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petite MORT - debut CD by Natalia Labourdette and Victoria Guerrero

After three years of musical collaboration Natalia Labourdette and Victoria Guerrero release their first CD on the GENUIN Classics label.


Created in

Berlin, Germany
From 4.000€
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About us

Soprano Natalia Labourdette (Madrid) and pianist Victoria Guerrero Victoria Guerrero (Jerez) will release their first concept album on 3 June 2022 signed by the record label and GENUIN classics.

petite MORT takes its name from the ambivalence implicit in the selection of works by composers such as A. Berg, E. W. Korngold, G. Fauré, F. Poulenc, S. Barber and J. Turina, constantly sway between eroticism and death.

The visual aspect of the CD has been created with the artist Sergio Pablos creative development . This impressive design will be available for purchase on merchandising items.

Studio picture by Mark Kagan
Studio picture by Mark Kagan

The project

The concept of petite mort is the thematic thread of the programme. Eroticism, death and religiousness come together in texts that express loneliness, fear, resentment, passion and love, and asceticism.

From the French petite mort, this is understood as a brief loss or weakening of consciousness, most commonly referred to the freeing sensation that invades our body after an orgasm, thus comparing it to death or to a short period of melancholy or transcendence as a result of the expenditure of life force.

This is why MORT will be written in capital letters, while petite will be written in small letters. This fundamental idea unites in an astonishing way seven composers of such different styles as Berg, Fauré, Barber, Poulenc, Korngold and Turina.

Sergio Pablos has been in charge of our CD cover design and has managed to visually capture in a full of symbolism illustration what the songs’ lyrics inspire us.

CD cover by Sergio Pablos
CD cover by Sergio Pablos

The products

Although each reward will be priced separately (so that they can be purchased separately if required), all items in a pack will be discounted from the price of each item separately.

Separate items:

  • CD 18€ (20€ in the shop)

  • t-SHIRT €18

  • tote BAG 8€

  • post CARD 3€

  • poster 10€

Price of the items if purchased as a pack:

  • CD 16€

  • t-SHIRT 15€

  • tote BAG 6€

  • post CARD 2€

  • poster 8€
    +8€ If you want the digital download of the CD and the Digital Booklet in the pack.

Check the rewards section for a better visualization.

Although we have organized the packs as you can see on the side, it is feasible to generate new packs to organize the rewards according to the personal wishes of each backer. Just let us know.

We also have a PayPal account in case any backer wants to contribute with a specific amount not reflected in our rewards:


What we will use your contributions for:

The result of the financial contributions will go to defray the costs of the recording (work of the sound engineer, room rent, piano rent and tuning, post-production, recording trips).

Natalia and Alfredo comparing recorded takes
Natalia and Alfredo comparing recorded takes

The NEUSTART KULTUR KLASSIK grant (Deutscher Musikrat) supports our project with 6.000€, but the project has been budgeted at around 14.000€.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of items with the design of Sergio Pablos will go to him (in addition to a previously agreed minimum).

Planned timetable

The CD is scheduled for release on 3 June 2022. It will be available on all digital platforms and can be purchased in physical and online shops (amazon, jpc, etc).

Once the fundraising campaign is finished, the rewards will be delivered between June and July 2022.

Shipping costs will be free of charge up to a maximum of 5€. If the shipping cost exceeds this amount, all possible options will be considered in order to send the rewards the most economic way as possible.

Natalia eating chocolate. Main activity of all those involved in the filming during those days.
Natalia eating chocolate. Main activity of all those involved in the filming during those days.

+ Info

Over the next few months you will be able to listen to this programme live at various recitals.

The next dates are:

At the end of a concert right after recording our CD
At the end of a concert right after recording our CD

The website of our recording lable: Genuin Classics


  • ¿Puedo realizar una aportación de importe libre?

    No, solo se pueden aportar las cantidades exactas definidas en las recompensas. Si alguien quiere hacer una aportación de otra cantidad, se puede poner en contacto con nosotras y crearemos una recompensa por ese valor e indicaremos que se trata de una aportación desinteresada.

    Por otra parte, fuera del Crowdfunding contamos con Bizum y con una cuenta en PayPal (labourdette.soprano@gmail.com), para usar en estas situaciones.

  • ¿Para qué necesitáis ahora una campaña de Crowdfunding si el CD ya se lanza en junio?

    La campaña de crowdfunding la hemos enfocado como campaña para recaudar los fondos que nosotras ya hemos adelantado para la grabación del disco y como campaña de venta del CD, y por tanto de difusión de nuestro trabajo.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Javi Holgado

    Javi Holgado

    12 months

    Natalia, tu voz de fondo rellenando una clase vacía ha hecho que corrija con más benevolencia ( Gracias de parte de mis alumnos). Aparte has inhibido en mi cerebro la recaptación de serotonina poniéndome en peligro de petit morte. ¡Que bien sonáis! Me siento mejor que hace 10 minutos. Un abrazo muy fuerte. Javi.

  • Alejandro Labourdette

    Alejandro Labourdette

    about 1 year

    Ánimo con ello!!! Jaime e Inma

  • Alejandro Labourdette

    Alejandro Labourdette

    about 1 year

    Enhorabuena, y mucha suerte de parte de Matilde García Lucas



    about 1 year


  • Ramsky22


    about 1 year

    Natalia eres una grande grande, que voy a decirte!!! Te admiro como persona sobretodo, como soprano no hay palabras para describir esa voz angelical para mis oídos!!! Seguro lo que conseguís !!! 😘

  • Jose Luis

    Jose Luis

    about 1 year

    Mucha suerte en este proyecto. Marisa Amado

  • Agustin Martinez

    Agustin Martinez

    about 1 year

    De parte de Agustín y Amparo, os deseamos mucha suerte en este nuevo proyecto, os lo mereceis y es una satisfacción para nosotros que nos permitais ser partícipes de esta nueva aventura. Sois geniales chicas, a por todas!!

  • cbgestion@gmail.com


    about 1 year

    Asociación Wagneriana de Madrid.

  • LuisTramon


    about 1 year

    ¡¡ Vamos con este gran proyecto !! Ahí va mi aportación para que este proyecto sea una realidad.

  • Alejandro Labourdette

    Alejandro Labourdette

    about 1 year

    Aportación de Antonio ZP

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