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Enteoanima: Exclusive CD Edition and Digital Download

This new work by Joel Olivé has an exceptional sound quality and some very powerful collaborations.

Joel Olivé

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The publication or not in physical format of a musical work, is the dilemma that nowadays musicians are facing. Do you want to have at home the Enteoanima CD - Joel Olivé, dedicated by me?

The main objective of this fundraising is to make this dream come true. Those of us who value the quality of the physical support and the comfort it offers, know how important it is. What about you?

About me

Joel Olivé
Joel Olivé

I am a musician, therapist and luthier and I have been composing and recording for almost a year with the aim of releasing my next album, which will take a step further everything that happened with Door to the Archaic, my last album. Enteoanima is born from the intention to travel deeper in this new genre so little explored that we call Neo-Archaic Trance. It is an album full of inspiration, very innovative, where in 8 very different tracks we explore the different layers of the sounds of ancestral instruments with other contemporary ones, for the sonic, mystical and deep journey.... And with the presence of musicians from all over the world! All very well recorded, mostly in my studio, with high quality professional equipment. Other parts recorded in Mallorca (cumie), Germany (Hess) and Croatia (Dubravko), and USA (Byron). It will also include as bonus track the latest single Fling Carpet, so 9 tracks!

Cd art by Augustinas Našlėnas
Cd art by Augustinas Našlėnas

The CD will be printed in a Digipack format. And the Pen Drive includes the Enteoanima Cd songs as well ;-)

Who are we?

Cumie Dunio
Cumie Dunio

This album produced in a totally handmade way, counts with the precious collaboration of some wonderful musicians and people: Peter & Heike Hess (monochord, Germany), Luís Paniagua (Lire & Voice) Byron Metcalf (percussion), Cumie Dunio (vocals), Estela Traver (vocals), Dubravko Lapaine (didgeridoo), Joan Miró (ney), Albert Galvany (bansuri), Marta Serra (voice), Imre Peemot (igil & throat singing), Joel Olive (Monochord, voice, didgeridoo, drums, gong, quarzophone, rain and shakers, handpan, synths, mouth harp, and some others). Ah, we have almost everything recorded and we are in the last phase of production!

Luís Paniagua
Luís Paniagua

Byron Metcalf
Byron Metcalf

Estela Traver
Estela Traver

Imre Peemot tocando Igil
Imre Peemot tocando Igil

Heike Hess, Joel Olivé, Peter Hess
Heike Hess, Joel Olivé, Peter Hess

Joan Miró
Joan Miró

Albert Galbany
Albert Galbany

What we will use your contributions for

The money raised from the sale of the cd's, will be used entirely to pay for copies, processing and shipping.

Planned schedule

Once the campaign is finished, we will proceed to make the copies and send them to you! The approximate date to receive the rewards will be during the second half of June.

Check out the instruments I make

+ Info

Instagram @joelolive1

Check out my other musical works already published, and get to know me a little more here


Art: Augustinas Našlėnas


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  • Martin

    Martin Dobricki

    22 days

    I wish you all the best with your project!

  • Ànnia


    23 days

    Amore, amb moltes ganes de regalar-me les orelles i l' ànima ! Gràcies!!

  • Joel Olivé

    Joel Olivé

    25 days

    Gracies a Tots i a Totes per les vostres aportacions, que ho han fet possible! Thanks to all of you and your contributions, we made it possible!

  • katerina


    26 days

    Thank you for this beautiful work in the world!

  • Silvestre


    28 days

    Merci 😉🙏

  • Paul


    28 days

    Thank you Joel. Greetings from Paul Schulz.

  • Joel Olivé

    Joel Olivé

    about 1 months

    Gracies per el vostre suport!

  • Oriol


    about 1 months

    Molt bé bro

  • Arnau


    about 1 months

    Felicitats pel projecte!

#02 / Gracies / Thanks / Gracias / Danke!

we made it possible!

if we reach 2500 we will include a booklet in the CD!

Ho hem conseguit!

si arrime a 2500 inclourem un libre amb el CD!

Moltes Gracies

Danke Shoon




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