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Salva Ferrando collected his photographs and experiences from a decade in Turkey into a charity book, to aid victims of the earthquake.

Salvo Ferrando

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"Ispanyol" is an initiative that arises from the desire to return the love and respect that the people of Turkey showed me during my eleven years of life there, in these hard times, after the earthquakes that have devastated the southeast of the country.

La cocina de mi casa, Eskisehir 2007.
La cocina de mi casa, Eskisehir 2007.

In 2006, I went abroad to Turkey on an Erasmus scholarship and stayed for over a decade. I departed as a photography student and returned as a professional. When I first arrived, I had nobody in the country, but returned, with a plethora of friends and a family.

Estambul, 2006
Estambul, 2006

I am publishing this book to detail my experiences in a nation that has been mistreated by both its leaders and foreign governments, but is blessed with inhabitants of remarkable generosity, hospitality, and kindness.

Turquía, 2007
Turquía, 2007

Your support for this project:

By assisting us with this project, you will be contributing to our effort to raise money to help those affected by the earthquake. All profits from the sale of this book will be allocated entirely to help those who were affected by this disastrous event that took place in the south of the country three weeks ago.

We have a target of 250 copies of the book for sale, which will generate around €11,250 with about 60% going to Turkey. However, if we could increase our sales to 500 or 1000 copies, the production cost would be much less and the proportional benefit from the sale might even exceed 70% of the total revenue.

All of this collection will be sent through Save the Children Spain and it will arrive fully in Turkey to continue with the actions of this NGO in the area.

Mi primer proyecto, las caras de Atatürk, 2007
Mi primer proyecto, las caras de Atatürk, 2007

The rewards:

We aim to raise as much funds as possible, with the target being €10,000. We hope that in the next 30 days, this amount will grow exponentially and surpass expectations.

We have also supplemented the rewards with two photography workshops in Valencia during the months of May and June (limited spaces available), as well as framed art-print copies of serial photographs at 40x60cm with museum-quality frames. I will send these prints to you signed.

For organizations, institutions, or companies who purchase at least 10 copies of the book, I offer a presentation as well as an exhibition of accompanying photos.

Revueltas de Gezi, 2013
Revueltas de Gezi, 2013

Manifestación por los derechos LGTBI, Estambul 2013
Manifestación por los derechos LGTBI, Estambul 2013

The book:

  • The book will measure 22x30cm, laying flat.

  • Containing 140 pages with a mix of black and white and color photographs, printed on 120gsm rough natural sand paper.

  • The binding will be rustically stitched together.

**When I have the opportunity, the copies will be delivered directly to you. This way, I can thank you in person for supporting the project, while also saving money on shipping costs.

***Within this book lies a collection of QR codes that grant access to a podcast of videos, featuring conversations with my allies, family, teachers, reporters, and artists who were integral to my time in Turkey on both a personal and professional level.

Nefes, 2009
Nefes, 2009

Who I am:

My name is Salva Ferrando. In 2006, I purchased my first digital photography camera and traveled to Eskisehir, Turkey with an Erasmus scholarship so I could finish my degree project at Anadolu University and graduate with a degree in Audiovisual C. from the UPV.

In this photography book I compile my work from a decade living and working in Turkey.This collection of photographs chronicles my decade in Turkey, where I made a home and pursued my career in photography.

Autorretrato en la cocina de mi casa. Eskisehir, 2007.
Autorretrato en la cocina de mi casa. Eskisehir, 2007.

Instagram: @salvofp

Sending rewards:

At the end of this month-long campaign, we will begin printing off copies of the book and photographs according to the amount of rewards we have received. The books and photos will be sent out between the second week of April.


To my teacher, Simber Atay, for her look and advice in reading the photographs and all her support in this project

To my dear friend Neus Argudo, for her help in the design and layout of the book.

To Özgür Eren Koç for his support and encouragement in starting this project.

To Murathan Varol, for always being there, listening to me and escaping, with his wise words, storms disorient me.

A big thank you to FERMENTA FILMS! for registering as a publishing company and helping to launch the book and reduce costs.

To La Imprenta CG for their help with printing the book and sharing this campaign.

To the printing studio Momentolux for their support, but above all for the care and affection with which they do their work.

In particular, my deepest gratitude goes to my partner, Nuray Sayginöz, who I have been walking this life with for 14 years. Every step is a gift with her. This project wouldn't be possible without her.

And most importantly, a huge thank you to all of you who have supported this project and helped spread it! Much love!


We have already agreed with the Save the Children team how we will send them the donation at the end of the fundraising campaign. All the money raised, after subtracting the cost of the book, shipping and commissions from this campaign, will go to Save the Children with the commitment that 100% will reach Turkey. These are the lines of work that continue in the area:


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  • Reyes Matamales Arribas

    Reyes Matamales Arribas

    over 1 year

    Gràcies per compartir històries de vida i de futur! Força i molta vida a la cooperació!

  • stargazer


    over 1 year

    I wish you good luck with the project. Las fronteras son mentiras. ¡Somos uno!

  • Salvo Ferrando

    Salvo Ferrando

    over 1 year

    Gracias Rosa por tu apoyo!

  • Rosa


    over 1 year

    Un proyecto muy de alabar, gracias Salva

  • Selen


    over 1 year

    We shall prevail :)

  • Salvo Ferrando

    Salvo Ferrando

    over 1 year

    Gràcies a tots! una abraçada!

  • Josep Pérez

    Josep Pérez

    over 1 year

    Enhorabona Salva, amb ganes d'obrir el llibre. <3

  • inmafp02@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    over 1 year

    Ajudem al poble turc!! Tu pots germà❤️

  • Àngela Gimeno Martínez

    Àngela Gimeno Martínez

    over 1 year


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