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A little longer (2023)

¿Alguna vez has tenido un amor con fecha de caducidad? “A little longer” es una historia de amor atravesada por la distancia.

Valentina Goelkel

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Hi to all! Before everything, we want to thank you to have your interest in our project.

Have you had a love with an expiration date? “A little longer” is a love story cut by the distance.

“A little longer” it’s an ode to love. Love is love, and that creates a strong and real connection with the audience. It’s when you know someone who makes shakes all the particles in your body, but also makes you fear the break-up. “ALL” is for those lovers who mark you for life.



Carlos, a young aspiring writer falls deeply in love with Luke, an Erasmus student in Madrid. Three days before Luke must return home, their relationships characterized by Luke’s stability and Carlos impulsiveness is hit by a the question “Will their love be strong enough to survive the distance?”


We have been raised with the idea that persons of the same gender can’t kiss each other, this was disgusting, dirty, and “abnormal”, and not to speak about trans or non-binary people. For that, we have to make more stories like “A little longer” with queer characters who can positively impact the lives of more LGBTIQ+ people. As long as exist stories where the queer characters are mocked, we need to create and visualize that we aren’t just trauma or bad omen, we are people who can live with love and joy.

For that reason, we want to make this story, narrate to us through free characters, who can’t fear felt love. Characters who live in a society without any kind of rejection.

Javier Mira, Director.


We are a lovely, diverse, and creative team, also some of us live a queer life.


Javier Mira — @javiermiraa

Heads of production:

Luis Rincón — @luis_imagine

Valentina Goelkel — @valenntinina

Director of Photography:

Antonio Domínguez — @__odag

Art directors:

Luana Peters — @luanapeterss

Leo Nieto — @leonietoa

Wardrobe design:

Nathalia Gómez— @nathynatgq

Direction asistants:

David Gómez — @davi.dgs

David Gómez — @juanstinson44

Head of sound

Pau Bay — @padbat

Original Score:

El Semillero - Colombia


LUKE— Adrian Bates @adrian_bates_garcia

CARLOS - Javier Mira — @javiermiraa

ELENA - Rosa Marsellí — @rosamarsilli

TOMMY - Ian Chapman — @txapman

RAÚL - Noah de Diego — @thediegich


  • Shooting: March 2023

  • Final cut: August 2023

  • Premiere: (for crew and donations between “Love you” and "Everyday" categories): October 2023

  • Delivery dates of rewards: Since July 2023 (between the categories of "Tortilla de patatas" to "Everyday" will be since the shooting)

** any change in the delivery dates will be informed


If you want to know more about the project, and our motivations, if you have questions about the short film, or if you just wanna know more about us and our story you can follow our Instagram account @alittlelongercorto


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  • Valentina


    about 1 year


  • Valentina Goelkel

    Valentina Goelkel

    about 1 year

    A nombre de Olguita!!

  • Arianel


    about 1 year

    No puedo esperar a verlo!

  • Javier Mira

    Javier Mira

    about 1 year

    A nombre de Consuelo Díaz

  • Javier Mira

    Javier Mira

    about 1 year

    A nombre de María José Ranea

  • Patricio Taranenko

    Patricio Taranenko

    about 1 year

    Mucha suerte bellos 🤩 aquí va mi granito de arena

  • Javier Mira

    Javier Mira

    about 1 year

    A nombre de María Carmen Izquierdo <3

  • justinek


    about 1 year

    What a GORGEOUS film already!! Congratulations to All!! And yay Javier, you brilliant & wild artist you!! 😄👏🏽👏🏽🌟🌟👑👑🎉🎉🥰😘

  • Javier Mira

    Javier Mira

    about 1 year

    A nombre d M. Encarnacion Sánchez

  • Arcadio Lozano

    Arcadio Lozano

    about 1 year


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