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Ulysses A safe home - Migrate: natural animal human right.

Finalization of the Production and Editing of the 1st part of the documentary series. 10 episodes. This series will be public and global.

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This is a series of documents, testimonial and documentary records, precisely, documenting something that is and was the basis of human and animal history: MIGRATION.

"Ulises Looking for a safe home" was born in 2001 (a safe European home - testimonial short film) with my own immigration from Argentina to Italy first (with an audiovisual scholarship) and in Spain settling permanently since 2002. Since then I've been making my living from the bottom, starting almost from scratch (even if I have Italian papers). That is to say, it is an experience in the 1st person from the beginning, but amplified to the millions of us who move, migrate and are carriers of the Ulysses syndrome, the immigrant's syndrome.

Since the first migratory year I have been filming and recording other people with their many causes and migratory drifts, from several countries, with many different stories and beautiful differences (the ones I liked and the ones I didn't), but always with many emotions in common in a neo-ilberal world more and more crude and difficult every year, thus demolishing that European "refuge", even a "panacea" for some.

What is in this series? Is it an attempt of biopics of anonymous people? Maybe, it is a documentary and experimental series? That's for sure, it is a constant audiovisual trial and error but self-examining in every episode? In every episode. Does it pretend to inform? No, not at all and not at all at journalistic or traditional mass media levels, it is a part of a thousand and one truths that are spinning around the planet earth, more and more broken and rotten, closer and closer to the Irreversible.

We humbly intend in each episode to leave immediate documents that will not be forgotten in the midst of the ephemeral content.

We are not trying to convince anyone of anything, but to entrench ourselves in our human and social experiences, making it clear that we have rights, and that there is NO right; no systemic structural justification; no neo-democracy, nothing worthwhile for this unstoppable destruction of the planet and animality.

We try to exhibit the devastation of nature and the creation of hyper-communicated social beings but in the most absolute solitude.

This series is self-managed from scratch, so far it is 60% done and partially edited in basic demos, 6 chapters right now of the list presented here. We need the final push and cover the remaining expenses in the most pragmatic, austere and consistent way, covering the minimum and most basic of a documentary process.

Frames from different videos
Frames from different videos

Almost everything contributed by you will go to the hours of editing, post production and subtitling, etc., doing it ourselves of course, and with a cost derisory to what is in the audiovisual market, because this series will not be on the market and will be freely accessible to everyone on your YouTube channel and other networks/platforms.

The whole series will be uploaded and fully broadcasted by mid/late March 2023.

In short: 10 chapters/episodes, testimonial (see list of themes of each episode) and with our own and other people's documentary archives, from 2001 to today, plus, we believe and hope, a singular handful of risky audiovisual narrative forms and a framework of video languages that, without pretending intellectuality or unnecessary erudition in topics.

In this way, it intends to reach out to move, generating more direct and profound debates than the vertical and even stereotyped discourses that abound out there, disinformation everything.

We do not believe in mantras, but we do believe that there are broad human truths, of empathy without which we would be even worse off.

There is no freedom of thought if there is no freedom of global movement.

This is a series about immigrants made by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of immigrants who are still migrating today and right now.

And this is a humble but frontal Activism documentary against the collapse.

🡱Playlist of spots, trailers and cuts of the series (only of some chapters between 2001 2021) and in the channel DocuMentalidades, soon more recent advances but in the official channel of Ulises (youtube) where the whole series will be uploaded openly when we finish it thanks to your contributions.

We ask you to join us if you feel like fighting in favor of stopping in every possible way this disastrous human/animal, natural moment. So that history continues and we are not left in the well of AntiHistory.

As we are talking about audiovisual activism and common cause, this is not a donation without further ado and appearances in nominative credits will be highlighted for what they are - ACTIVISM and DIRECT DOCUMENTARY ACTION.


PHYSICAL PREMIERE IN BARCELONA- of one chapter collage summary of the 10 chapters

Venue civic center or association to be confirmed

The activist patrons who have contributed whatever the amount will have preference in the room - first rows.

The various models of T-shirts to choose from
The various models of T-shirts to choose from


1 - Approximately 1 month in the editing room - at the rate of 8 hours a day 6 days a week - in total approximately 48 hours a week: and a total of between 240 hours. It will be edited in one month and one week approx. (5 weeks) (January - February 2023) - This expenditure comprises 60% of the total.

2 - Filming and realizations still missing but already guidelines and chronologized. This calendar of contents still to be achieved is the other important expense: there are about 10 interviews to be filmed/recorded and this, added to the production, realization, various technical aspects, mobility and real time, comprises 20% of the total contributions.

3 - Other punctual and decisive expenses. Social networks and propagation time, dissemination of the campaign by all our members, in support of verkami, revisions of translations and subtitles in English for the widest possible global audience as it is a series of open and popular content, the actual expenditure on physical and virtual rewards (t-shirts, shipments, and virtual shipping times, verification of the success of these shipments, communication with those who have contributed, etc., etc.) All these aspects plus some imponderable account for 12.2%.

4 - Expenses for the use of the Verkami platform, which consist of 6.5% of the total raised, in turn to this percentage is added to the cost of VAT applied to this 6.5%, so we calculate that these administrative costs would cost 7.8% of the total.

