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Lo Voy a Arreglar

Help us make "Lo Voy a Arreglar", the story of a spanish girl, who is unable to have an abortion and decides to do it herself.

Lo Voy a Arreglar

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Lo Voy a Arreglar is a short film by Lula Dahringer co-produced and financed by ESCAC films.

It's the story of Laura, a 16 year old spanish girl who lives in a village in Spain. Unable to ask her father's consent to get an abortion she looks for darker ways to get rid of the problem.

LAURA (16) finds out the day that she was supposed to abort that she is unable to do it without her parents consent. She hides her secret from her DAD and younger siblings AINA and LEON, whom she acts like a mother towards.

That same evening she goes to a village party - energies are high, as the entire village is celebrating the procession of the virgin Carmen. Unlike her usual ‘good’ self she gets completely drunk. Riddled by teenage angst, she hopes this will decrease the survival chance of the embryo that carries inside of her like a weight.

Heated by the alcohol LAURA provokes a verbal argument with other partygoers. While it is in her power to de-escalate the situation, she decides to do exactly the polar opposite. Fuelled by lack of acceptance and self hatred of her current situation, she provokes the fight and gets the others to beat her up - over and over again - until others tear them apart.

As the morning turns to day, only LAURA knows if her attempt of auto-abortion was succesful or not.

Following an article written in December 2021; a woman is legally allowed to abort in Spain since 2010, however 5 of the the 17 autonomous regions withhold the right to perform abortions in public hospitals. This means women have to either pay for it or travel, both complicate the matter enormously.

If things are already complicated for adult women, how will an underage girl feel when she is confronted with this reality? In the case of our protagonist; without a female figure to relate to - a direct mirror of society in which these deeply en-rooted patriarchal continue to be the status quo.

An underage pregnant girl in 2022? Let’s be real here. There is more stigma attached to her, than to her male counterpart who played an equally active role in this. While this topic might not be new, we still have not reached open communication about sex education, contraception (seemingly stuck for the past 50 years and aside from the condom, solely female responsibility) and abortion on our playgrounds.

The film does not seek to be pro or against abortion. It only shows the weight of what it means to not be stigmatized as a woman; young or old. It is based on a true story, although fictionally altered, that we came across while talking to the women in my surroundings that have aborted here in Spain.

Lula Dahringer is an award winning director, writer and creative producer. Born in Berlin, she is currently based in Barcelona. She has been working in film since 2012. In 2022 she graduated from Escuela Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) for a MA in Film Direction.

She loves doing what she does. Telling stories to help process and contextualize this mad but magical world.

She is the director of the documentaries Transmodernity (2018), Toxic Masculinity Detox (2019) and the narrative short films; i.Dream (2022), Desire (2023), I'll fix it (2023).

*** THE CREW ***

Even though this short film has the support of ESCAC, who are generously providing us with camera and lights equipment, our goal is to raise an extra of 3.000€ with Verkami to cover:

  • rental of camera and light equipment

  • locations

  • art materials, hair and make up artist

  • accomodations, transport and catering

The funds will be distribiuted as shown in the graphic.

Your support will help us reach the quality standard we want for our film and take this story to as many people as possible.

First cut - July 2022

Picture lock- September 2022

Colour and sound post prod. - October 2022

Rewards - October 2022

°This dates are an aproximation and could suffer changes.


GENRE - drama

DURATION - 10-15 minutes

IMAGE - 2K/ 1.66:1 / Colour

SOUND - 5.1

LANGUAGE - Spanish

SUBTITLES - Catalán/ English/ German

10€ - Mention in the credits of film

20€ - The above + thank you postcard

The first 15 supporters of this, get a 1 x link to film as well.

35€ - The above + link to "making of" pictures + 1 x link to film

50€ - The above + mention in the webpage + poster in pdf

100€ - The above + poster in a4 + screenplay + link to online screening

250€ - The above + storyboard

500€ - The above + link to download the short (after festivals)

1000€ - The above + videocall with the team


Follow us on instagram LO VOY A ARREGLAR and keep track of the process of the project!


The pictures used in the rewards belong to the series "Guille y Belinda" by the photographer Alessandra Sanguinetti.


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  • Eder Blanco

    Eder Blanco

    over 1 year

    Mucho éxito! 😉✌️

  • vpere


    over 1 year

    Eii sóc un dels figurants de l'escena del tren del dia 1 de rodatge jajajaj espero que vagi molt bé la resta de rodatge!

  • sandrorados


    over 1 year

  • Pontufle


    over 1 year

    Good luck with the film.

  • Isabella


    over 1 year

    interessante story, ich bin gespannt =)

  • Amaya Aleixendri Chueca

    Amaya Aleixendri Chueca

    over 1 year

    Mucho éxito!!

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