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Campaign to complete the publication on LP and CD of the album “Atom”, by Román. Edition limited to 300 copies.


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ATOM - Third record by Román Gil

These last 7 years I have been composing and recording my most ambitious album: Atom. It seems like a long time, in reality my profession does not allow me to dedicate much time to my great passion: music. It's ambitious in terms of my growth as a musician (songwriter, performer, producer...) and the learning I've experienced while making this record.

Those of you who know my music know that I have always wanted to escape from the conventional and simple, at least as far as harmony is concerned. In this Atom I have escaped from the standard song structures and felt free to let me go with my chord progressions, which has led me to paths closer to the progressive rock of the 70s or classical music perhaps. Along the way I have learned a lot of tricks and formulas; in fact music is made of magic formulas, you have to know how to find and use them.

It's also ambitious because I have used professional musicians including Brossa Quartet de Corda, Lisa Bause or Natsuko Sugao, among others. Seven of the nine compositions contain elaborate string arrangements that I have made myself with the help of the computer since my knowledge of music theory is more than limited.

So, I've invested a lot in this album. Now is the time for your investment: this record has to physically exist, it has to be manufactured and it has to be vinyl. I am going to have the great help of the small but wonderful label Belamarh of Luis Moner, which will allow a better diffusion and distribution. But even so, me and Luis lack funding for the release of Atom on vinyl but we are very excited about it. As footballers say: "My dream since I was a child was always..." for my music to sound on a vinyl record.

Nice guy
Nice guy


As you will see, the amounts that we have placed are not high. In fact, as things stand today, vinyl records are expensive to make and are starting to cost around €30 on the street. Atom costs you only €20 and it will come with a “gatefold” cover, a luxury. The vinyl format with its folder is very beautiful, endearing and collectible, but I still believe that the CD sounds better, that is why the vinyl and the CD are included in those €20, you can put the one you like best and even compare them. We have put together a wide assortment of rewards in all possible combinations to suit the different needs and pocket sizes of our patrons.

ATOM facsimile on vinyl and gatefold folder
ATOM facsimile on vinyl and gatefold folder

CD release of Miau! (2015)
CD release of Miau! (2015)

Vía Láctea (CD format, gatefold folder)
Vía Láctea (CD format, gatefold folder)

Various Atom String Sheet Music
Various Atom String Sheet Music

Here I leave a preview of the music of Atom, it is called La Capsa, with Lisa Bause on violin and viola, and Ricard Guasch on the accordion. By the way, in Atom the songs in Catalan language predominate (five of them, plus two instrumentals and two in Spanish)

About Román

Many of you already know me, a quiet musician, shy of leading roles, I have always tended towards the less illuminated part of the stage but doing a good job as a "sideman", "session" or producer for other musicians: Alberto Montero, Isaac Ulam, The Gurus, Parkinson DC, Steven Munar, Rik Van den Bosch, Maranges, Onofree, Els Ocells, etc...

I have released two previous CDs: Vía Láctea (2007) and Miau! (2015), with my own compositions and voice.


Strings recording session with "Brossa Quartet de Corda", November 2021
Strings recording session with "Brossa Quartet de Corda", November 2021

What will your contributions be used for?

The contributions of your micro-patronage, which especially in the lower bands are still the advance purchase of the album, will go solely and exclusively to finance the manufacturing cost estimated at more than 3,000 EUR. We don't intend to cover everything with your contributions (although that would be great, of course), which is why the amount we are aiming for in this campaign is EUR 2,000.

planned schedule

Our forecast is that the album could be ready for publication in April 2023.

Thank you all very much for your collaboration.

If you have come this far, I have the pleasure of premiering exclusively through verkami and for you these songs belonging to Atom:

Some of my profiles and links on the internet:

Bandcamp Román
Instagram Román
Canal Youtube
Manlay Sound


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  • Marcos Junquera

    Marcos Junquera

    12 months


  • romangil


    about 1 year


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    about 1 year


  • Praxedes Romero

    Praxedes Romero

    about 1 year

    Me ha costado hacer la operación pero estoy satisfecha

  • bernatrueda@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    about 1 year

    Quiero mi vinilo!

    Ja amb ganes d'escoltarlo

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    David Vico López

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  • Onofree Yeah

    Onofree Yeah

    about 1 year

    Suerte Rominx!!!

#01 / Verkami aconseguit!

hOLA aMics!!

Objectiu aconseguit amb èxit.

Moltes gràcies a tothom per ajudar-me a financiar aquest disc, sens dubte el millor que he fet.

La previsió és que cap al mes d'abril, potser maig, hauria d'estar llest per enviar-lo a tots vosaltres. Les fàbriques de vinils van lentes.

Molt bon any i els meus millors desitjos!!


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