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EUNOIA 2.0 -prostitution of stories-

A performance of live music, dance and literature that questions the stories told about the person and art of women composers.


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Zürich, Switzerland
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History is a semantic construction, which, through the use of words, aims to create new truths. However, it is vitally important to understand that the stories told are not always true, but only reflect the perspective of the writer. It is a fact that the stories that have been told about various female artists have been created and standardised from a male perspective and in a specific era. This fact means that most of these women are represented in a way that does not correspond to them.

SILART artistic team will premiere EUNOIA 2.0 -prostitution of stories- on June 28th in the venue offered by the cultural institution Kulturhaus Helferei in the Swiss city of Zurich. For approximately one hour, this performance invites the audience to question the veracity of the stories that have been told about women composers, through live music, dance and literature.

Iratxe Ibaibarriaga
Iratxe Ibaibarriaga

Exclusively for this project we have conducted interviews with female composers from many parts of the world: Negin Zomorodi, Helena Cánovas, Maja Ratjke, Agnes Pettersen and Riikka Talvitie. Their voice is the truest source that can be used to tell their story; therefore, the unifying element of this performance is their voices, those they have used to express themselves artistically, personally or as a creative element incorporated into their compositions.


With your help and the money raised, this project can be streamed live, so you can watch the premiere without having to travel to Zurich. In addition, you will receive all updates on our upcoming projects and especially the recording of the premiere of EUNOIA 2.0 -prostitution of stories-. And if this is not enough for you because you are even more interested in getting to know us better, we also offer you the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the artists involved in SILART through a meeting (virtual or real), in which we can talk more deeply about the philosophy behind the project.


SILART is a musical group made up of Iratxe Ibaibarriaga Ibeas (cello), María Muros García (flute) and Celia Torres Pérez (saxophone). However, the philosophy behind each project requires in most cases collaborations with other artistic disciplines that enrich the visual content of these projects in order to reach a wider and more diversified audience. For this occasion, we are pleased to have the collaboration of the dancer Clara Thierry.

Clara Thierry
Clara Thierry


In order to carry out this project, we need, first of all, funding to hire the equipment for the Streaming. In addition, the premiere of EUNOIA 2.0 will revolutionise the panorama of interdisciplinary performances due to the innovation of its staging and dressing. This requires a lot of effort, time and, of course, money. Finally, with your contribution you also help to ensure that the quality work of each of the artists involved in the project is properly remunerated.


EUNOIA 2.0 -prostitution of stories-* will premiere on 28 June 2022 at 19:00h in Die Kapelle, a charming space offered by the cultural institution Kulturhaus Helferei (Zurich).


If you are interested in following more closely the development of EUNOIA 2.0 -prostitution of stories- (creation of the artistic material, staging, rehearsals...), as well as other projects that are also underway, we leave you the links to our social networks where we update all the content:

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Don't forget to also take a look at our website, which not only contains the latest updates with all the information about these artistic projects, but is also a platform that stores information about artists from all over the world; women who have expressed themselves throughout history through art.

Silart artistic team
Silart artistic team


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  • Pepe Muros

    Pepe Muros

    almost 2 years

    Estupendo!!!!! Richard

  • Mari Carmen

    Mari Carmen

    almost 2 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • Virginie Feuilherade

    Virginie Feuilherade

    almost 2 years

    Wish you all the best in this project

  • Banca Calvo Sanchez

    Banca Calvo Sanchez

    almost 2 years

    Os deseo grandes éxitos 🥇💪

  • Antonio R. Ramos Rodriguez

    Antonio R. Ramos Rodriguez

    almost 2 years

    Mucha suerte!!!

  • Mami


    almost 2 years

    Espero que vuestro proyecto sea todo un éxito.

  • victoriagarcia


    almost 2 years

    Brindo por vuestro proyecto

  • Pepe


    almost 2 years

    Mucho ánimo!!!!!!

  • Charo Perez Casas

    Charo Perez Casas

    almost 2 years

    Mucha suerte en vuestro proyecto!

  • Chica


    almost 2 years

    A triunfar!!!!

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