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Alba Armengou records her first solo album!

A sound journey through my musical universe, will you join me? :)

Alba Armengou

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Hi :)

I'm here to present you my first personal project with my own songs called Susurros del Viento.

A year ago Vicente López and I started to share our thoughts, ideas, melodies, harmonies, and together create these songs.

The songs are a journey through different styles and a reflection of the vital point in

which we found ourselves at every particular moment in the composition process.

Susurros del Viento is a sound journey through our internal musical landscape, inspiring us in different genres such as boleros, "cançó catalana", Brazilian music and jazz heritage, among others.

It really thrills me to show you the EP that we’ve just recorded but we need a little

help! ❤️

In the studio
In the studio

I really like working in a familiar and comfortable environment. That is why I started working with Vicente. We met four years ago, when we were starting to study at ESMUC. We understood each other super quickly on a personal level and that made everything flow when we got together musically. This is the first time we have written music together. The result of this meeting and the agility with which everything has happened is amazing. We have mutually complemented each other's ideas to create songs that now are a little piece of us.

When we decided to record these songs, we started thinking about people around us who we admire both musically and personally.

Vicente and I in Montoliu de Segarra
Vicente and I in Montoliu de Segarra

These people ended up being:

Joan Martí, a great friend I met when I was eight years old. We met at the Sant Andreu Jazz Band and we have shared music and friendship ever since. His precious sound with both the sax and the flute could not be missing in this project. He spends the day singing the song that gives the album its name, 'Susurros del Viento' and also 'Luna'.

We have also been able to count on the incredible Giuseppe Campisi and his double bass. The admiration that Vicente and I have for him has no limits. We did not doubt for a second that he would fit perfectly within the project. After listening to

the songs he was whistling "El señor misterioso" around the Tibidabo.

On percussion we have Tramel Levalle. A great person we met recently but with whom we connected very quickly. Tramel is joy in person. He's in love with the songs we've made, and if he listens the end of 'Luna' he falls asleep with a sweet smile.

On the drums we have been lucky to have:

Enric Fuster, a jewel. Vicente and I had already played with him and he's getting better every time. He always has all the doors open to experiment and contribute with new ideas. He loves to play 'El señor misterioso' and it's impossible not to dance when you hear him play 'Fato Consumado'.

We also have the amazing David Gimeno. On two songs Vicente told me that he was the one who had to play them, and it has been the best decision we've ever made. The emotion on his face in Vicente's solo in 'Somnis' is priceless.

All this has been recorded and mixed by David Casamitjana. We have known each other since I was eight years old and since then he has accompanied me. He was without any doubt the best person to record my first own work.

We went to his studio, in Montoliu de Segarra, where we stayed for three days. We stayed at Cal Bertran, a rural house in Albió, a small town next to Montoliu, where we slept and lived outside of the studio. The fact of leaving Barcelona and focusing on music in the middle of La Segarra was magical.

Listening to the recordings in the studio
Listening to the recordings in the studio

We wanted to give the whole project a visual importance. We wanted the study process to be recorded on video. Later we thought that it would also be good to make different videoclips and give everything a visual and aesthetic coherence.

One day Vicente introduced me to a guitar student of his, Silvia Farrés. A radiant girl with whom we laughed from the first moment. It turned out that she is an artistic director and she fit us perfectly into the project. Silvia appeared holding hands with her roommate, Aisha Montano, another radiant person. Aisha is an artistic producer and when I explained the project to her, she quickly joined. Both of them have done an extraordinary job full of love and professionalism. Infinitely grateful for everything.

All this had to be recorded by someone and they were Bernat Bisbal and Joel Burges.

We needed a graphic designer for the project, for the album cover, for the credits, etc. When we saw the work of Pol (Kota) we were blown away. A boy who makes beautiful things with his hands and who left us all in love at first sight.

We have also had Marta Mas (@leentrelinias) on the visual team. An amazing photographer. I had been following her work on Instagram for a long time, and when Silvia and Aisha proposed different photographers to us and I saw her on the list, we didn't think for a second that she was the one. The involvement and love that Marta has put in has been extraordinary, and her photos too.

For the master of the album we have had Richard Cano. With Vicente we were thinking a lot about who was the right person to do the master, we spent a whole car trip from Barcelona to Castellón listening to music mastered by different people and in the end we agreed that this work had to be done by Richard.