  • Mireia Giol Barnet

Assistant director, (camera 2, resource shots, audiovisual aesthetics), and production of the interviews carried out in Barcelona. She manages the communications with the participants prior to the recordings and coordinates their development, acting as an intermediary between the interviewees and the rest of the team.

As a philologist, she translates and corrects subtitled texts in video episodes and coordinates English versions of Ulysses a Safe Home. She also manages the digital marketing of the series. Born and currently living in Barcelona.

  • Martina X Marcuzzi

As a multimedia design student, she collaborates with the graphic design of the production of logos and t-shirt design.

Born in Argentina, granddaughter of Italians and Spaniards, she is in charge of the general aesthetics of the series, logos and identity outlook of the episodes.

  • Mirta E Iglesias

Mirta Edith Iglesias Argentine documentary filmmaker with Spanish, Basque and French roots. Experience in intra-country migration. Specialization and development of research, selection and collection of documentation.

In Ulises she is in charge of documentary aspects and historical information contrast, and also collaborates in the scriptwriting process.

  • Gonzalo Marcuzzi Iglesias

Creator of DocuMentalidades (Argentina 1998) radio and video platform, audiovisual workshop and documentary training. Audiovisual producer and director with 25 years of experience, a dozen feature films and hundreds of short films, with some relevant awards and recognitions awards and recognitions, both in Argentina and in Spain, where he has lived for 20 years where he has lived for 20 years, in Barcelona.

Ulises as a series is based on an original idea that has been in the making since 2001, when he traveled to Rome on a when he traveled to Rome for an audiovisual scholarship (Fondo Nacional de las Artes - Bs As), and since he settled in since he moved to Spain in 2002.

In the series he is the main director, scriptwriter, and editor/editor as well as interviewer/journalist. Grandson of Spanish and Italian immigrants, and internal migrant in Argentina internal migrant in Argentina (Bahía Blanca - Buenos Aires).


Human migration - documentary testimonial - Stories; biopics of anonymous people; the Ulysses syndrome; historical material; system and migration; collapse and climate change; ecocide; mass migrations; gender and migration and other determinants.

All these themes are framed during the 20th and 21st century.


As previously stated, this first part of the popular/global open access web series consists of 10 chapters/episodes of 25 min each.

1. Welcome to Migrant HISTORY (disassembled to ANTIhistory)

Collage essay, all documented historical material, especially 19th century - XX great massive migrations - Introduction to cultural and historical migration as a natural and necessary fact.

2. Once upon a time Europe /private paradises and hells

Testimonial. The old Europe, the destiny of millions, the hope for a better life, calm, peace and welfare... Europe is a tall tale or a refuge of western values? European ethnocentrism and the center of the world.

3. The Ulysses syndrome

Testimonial. Chronic stress is the gateway to "invisible" illnesses many times and tangible others. This can affect mental health in a profound way. Specialist papers/experiences as well.

4. Gender Migration and migrating as an "invisible" minority.

Testimonial - minority migrants of all types and colors. The invisible or doubly rejected, those who are socially accountable to the skin and appearances. Added to the conservative look of the migrants themselves, self-criticism of how we look at and treat each other and why there is and always reborn the anti-migrant migrant, the migrant that when they let him vote for Trump.

5. Papers for everyone? Migration is an official human right (1948)

Testimonial. Hypocrisy in legal forms , the eternal denial of the human being, when in reality.

Migration is a legal human right since the "universal" declaration of 1948. Racism and covert xenophobia, structural, systemic and not so much... paternalistic social prejudice.

6. The democratic loneliness of immigrants

The tremendous and generally unwanted loneliness of migrants. The social loneliness and the impossibility of bonding in depth.

7. Anti-migrants: they come to steal the jobs we will never do

Those who neither accept nor understand that millions have been forced to be migrants, those who see every being different as a threat and especially if he/she is foreign, those who have an aversion for outsiders, those who exercise their Right to Fear...the "pure" or indigenous supremacists. Social Darwinism.

8. Go away, come back, go away again and never be from anywhere (stateless and pariahs)

Testimonial. Not to be from anywhere because to leave is to lose one's native place and to return is impossible on many levels and is to break in two. And to belong neither officially nor emotionally to the place where one has migrated.

9. Once upon a time there was a better life and a less worse future

Testimonial. Conclusions in first person, has it been worth fighting for the right to migrate? What was the human result of all this "eternal" journey and constant uprooting? This episode is a director's diary, almost intimate in tone, where I tell in first person my own and other people's miseries - and the fact that I come from a direct migrant family and have been migrating for more than 20 years. It is a biographical documentary essay.

10. ...And now the COLLAPSE...

Testimonial (with experts too) . And now what if the future implies a series of global disasters that are already happening and seem irreversible (even the UN fully recognizes this). Finally "every man for himself and every man for himself? The macro migrations of millions - the ECOCIDIO.






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  • Gonzalo Marcuzzi Iglesias

    Gonzalo Marcuzzi Iglesias

    over 1 year

    GRACIAS Xavi Moyano- a ver...si luchamos de todas las formas posibles contra este NUEVO ORDEN DEL COLAPSO.... salut !! -merci

  • Xavi Moyano

    Xavi Moyano

    over 1 year

    Documental más que necesario!!! Vamos!!

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