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Our fears Our monsters

Book of illustrated pictures that proposes a reinterpretation of fear when one exposes oneself to danger as a personal challenge.

Marcel LLovera

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Created in

Andorra la Vella, Andorra
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I'm Marcel Llovera, a designer, artist, and snowboarder born in Andorra. I have grown up combining my two passions, art and snowboarding. Naturally, these two activities have ended up complementing each other; my art makes my snowboarding better, and vice versa.

As risk lovers, we encounter certain obstacles that make it difficult to keep progressing in our daily lives. I have created this book with the purpose of sharing the fears I have encountered and how to deal with them.

"Our Fears Our Monsters" uses photography and illustration with an ironic and lighthearted language to turn those fears into friendly monsters that can become our allies.

Why a book? I consider it more effective to establish a connection with a physical object than with a screen. It is important to me that the book can be touched, drawn on, and written in, making it a tool to express our emotions.

Book Features

The beauty of this book lies in its unique concept and creative process. From its drawings to its writing, everything is done by hand with a completely analog aesthetic.

I have used a very special layout that hybridizes classic milling with Japanese binding. It is printed on textured drawing paper with torn pages that make each copy unique.

The last part of the book is interactive. I have left certain pages blank for you to draw your fears and monsters. Have fun <3

To consolidate the concept of this book, I have drawn inspiration and gathered information about myths and legends, from ancient Greece to the renowned Yokai monsters in Japan. I have used knowledge related to neuroscience to understand certain alert and protection functions we possess when facing our fears. And finally, I have turned to humor as an antidote, because without it, none of this makes sense.

Rewards for being part of this project

The first 60 supporters will receive an exclusive complementary print along with their rewards.

In addition to obtaining the book, you can get a series of exclusive rewards that I have created only for the crowdfunding campaign, with mentions and customized products for each supporter based on the selected pack.

ALL books will be sent with a mention for each supporter in the book, and the prints will be hand-signed. The Daring, WILD and SAVAGE packs will have a special mention that will be customized and illustrated by me.

You can see that there is an option for a price without shipping, for people with access to certain stores located in Andorra (Slidewayz), La Vall d'Aran (MombiSurf), and Innsbruck, Austria, who can pick up their order at a reduced price.

For Stores

Do you have a store and are interested in offering a different product to your community? We have also created rewards for you.
- 10 books 35%
- 20 books 45%
- 30 books 55%

Currently available prints:

new prints will be updated if the initial fundraising goal is exceeded
new prints will be updated if the initial fundraising goal is exceeded

At the end of the campaign, I will contact you to ask which prints you want to choose.

What your contributions will be used for

Contributions will be exclusively used for the production and distribution of the book.

This project is purely vocational (with no profit motive), so any surplus will be reinvested in the project itself.

This means that the more supporters I get, the more effort and enthusiasm I will invest in providing more benefits and higher quality. New prints to choose from and new sticker designs, among other possible improvements that may come up.

Planned Schedule

Considering that the project is already fully developed, during the crowdfunding campaign, I will be available and active on all social networks to explain more details and answer your questions.

This is the established schedule for the campaign:



[email protected]


There are none published yet.

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  • JordiRiba


    4 months

    Si no se pajarea i no es fa l'últim dia no hay adrenalina❤️

  • Mario


    5 months

    Que no me lo cuenten chuli

  • Sisco


    5 months

    Hola artista, ets un canyero, petons!!

  • Torne


    5 months

    Artistazo!!! No olviden su nombre… 🔝❤️

  • Merlin


    5 months

    No balls no glory

  • Damià


    5 months

    Lets goooo!!!! 💚🍀

  • alilokitatekiere


    5 months

    Te queremoooooooossssssss deseando que salga 🫶ARTISTA!!!

  • Harmony


    5 months

    Ojala això surti a la llummmmm te queremossss <3 <3 <3

  • Pol


    5 months

    Esperando l revista del fituto

  • javi lliso

    javi lliso

    5 months

    Animal está increíble

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