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We need a van to take our theater to you!


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About us

Hello everyone!

We are Nauta, a young Galician-French company. A group of creators who come from the physical theater, the mask and the puppet. In our shows we address social, community, committed and current issues, from self-management and collaboration with local artists.

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Our situation

We need a viable and sustainable means of transportation for our entire cast as well as the scenery, since our old Opel Zafira has little left, it is too small for us and it is not the most sustainable thing for the planet, especially when it goes with all the scenery and three of us inside... Unfortunately the company does not have enough funds for such a large investment, so we ask you for help so that we can take our art further and reach more people!

We are currently in a moment of expansion, extending our collaborations and having the opportunity to make our projects visible abroad, so we have decided to take the big step and ask you for help.

The van we need

We need a C tag van to allow us to bring the cast plus scenery for our shows. These types of vans are around between €10,000 and €15,000.

The models that fit these characteristics are vans such as Renault Trafic, Nissan Primastar Combi, Peugeot Expert, Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumpy...


We know that 8000€ is a considerable amount to ask for through a collaboration campaign. Even if we were able to meet the target, we would not be able to cover the total cost of the van, but it would be the minimum necessary to make it happen.

The first thing we'll do

From the beginning of the group, the need to bring theater to the street, to towns and to less conventional spaces has always been one of the company's main driving forces. With the "Furgo Go Go" project we want to develop this initiative by proposing a contemporary fair booth. A great tour through the streets and towns from Galicia to France, where we will offer our five shows and also our pedagogical section: community theater workshops and our puppet building course with recycled materials.

Thanks to this crowdfunding this tour will come true.

The rewards:

Our most sincere thanks are included in all the rewards, your name in our social media and our website, in addition to the cost of sending them (Spain/France) if it is not possible to meet us in person.

Our rewards are based on two of our core values, which are manual manufacturing and sustainable and ecological materials:

  • Ecological adhesive sheet stickers (PE ECO) with our company logo.

  • Recycled cardboard postcards with the image of our compass.

  • Handmade figurine of eco-sustainable materials with the shape of our compass, so that it always accompanies you.

  • VIP Pass: 20 invitations to our shows for life.

  • Invitation to a puppet-making workshop with recycled materials.

  • **Handmade puppet by us.

  • Private performance (Galicia only).

  • Nauta Fest (private dramatized party) personalized for you: for your birthday, your honeymoon, your retirement... Or just for fun.

Once the crowdfunding is over, we will announce the delivery dates of the rewards. We will notify you through our social media and we will keep you informed about the dates of the tour.

A bit more about us

The company was founded in 2020, and with only three years of experience it already has five shows in its own creation repertoire. The plastic and visual of the staging as well as the social and theatrical commitment are the most outstanding characteristics of our work. Its themes range from the environment, male heteronormativity and the renewal of classic genres to accommodate them today.

The management team is made up of four people: Rafael Rey, Mathias Rodriguez, Carlos Gallardo and Pilar Pingarrón. The four of us have received training in physical theatre, some in the same schools. And although we started our paths separately, we gradually came together to form the core of this project. But apart from us, Nauta is made up of many more: our dear Cuqui, Raquel, Lydia, Carlos, Lorenzo, Manu, Ana, Trópico de Grelos, Tomé, Adela, Tristán, Zoé, Yolanda, Antía… They all help us to continue growing every day and give us support in different areas so that the ship keeps sailing.

The cast of the company's shows is very varied. From the first creation: Nino&Mambrú, an easily transportable small-format street show; to its latest creation: A Barca do Inferno, where we opt for a cast of six artists on stage, with live music, scenery, and large-format puppets...

Oh! And we cannot forget the Treboada parade, where we flood the streets with music, color and spectacle with the 25 people who participate in it, along with the large puppets that they manipulate and the batucada drums that accompany us.

Nowadays, the company is part of the PHŌNĒ project, which focuses on enhancing the different minority European languages through theatre.

We have attended multiple events, such as the Almagro Festival, as finalists in the 2023 María Casares Theater Awards, at the Galicreques Puppet Festival (Galicia), Titirijai (Basque Country), Redondela Puppet Festival (Galicia), Nave del Duende (Extremadura), Gestual Theater Festival (Madrid), MALUGA Festival (Portugal), Festikale (Vitoria), Pequeártiko (Vigo), Bilbao TX Festival...

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    9 months

    Yeeessss Go Go Furgo de NAUTA TEATRO !!!!!

  • Rita Ñeco

    Rita Ñeco

    10 months

    Suerteeee y a conseguir todos los proyectos, metas y carreteras....artistas!!

  • oliver_costas


    10 months

  • dungeon keeper

    dungeon keeper

    10 months

    Mucho ánimo! Sois unos cracks!

  • dungeon keeper

    dungeon keeper

    10 months

    Mucho ánimo!

  • Isabelle Hernandez

    Isabelle Hernandez

    10 months

    Bonne chance les zamis!

  • Carmen


    10 months

    Valen mucho. Se lo curran cantidad.

  • Zenciaslan


    10 months

    Los mejores! Mucha suerte💜

  • lola roel

    lola roel

    11 months

    Vuestro excelente trabajo merece ir sobre ruedas

  • lucrecia


    11 months

    ¡Espero que consigáis llevar vuestro teatro a todas partes!

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