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Eva Calyza launches her first EP!

Immerse yourself in the universe of Eva Calyza and collaborate on her first EP🌷🎤

Eva Calyza

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My first EP is here!

What a thrill! I can already say that my first EP of five songs is ready to go and be heard ❤️

Although I have always been a musician, with the arrival of the pandemic I began to experiment in my room, and little by little I turned it into a home studio 🎹 . That's where it all started. And from the beginning, everything has always been in constant change.

This EP is a reflection on the concept of identity and what makes us as human beings: our fears, our loves and heartbreaks, our relationship with what revolves around... All the songs have a common theme and purpose: letting go of what is a burden to us, freeing ourselves from everything that has us attached.

Most of the songs on my EP were composed last year and also include some salvaged songs from 2019 and 2020. Written in Spanish, the EP has sounds of contemporary R&B and Alternative Pop, and is influenced by artists as varied as Kali Uchis, Pablopablo, García Lorca, Rosalía, FKA Twigs, Queralt Lahoz or Rupi Kaur. With this album and everything created from it, I intend to position myself within the national music scene and make it the starting signal for a long musical career. 🎤

One of the great strengths of this EP is that, in addition to the meticulous sound and lyrics, it has a high conceptual and visual value. I have a team of very powerful artists for the set design, costumes, makeup and hairdressing, photography and video; and although I've already revealed all of that in some of the songs, I'm looking forward to letting you all see what's to come. I leave you below links of the singles that are already out:

About rewards

The projects of emerging artists come true thanks to people like you. Moreover, they add a special bond with the public. That is why these rewards are designed with special care, and with the intention of offering something different that allows you to be part of the project as well.

You can choose the option that you like the most in the banner on the right: CD💿 , fanzine, fans, t-shirts, prints and even exclusive tickets to the presentation concert!

🌎 Shipments on the peninsula are included. If you want me to send your reward outside the peninsula/Spain (or if you have any other questions) write me and we'll look at the best way to do it.

Later we will contact everyone to ask for the size of the shirt, shipping address, etc.

About us

Eva Calyza's project and this EP would not be possible without the contribution of a team of artists, mostly women, who have done their best. I want to especially highlight the work of Paloma Rubik, which is practically half of the project, since she has been in charge of all the creative part, in addition to being my hand right in all decisions. I encourage you to take a look at the work of the people who have surrounded me. I am sure that what they do will call your attention a lot:

What we will allocate your contributions to

Due to the characteristics of the project, we are going to request only a percentage of the total cost of the entire project, but the contributions will go to all parts of the EP. For me it is very important to show what we are going to allocate your contributions to. We want you to trust the project and have no doubts when donating. Therefore, here we show the items in which we will invest the money raised:

  • 38% Human resources: music team

  • 32% Human resources: visual team

  • 17% Materials

  • 10%: Rewards

  • 3%: Logistic

Apart from counting on your help, we have taken into account other sources of financing for the project:

  • Premeditated savings for the project

  • Sponsors of locations and material resources

  • Collaborations with growing clothing brands in the fashion market

Planned schedule

  • 2020-2022 music production

  • jan-june 2022 recordings, mix&master

  • jun-oct 2022 visuals meetings and pre-production

  • nov 2022 filming

  • jan 2023 rewards

While choosing your reward...

You can listen to my previous work here. I hope you enjoy it!

+ Info


  • Why doesn't it ask me for the shipping address when I make my contribution?

    We will ask you for the address only if the campaign achieves the objective. :)

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • gueims


    13 days


  • Clara Marín Cuadros

    Clara Marín Cuadros

    14 days

    Mucha mierda :)

  • Ángela CH

    Ángela CH

    29 days

    Una artistaza como la copa de un árbol!! Seguirte de cerca es un lujo.

  • Will89


    about 1 months


  • Ricardopanos


    about 1 months

    Dale fuego 🔥

  • Paloma Rubik

    Paloma Rubik

    about 1 months




    about 1 months

    Salud y suerte!

  • spidernimo


    about 2 months

    Bravo por ti y por tu música! ❤️


Queridísimos mecenas:

Muchísimas gracias. Jamás pensé que efectivamente conseguiría llegar al objetivo de la campaña, y sin embargo, aquí está. Agradezco de corazón cada una de las aportaciones.

La vida del artista emergente es emocionante pero también cansada, y para mí es de gran valor que le estéis dedicando parte de vuestro tiempo, dinero y cariño.

Todas las recompensas han sido ya enviadas a producción, por lo que durante la segunda quincena de febrero estarán en vuestras casitas.

Nos vemos por los escenarios,

Eva Calyza



Estamos en la recta final de la campaña. Quedan 11 días para que termine y llevamos el 67% de la recaudación. Os quiero enseñar por fin el diseño de la camiseta que con tanto cariño hemos hecho gracias a Jorge Ramírez.
¡Espero que os encante!



Si compartís el enlace de la campaña con vuestros amigxs y familiares, quizá se quieran unir!

Mil gracias de corazón!


¡Hola de nuevo!

Muchos me habéis dicho que ya no tenéis medios para reproducir CDs fuera del coche (y algunos ni eso...) así que he pensado en ayudaros.

Si has aportado 25€ y logramos llegar al objetivo, podrás elegir entre CD+fanzine o camiseta.




Llevamos casi el 50% del crowdfunding recaudado y aún tenemos 3 semanas para completar la campaña. Soy consciente de que el objetivo es ambicioso y que hay alguna posibilidad de que la campaña no se logre, pero voy a seguir agradeciendo siempre vuestra ayuda.

Hoy os enseño los diseños de las láminas y el abanico. La semana que viene espero enseñaros la camiseta!! Para la portada del EP tendréis que esperar un pelín más :)


lámina aire
lámina aire

lámina silla
lámina silla

¡Nos vemos!

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