All this has also been possible thanks to my manager, Jordi Barrachina (Numad Proculture). He is behind helping in everything that we need. Listening to the songs from the first moment, pulling the strings so that everything works, thinking about every detail and much more.

End of recording photo with all the team :)
End of recording photo with all the team :)

I am eternally grateful to all these people who from the first moment have trusted me and the project and have joined to be part of this incredible adventure.

Now I ask for a little help from all of you that might want all this work could see light of day. Help us! ❤️

About the rewards

So that you can be part of this adventure and participate in the creation of Susurros del Viento, we have created a whole series of rewards with so much love.

The rewards include the album itself, sheet music, tickets to the presentation concert* in Barcelona or its surroundings (to be confirmed), thanks in the CD book, masterclasses with me and even private concerts in various formats**.

Be part of my first project, collaborate!❤️

About us

Group photo during the recording days.
Group photo during the recording days.

The Alba Armengou Group was born in 2020 and is currently formed by:

Alba Armengou: Voice and trumpet

Vicente Lopez: Guitars

Joan Martí: Saxophone and flute

Giuseppe Campisi: Double bass and electric bass

Enric Fuster: Drums

Tramel Levalle: Percussions

What will we use your contributions for?

Your contributions will be used to cover all the expenses derived from the creation of the new project: recording, mixing, mastering, video clip production, photography, design, CD production and promotion.

Estimated schedule

Recording, mixing and mastering: September - October 2022

Video and photography creation: October - November 2022

Graphic design and production Physical CD: December 2022 - January 2023

Release 1st Single: January 26th, 2023

Release 1st video clip: January 27th, 2023

Departure CD: February-March 2023

Release 2nd Single: February 9th, 2023

Presentation concert: April 23th at 8pm in Sala Paral•lel 62

3rd video clip output: March 2023 (if we exceed the Verkami goal)

*The rewards can be delivered approximately one month after closing the verkami, in the case of CD's we depend on production times (March-April 2023).

+ Info


*The concert for the presentation of the CD will be announced on the official social networks of Alba Armengou, stay tuned! :)

**The private concert reward can be made effective from the beginning of January 2023 and at the latest until December 30, 2023 (depending on the availability of the artists).

The private concerts will take place between 11:00 and 22:00 on a day that we agree on and in the vicinity of Barcelona. If the place is more than 1 hour away by car (according to Google Maps) and/or you want to do it at another time, you will have to pay travel expenses, meals and accommodation to be agreed.


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  • Martijn


    about 1 year

    What a great project - after so many beautiful covers it must be very special to release your own songs.

  • Joonatan Mattila

    Joonatan Mattila

    about 1 year

    All the luck with the new album! Sounds amazing by the released singles!

  • EloisaGot


    about 1 year

    Bonica, una nova petita ajuda perquè pogueu fer realitat el 2n videoclip, que segurament us sortirà igual (o encara més) maco que el primer :) Muaksss

  • Richard Bezdek

    Richard Bezdek

    about 1 year

    Really looking forward to the 3rd video! Hopefully there is a Livestream of the concert, or a recording of it on YouTube. Best wishes!

  • Mario Suarez Porras

    Mario Suarez Porras

    about 1 year

    Con ganas de escucharlo, te sigo de hace años de La San Andreu y sois todos geniles. Saludos desde Asturias

  • Vagablond


    about 1 year

    Trop hâte d'écouter cet album !!! ☺️

  • pmark16


    about 1 year

    Happy to support a project that brings much joy

  • Nah


    about 1 year

    looking forward to a lovely album :)

  • Richard Bezdek

    Richard Bezdek

    about 1 year

    Hi Alba. I love you and I love Vincente, unfortunately I am on the wrong continent for the concert, but I will be watching on YouTube.

    Very happy to be able contribute to the cause, hope it is a good experience for you all. Looking forward to the songs and videos!

  • C pfindel

    C pfindel

    about 1 year


#01 / Primer single "Luna" en todas las plataformas!

Hola a todos y a todas!

Ya hemos llegado al objetivo marcado, mil gracias <3

Ahora nos planteamos un nuevo objetivo de 10.000€ que si lo conseguimos podremos invertir el dinero en un 3r videoclip bien chulo ;)

Pero antes de todo...
¡Ya podéis escuchar el primer avance del disco en todas las plataformas!

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