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Zero: Explore dazzling horizons and distant deserts

Arturo Martin Polo

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Support our short film "ZERO " and help us make it happen!

Campaign Objective:

Our goal is to raise funds to finance the production of "Zero", a transformative and exciting short film that explores its protagonist's inner journey of self-discovery.


It is a short film that explores the story of ZERO, a young man in search of his purpose in the midst of an ever-changing world. Through an introspective and transformative journey, ZERO plunges into an inner wilderness, facing his fears and fighting against self-destruction. With visually stunning storytelling and powerful acting, "Zero" invites us to reflect on the power of rebirth and the ability to reinvent ourselves, even in the darkest of times. Prepare to immerse yourself in a fascinating world of self-discovery and deep emotions as you enter ZERO's journey towards redemption and hope.

Aesthetics for the short film.
Aesthetics for the short film.

Through different contribution levels, you will be able to make contributions and receive exclusive rewards. We want you to get involved from the beginning and enjoy the whole creative process with us. Your support will be essential to make "Zero" a reality!

One of the locations.
One of the locations.

Come and join our team of patrons, discover the creation process of this short film and let yourself be captivated by the magic of "Zero". We invite you to be part of this unforgettable cinematic experience!

Desired lighting for the end (Photograph by Arturo Martin Polo).
Desired lighting for the end (Photograph by Arturo Martin Polo).


Written and directed by Arturo Martin Polo*.

Drama / 7 min / Spanish / Spain / Filming in Aragon.

Art direction: Ariadna y Nuria

Costumes: Ariadna y Nuria

Acting direction: Lucía

Bts analog: Lucía

Digital Bts: Nuria

Make up: Adriana

Gaffer: Daniel

DOP: Diego

Camera operator: Alex and Christian

Assistant director: Alex and Lucía

Actors: Arturo, Diego, Alex

Sound technician: Rafael

About us

  • Hi! I'm Arturo Martin Polo, a passionate 20 year old who has explored different fields, from working as a mechanic to working as a director of photography in France. However, my real dream has always been to make a short film. With determination and enthusiasm, I am determined to make it happen. I am looking for the support of people like you to make it happen, and together we can make this project an exciting reality. Your contribution will be instrumental in achieving our goal and I am excited to share this experience with you. Let's come together and make magic on the screen!

This is me :)
This is me :)

  • Alex Gracia, 21, is a talented photographer and audiovisual lover. His passion for art has led him to explore various disciplines, from music to film. With a diverse professional background, he has participated in the realization of small short films, sports projects and has carried out numerous photographic works. His creative vision and ability to capture unique moments make him a valuable member of our team. His experience and dedication are a guarantee of quality in every project he participates in.

  • Christian Solanas, 20 years old, is a passionate photographer, expert in capturing natural moments with his own style. He is also a resolute person and always willing to help in any way necessary. His creativity and collaborative attitude make him an indispensable member of our team.

  • Nuria and Ariadna, two passionate visual artists aged 21 and 23. Nuria is inspired by the beautiful, the mournful and the idyllic, creating photographs that tell stories and transmit sensations. Ariadna, intrepid, intense and professional photographer, seeks a visual melody that immerses the viewer in her scenographies. Together, they fuse their talents to capture the imagination and create works that evoke emotions and provoke a deep connection with art.

  • Lucia Rovira, a 21 year old actress with a great passion for art and cinema. Her theatrical training and love for analog photography have led her to explore various creative facets. In love with cinema since she was young, Lucía seeks to express herself through acting and has also ventured into the world of modeling. With energy and dedication, she joins the **"Zero " team to contribute to the emotional and visual impact of this captivating short film.

  • Diego Montalvo, 22 years old, is a passionate creator who has dedicated much of his life to express and transmit emotions through art. His career is marked by his participation in various audiovisual projects, where he demonstrates his creativity, attitude and unique aesthetic vision. Diego is a true artist committed to creating unforgettable experiences.

  • Daniel and Rafael are talented sound and lighting technicians with solid experience in the audiovisual industry. Daniel has a passion for content creation and is ready to embark on new projects. In addition, Daniel stands out for his creativity and his ability to bring fresh and original ideas, thus enriching each project he collaborates on... For his part, Rafael has worked on outstanding productions, including "Las niñas ", winner of 4 Goya awards. Their experience and dedication guarantee impeccable results in every project in which they participate.

  • Adriana Martín Polo is a 24 year old Industrial Design Engineer. Despite working in her trade, she has always liked the world of fantasy make-up and characterization so she decided to study two masters in professional make-up. Since then compine her work as an engineer with make-up in which she continues to train and work.

What will your contributions go towards?

- 10% will go to your rewards, to thank you for your support and recognition.

-20% will be used for travel and per diems, ensuring that the team has what they need during the production process.

- 13% will be reserved to cover expenses related to the premiere and presentation at festivals, ensuring that our short film will have the visibility it deserves.

- 57% will be invested in the production itself, covering aspects such as equipment rental, locations, wardrobe, post-production, among others. Every euro will be managed responsibly and maximizing its value to provide the best quality at each stage of the project.

Planned timetable

  • Reproduction: May-July 2023

  • Shooting: August 7 to 20, 2023

  • Post-production: from August 30th, 2023

  • Approximate delivery of rewards. From September 25, 2023

Get exclusive rewards

**Join our project and participate in "Zero" in a unique way!

Join our project "Zero" and be part of our community of patrons! With your contributions, you can access exclusive rewards and enjoy a unique experience in the creative process. Your support is essential to make "Zero" a reality. Join us and be part of this incredible adventure!

These are some of the rewards.
These are some of the rewards.

Choose the reward you like the most and be part of our "Zero" project!

As a backer, you will have the opportunity to be part of this exciting project from its early stages to its completion. Your support is essential to carry out this short film and we would love you to join us in this exciting adventure.

Thank you for your support!

We are delighted to count on you in this exciting film adventure. With each donation, you bring us one step closer to the realization of our short film "Zero ".

Your contribution will go towards funding the fundamental aspects of the production and help us convey our story in a powerful and emotional way. In addition, as a thank you, we have prepared exclusive rewards to make you feel a part of this amazing project** join us and be part of the team that makes the dream of "Zero "** possible! Together, we can create something truly special on the big screen.

  • Follow the project also on the featured Instagram stories, where every time something related is uploaded it will appear there: FEATURED STORIES

  • And you can also follow us on the account we have created where we will be uploading all the progress related to the short film: ZEROFRAMEZ



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  • Borja


    9 months

    mucho animo koala <3

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    10 months

    Mucha suerte

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    Mario Martín

    10 months


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    Efrén N

    10 months


  • Rsalas


    10 months

    Mucha suerte con el proyecto 💪

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    10 months

    A por todas!

  • Torremocha


    10 months

    A trabajar para que los sueños se hagan posibles !!

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