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First EP by Damas de españa

We are releasing our first EP: 'Guardado en borradores'. Thank you for helping us make this project a reality!

Damas de españa

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Welcome to our Verkami campaign! We are very excited to share with the world our upcoming project: Guardado en borradores, which means Saved in drafts, our very first EP.

Guardado en borradores will be a small album featuring five original songs where we revive the music that filled the radios in the 2000s. At the same time, we are experimenting with our sound, taking our music to a more digital dimension with enhanced production. This will bring more nuances and details, giving it a distinctive and contemporary touch without losing the essence that has defined us so far.

Our songs tell everyday stories that anyone can relate to, reflecting the reality of our current society. We explore the theme of love in all its forms: we talk about the unexpected love story between two people, as well as the aftermath of a couple's morning spent at IKEA. This spectrum of emotions is accompanied by simple, inclusive, and fresh lyrics, always with a touch of humor.


Who are we?

Damas de españa are an emerging group of girls from les Terres de l'Ebre, settled in the attic of a farmhouse where we create our own music. We were born during the pandemic when we got together to play with music as a way to have a good time, not knowing that Damas would gradually emerge. The most important thing for us is that above all, we are friends and we want to maintain this essence that gives us such camaraderie and connection.

Our name comes from a bucket and a feminist claim. Said bucket is a soap from a few decades ago called 'Damas de España' (Ladies of Spain), which was targeted towards women, directly addressing them, to clean houses and clothes, especially if their husbands were mechanics. After the initial indignation, we wanted to adopt this name and give it a new meaning to reclaim that women can occupy spaces beyond the home.


Who do we work with?

Guardado en borradores was born as a compilation of songs that we have been working on for a long time. In order to bring these songs to light, we have collaborated with professionals who have been with us throughout the process.

We have the production expertise of our friend Bernat Mola, a member and producer of groups like Hologramma and Balma. He understood us and helped us achieve the sound and personality we were looking for.

Airestudios is our trusted studio where we recorded all the songs and where the mixing and mastering take place.

We also have the collaboration of Marta Gómez (@marsgmz), who has provided us with incredible photographs to visually support the project.

The design part is our own creation. Andrea (@drewcanpe), our bassist, has brought to life the ideas we had in our heads and has designed the rewards that you will receive by contributing to this project.



With Verkami, your help comes with rewards. We have prepared various pieces of merchandise with all our love, hoping they will take you on a journey to the 2000s. On the right side of the website (or at the top if you're on mobile), you will find different packs and options through which you can contribute.


How does Verkami work?

We want to carry out this project through Verkami. With this platform, campaigns are all or nothing! For 40 days, you can get our rewards, and depending on whether we reach our goal of €5,500, you will receive them, or the money will be refunded. We need your help!

Through this campaign, we aim to cover the expenses associated with producing an EP, which are not insignificant. To give you a clear picture, here is a summary of the main expenses.



We do not want to end without thanking all the people who have supported us and continue to support us every day. Starting with Maria, our fifth dama; Joaquín and Maribel, for their infinite patience; Bernat, our new travel companion; Airestudios, for making us feel at home; all the friends, family, and followers who are there for us day by day, concert after concert. And to you, who have made it this far, thank you so much!!!


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  • Mª Carmen Garcia

    Mª Carmen Garcia

    11 months

    Por este disco os habéis ganado una paella. Mucha suerte Damas, especialmente a mi nuera <3

  • Txell Gol

    Txell Gol

    11 months

    Chicaaas!!! vinga que lo conseguis!!!

  • CarmenCPino


    11 months

    ¡Os de deseo todo lo mejor, chicas!

  • Lola


    11 months


  • Laia Carbó Alcón

    Laia Carbó Alcón

    12 months

    A per totes!!!

  • toia


    12 months

    es de la

  • Antoni


    12 months

    Ånims, d'aqui a la fama

  • Morsa


    12 months

    Morseta vos desitja tot lo bo del món💘

  • Ester Galindo

    Ester Galindo

    almost 1 year


  • Montse fernandez  ventura Fernandez

    Montse fernandez ventura Fernandez

    about 1 year

    Molta sort

#01 / ¡Lo hemos conseguido!

¡Lo hemos conseguido! Y todo ha sido gracias a vosotras. Estamos super felices porque nuestro proyecto está cada vez más cerca de ver la luz. Pronto iremos desvelando cositas. Mil gracias por la confianza y por el apoyo, por todas las donaciones y la difusión y todos los ánimos que nos habéis hecho llegar. En breves os contactaremos para daros más información sobre vuestras recompensas :) ¡Os queremos! 💗💗💗💗


Ho hem aconseguit! I tot ha sigut gràcies a vatros. Estem molt contentes perquè el nostre projecte està cada vegada més a prop de veure la llum. D'aquí poc anirem desvetllant cosetes. Mil gràcies per la confiança i pel suport, per totes les donacions i la difusió i tots els ànims que ens heu fet arribar. En breu us contactarem per donar-vos més informació sobre les vostres recompenses :) Us estimem! 💗💗💗💗


We did it! And it's all thanks… read more

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