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EP Nerea Green

Five years ago I started this project with just me, a pencil and a paper. I would love that soon those letters could travel to you.


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Thanks to all of you for making my dream a little closer to come true. A few days ago I asked if you would like to have the album in physical form and you all told me that you would, so I have decided to set a second goal! Everything we collect after the first goal will be destined to the production of physical albums for you. Thank you to everyone💚🍀

About the project

Five years ago I started this project without even knowing it. Throughout these years I have continued writing songs based on my life experiences. A few months ago I reviewed all those lyrics without music and I think that today together with my producer, we have managed to tell a very personal story that you travel through all the songs.

Who are we?

- Nerea Green

I am the voice and the creator of the stories. I love to compose songs explaining experiences or inventing scenarios so that people can identify with my lyrics.

- Reben

Reben is in charge of putting sound to all my stories, the only person who at 3 o'clock in the morning is awake and ready to make the result of the songs as perfect as possible. Working with him is very easy for me, because he always understands perfectly what I want to capture in each song.

- Maduiixa

Maduiixa is the person who puts image and color to the album. The designs of the rewards that you will see below are her work, as well as the album cover. I am very lucky to work with her, because she is one of the people who knows me best and sometimes, without saying anything, she already knows exactly what image to put to the idea in my head.


The rewards I offer as a gratitude for the help you give me by participating in this project are the following:

  • 7€: A5 postcard signed and dedicated by me with the album title design.

  • 12€: 1min cover of the song of your choice + signed a5 postcard.

  • 25€: Totebag with the album title design + A5 postcard.

  • 35€: Totebag with the design of the album title + 1min cover of the song of your choice + A5 postcard.

  • 50€: Online concert of the whole EP + audience requests.

  • 100€: I write you a personalized song.

What we will use your contributions for

All your contributions will go towards the recording of the EP and the rewards you have read above.

Planned calendar

If all goes according to plan, the publication dates will be as follows:

February 14th: What I call love.

March 16th: Ya es tarde.

April 18th: Cry, dry, try.

May 20th: EP.

Rewards will be delivered as soon as possible depending on the reward and location of the backer.

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  • Roberto Campo Vela

    Roberto Campo Vela

    over 1 year

    Será un éxito segur. ¡Te queremos!

  • Gloria Sanchez Carrasco

    Gloria Sanchez Carrasco

    over 1 year

    Q orgullosa estoy de ti ,de quien eres y de lo q has conseguido hasta ahora...ojalá todos tus sueños se hagan realidad porque te mereces todo lo bueno q te pase en la vida ...te quiero infinito mi pedazo de artista ❤❤❤❤❤❤



    over 1 year


  • Mara


    over 1 year


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