    about 1 months

    Te deseamos todo lo mejor querida amiga. ¡Eres una estrella del firmamento!

  • Félix Morales

    Félix Morales

    about 1 months

    Cosas vienen.

  • Gara


    about 1 months

    Todo el éxito del mundo!

  • Esther Damas

    Esther Damas

    about 1 months

    Muchas suerte guapísima

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