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'TRIBE' - Short film

In 2021, 2,143 reports of sexual assault were made in Spain. Where does this violence against women come from?

Carlos Gómez-Trigo

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In 2021, 2,143 reports of sexual assault were made in Spain.

Between 2016-2021, 274 group rapes were reported, of which 87 in 2019 only.

So far in 2022, more than 20 cases has been registered.

Where does this violence against women come from?

How come the aggressors and rapists are younger and younger?

The movie

Coke is an 18-year-old boy. He likes to play soccer and to spend time in the neighborhood with his friends Julian and David. At a party, he will meet Silvia. But his friends are planning on hooking up that night too. At whatever price.

Behind the violence

'Tribe' is born from the need to tell, through the language of cinema, something that everybody has suffered at least once in their lifetime: the loss of their individuality in front of the group and how social pressure can make a person take unwanted decisions. Even worse, it can make a person not take any decision at all and allow something to happen. An internal conflict that seems bigger in a teenage environment, with personalities still forming and the strong desire to be part of the group.
'Tribe' is also about internal fear: can we tackle the monster inside us and be able to say "stop" at a crucial moment?

In 'Tribe', as is almost always the case, women suffer the most from the consequences of the group pressure, from bad to worse: sexism, bullying, sexual aggression, daily assaults turned into "normal behavior" like something acceptable in the life of our characters. The sexist violence becomes a social attitude.

The 'Tribe' project

After a year of pre-production, more than 40 professionals - including cast, technicians, artists amongst others - are part of this film, shot at different sets and locations in Madrid and Guadalajara (Spain) during the last week of October 2022.

Christian Checa (Coke).

Felipe Pirazán (Julián).

Rafa Álamos (David).

Edu Rejón (Paco).

María Martínez (Silvia).

Almudena Gernhuber (Patricia).

Ruth Lores (Carmen).

Antonella Pinto (Mercedes).

Carlos Gómez-Trigo is a producer/director of films and commercials. In 2017, he released the short film 'Maelstrøm', achieving more than 165 international official selections and winning several Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Actor/Actress and Best Sound awards. 'Survivers', released in November 2020 has achieved more than 250 international official selections, including some Oscars-Qualifying festivals like Nashville, PÖFF, Encounters and Edmonton. This short film was awarded with the prestigious 'Meliès d'Argent' - Best European Fantastic Short Film prize in HARD:LINE Film Festival.

Isra Calzado López (producer).

Gerardo de las Morenas (producer).

Mariam Useros Barrero (executive producer).

Rocío Agost (line producer).

Javier Castillo (production staff).

Cayetana Arribas (production staff).

Marino Pardo (director of photography).

Antonio Albalate (camera assistant).

Alberto Zamora (gaffer).

Vera Ojeda (art director).

Noa Garlon (art assistant).

Paula del Río (make-up artist).

Noelia Lebrato (costume designer).

Zuleyka Marchán (first direction assistant).

Sergio de Mingo (script writer).

What will we use your contributions for?

'Tribe' is now in the post-production phase for a future release and distribution to national and international film festivals. That is why we encourage you to be part of this project, to ensure a successful completion with your help and support, with several thanks and exclusive rewards, as patrons of our short film.

We count with the support of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha and other local entities like Guadalajara Deputation, Guadalajara City Hall and the UNED local office. With this support and the investments of the producers, we have covered around the 80% of the project's total budget. Now we are looking for the last 20% by private sponsors (10%) and small patrons (10%) like you. Will you help us?

Rewards and planned schedule

For your donations you will receive different thanks and rewards, from the possibility of an exclusive viewing of the film to tickets for the premiere, your name and/or logo in the credits, access to unpublished still photos and videos or a limited DVD with the director's commentary (see "Rewards").

All of these rewards will be given, if the production is on schedule, starting summer-autumn 2023.

More about 'Tribe'

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    Aprender hacer cortometrajes se convierte en construcciones sólo para inteligentes. ¡Suerte y Dios!

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    10 months

    Success! Curious to see your next movie ;-)

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    You will certainly pass the € 3000 finish!

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    10 months


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    Cristina López Antón

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