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GG's First Album: Quiero Hablar (I Want to Speak)

GG is a Neo Soul music project in Spanish, founded by members Gilmarí Gerena and Gerson Gelabert. We are working on our first album and we need collaboration with these last steps: Mixing, Mastering, and Copies. Thanks to your support we will be able to make this album a reality!


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GG is a music project founded by members Gilmarí Gerena (Puerto Rico) and Gerson Gelabert (Barcelona), born in 2008 and rooted in our desire to express our passion for music together. Both of us being singer-songwriters, we decided to put ourselves together to compose and arrange our own songs.

Thanks to Proyectos de Conciencia, who have supported us from the beginning, we presented our songs for the first time in October 2009 in duet; since then we have gone through different formations (trio, quartet, and with invited musicians). Working non-stop, we have reached this presentation of our first production, made up of arrangements developed for other types of musical formations and pursuing a different sound.

Our musical style is mainly Neo Soul in Spanish, although some tracks contain reggae and world-music (without straying too much from the inherent styles of Neo Soul: soul, funk, jazz, among others...). All of the compositions are original, with positive lyrics that talk about human values and personal experiences, and a strong vocal presence. Our band consists of a quartet formation with plans for eventual growth. As band members we have Joan Gerard Torredeflot in the bass and José Luis Garrido at the drums.

In July of this year, we participated in a musical group competition called Fira de la Música de Cardedeu 2012 where we won first place, giving us a last push to finish recording this past September.

Remember to visit our website: www.ggmusica.com
(It will be in English soon…)


This album is the beginning of a journey that we have set out on together, therefore we see this platform offered by Verkami as an important opportunity, accompanying us on this process in a serious, committed and direct way.

Through you, we would like to finance the rest of the project process, from the final steps of our album to the first copies; specifically the Mixing, Mastering, and printing costs. Also, we would like to pay a small amount of money to the people helping and supporting us with the CD photography and website.

• In our house we have a small home studio where little by little we have recorded the most part of the instruments (drum kit, bass, keyboard and guitar) of the 10 tracks. During a trip to Puerto Rico, we recorded various other instruments in Victor Echevarría Cruz's Music Studio (percussion and Puerto Rican quartet); in Cardedeu, in the Tot Sona studios, we collaborated with Àlex Martínez (piano, consulting, etc.); and also with Carles Punti and Juan Pe (ASMUCA) in Kcleta Studios in Cardedeu we finished recording all vocals and wind instruments.

• While recording we have had the privilege to collaborate with grand musicians such as: : Alex Martínez, Victor Echevarría, Omar ‘Pooh’ Soto, Gabriel Amargant, Leonardo Torres, Albert Costa and Oriol Guillén.

• Currently we are mixing with Carles Punti in the new installations at Kcleta.

• We have our web page, thanks to Imaicom who will also make the t-shirt design for patron gifts.

• All photos and video production have been carried out thanks to RJPHOTOGRAPHERS and part of the wardrobe has been courtesy of de Lurdes Bergada.

• We are scheduled to make various presentations of the album beginning in December with numerous dates this coming year, of which two are taking place at the Nau B1 in Granollers and at the Espai Tot Sona in Cardedeu.

• We are currently looking for an editing house and managers.

• We have all of the work finished and we will start the distribution of the music in December. The album will be available online on our website and also be available for purchase on different web pages.

• Here we'll leave you fragments of three tracks of the album QUIERO HABLAR (I WANT TO SPEAK), it is a pre-mixing, which means that the mixing isn’t finished yet. We hope you enjoy it!


In exchange for your economic collaboration on our project you will receive various things, including:

• The satisfaction of knowing that you are directly sponsoring artists without financial intermediaries, with guaranteed years of hard work and effort, and moreover the possibility of direct and continuous communication with us through the blog that Verkami has prepared on the project page.

• This guarantee is accompanied by compensation through exchange as ’Rewards’. Among these you will find: an autographed CD, tickets to the album presentation and other concerts, exclusively designed pins and t-shirts, acknowledgement on the website and in the music video, participation in a video spot, private concerts, DVDs, an unedited track and more.

• Above all, the most important compensation is our deep and profound gratitude, given that without you, the journey to finishing this project is much more ardent and slow.


If we raise more funds than the indicated quantity, it would be excellent! seeing as we would be able to cover other expenses we've accumulated over the period of this project (recording, CD designs, etc.), as well as being able to make a quality DVD of the album presentation maded by JalaJala, also invite other musicians to play with us that day, promotional expenses and start recording our second album that is already in composition process.

If we are not able to raise the total amount of requested funds by the end, no sponsors will be charged any of the amount pledged. Although that would be a pity, we will continue to work with GG regardless, just as we have been doing up until now in order to reach our goal sooner or later while still moving forward.


We believe that collective financing can demonstrate that together it is possible to complete an artistic project that is often difficult to finish because of a lack of resources. It is an initiative to finish a long project and a manner of giving way to new projects that are beginning to surface. We believe that we are deserving of your support, only if you agree and are able to provide such support, and if that is not possible, the distribution to others that may be able to assist us would also help us to complete our goal.

Thanks again, keep in touch!

With love,


GG web



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  • lydia


    over 11 years


  • GG


    over 11 years

    Guapa!! Mil gracias por tu apoyo incondicional y toda tu fuerza!! Nos anima mucho cada día para seguir batallando!!! Gracias por la recomendación, está muy bien, lo haremos!!

    Besos y abrazos!!

  • Z.


    over 11 years

    Eh! chicos!! esto parece que marcha!! Ánimo que cada vez quedan menos días :-D Seguiremos difucniendo.

    Os escribo para sugerir que pongáis un enlace hacia aquí y una explicación de esto del verkami en todos los vídeos que tenéis en youtube. Besooos!

#14 / Disco en la fábrica!!!

Hola Mecenaaaasss!!!

Os escribimos para informaros que el disco ya está de camino a la fábrica!!!

Siiiiiiii, por fin!!!!

Así que si todo va según los planes, lo tendremos en nuestras manos el 29 de enero!!!!

Para celebrarlo, mañana haremos un concierto en Cardedeu en el bar K'OS a las 22:30. Estáis invitados, así que si os animáis perfecto, nos veremos allí.

Gracias por hacer todo esto posible!

Un fuerte abrazo

Con cariño GG

#13 / ¡¡CONSEGUIDO!!

Hola queridos Mecenas!!


Queremos agradecer desde lo más profundo de nuestro corazón todo este proceso porque ha sido extraordinario y hermoso.

Gracias a todos por confiar en nosotros, por vuestras palabras, comentarios, preguntas, publicaciones y seguimiento que nos han dado.

Nos llena de felicidad todo el cariño que nos han demostrado.

Ahora podemos decir que hemos tenido éxito y que el proyecto también es vuestro!!!

Queremos también mencionar a otras personas que no figuran como mecenas que han aportado también:

María Riquelme Muñiz, Aníbal Rodríguez Vera, Ramón Isern Lombarte, Sres. Guillén Arahuete (Paco Guillén y Loli Arahuete), Jesús y Concha, Nadia Caraballo y a todas las familias representadas por los mecenas que han aportado.

En breve nos estaremos comunicando con vosotros vía correo electrónico para hacer entrega de las Recompensas.

Un gran abrazo y hasta pronto!!!

A celebrar!!!!


#12 / Nuevo video!!


Queremos agradeceros todo el apoyo y les dejamos un nuevo video de un tema del disco en celebración a la llegada de los 2,000€!!! :) :)

Estamos felices!!! Aún queda un poquito pero ahí vamos!!



#10 / Revista del Vallès

Queremos compartiros un artículo publicado en la Revista del Vallès de la semana del 16 de noviembre.

Estamos muy felices!!!

Gracias por todo vuestro apoyo!!!



#08 / Casi en los 1,500€!!

Fotos del Concierto del 8 de noviembre en Cardedeu

Gracias por toooodo vuestro apoyo! Estamos muy contentos con los avances!! Ya falta menos!

Un abrazo


#07 / 10 días!!

Hola Mecenas!!

Gracias por tan especial apoyo!!

Han pasado 10 días y vamos con buen ritmo, esperamos seguir así para tener pronto el Cd!!

Recordad que podéis hacer preguntas o comentarios a través de este blog.



#06 / Ensayo


Aquí dejamos esta fotito del ensayo de este fin de semana con la banda para el concierto del jueves!!



Here we post this pic from our rehearsal for the next concert on thursday!


ensayo GG
ensayo GG

#05 / 34 días!!

Gracias a nuestro 13 mecenas que han colaborado!

Van pasando los días y estamos movilizando nuestro proyecto para poder finalizarlo con éxito!

Les invitamos a un concierto este jueves 8 en el Café Cultural Tarambana de Cardedeu a las 22hrs, pre-presentación con nuestra banda y Àlex Martínez al piano como invitado especial. Este es el evento en FB: http://www.facebook.com/events/372061062880627/


#04 / Hermoso Mensaje

Queridos amig@s:

Queremos compartir este hermoso mensaje que nuestro amigo y mecenas David Beltran Fernandez ha escrito en la página del evento en Facebook, ya que nos llena de alegría y nos anima a seguir en este camino, un abrazo para él y su familia!!

David Beltran Fernandez:
"GG, quiero agradeceros la oportunidad que nos brindais de formar parte del nacimiento de algo muy grande y muy bueno: VUESTRO GRAN PROYECTO MUSICAL. Llevais trabajando muy duro desde hace muchos años (doy fe de ello!!), y ahora debemos apoyaros en todo lo que podamos. Ya os lo dije la primera vez que escuche vuestro tema "Quiero hablar", (y conseguisteis ponerme piel de gallina!) que estoy seguro de que en muy poco tiempo os escucharemos por la radio y os veremos en TV. Y ahora a través de esta iniciativa con Verkami, hareis posible que nos sintamos muy felices y… read more

#03 / Mecenas!!

Gracias queridos Mecenas!!

Sin ustedes es imposible continuar!! Gracias porque en 1 día tenemos más de lo que imaginábamos!!

Un fuerte abrazo y a seguir!!!

#02 / Graaaaaciaaassss

Gracias a Dàmaris por su gran aportación!!

Es una gran mecenas, no solo por ser la primera, sino porque siempre siempre está ahí apoyándonos de todas las formas posibles!! Un abrazo infinito!!

Te queremos!!! ;) ;)



Bienvenidos a tod@ nuestr@s amig@ de la red!!

Este es nuestro proyecto y esperamos que les encante tanto como a nosotros!

Estaremos 40 días dándolo todo para sacar este trabajo adelante con mucho amor.

Gracias por estar ahí!!

A disfrutar de la música!!


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