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What would you be willing to do for success? She is very clear about it. And you?

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What would you do if you were unable to see colors?

And no, we are not talking about color blindness.

Meet Amber, a young German girl who was born with a unique condition. She is only able to see in black and white and against all odds, she is a photographer who dreams of being successful, and one step away from achieving it.

Desperate to win, she crosses a line that she didn't think she could, which completely changes her way of seeing things and therefore, her art.

Poster Oficial
Poster Oficial

Why do we do this?

We are passionate about telling raw stories and this time, it will be no different. We will take our protagonist (Amber) through a journey to her limits, guided by the desire and obsession to be the best.

But this time, we're not going easy, you'll be watching what she'll be willing to do to get what she craves, no matter the cost.

A short film made by misfits (with film knowledge) for misfits(film lovers). But with a very Ugly Doll®touch with the goal of reaching Sitges Fil Festival.


With a visual style strongly inspired by films like IDA 2013 of Pawel Pawlikowski but giving it a more dynamic and original style like the music video BNR 2021 del grupo Crumb.

What is the UglyDoll® touch?

Ulgy Doll® is an open community of filmmakers and 7th art enthusiasts where we find a space together to express ourselves as artists, giving it a style very much our own.

We are an audiovisual production team, born from a sense of protest to the superficial and repetitive stories that flood the current media, just like the protagonist, we are obsessed with making things as good as possible, to give life to the stories they don't want to be told you.

Here is a summary of our latest projects.

*Our philosophy is based on the free communication of ideas and the "make it happen" method, which is based on doing a lot with very little through creativity and ingenuity. *

You can be our co-producer by supporting us with your donation, this will make this project possible and you will enjoy incredible rewards.

In case you are already part of our community or do not have the opportunity to invest in us, you can always follow uson our social networks where we post important information and unpublished data about the short film as well as share it with your friends.

Being the central axis of the story, our protagonist will do the impossible to leave her mark on KROMA gallery, one of the most exclusive and important in the city of Barcelona.

Which will come to life and take shape as the plot develops, leaving us with an uncomfortable question: Is art important today, or is what they said about it?

Referencia Visual
Referencia Visual

Which will come to life and take shape as the plot develops, leaving us with an uncomfortable question: Is art important today, or is what they said about it?


Amber (33).

She is a determined and imposing woman, obsessed with shapes and symmetry, somewhat eccentric and with a great love for her own image but above all her reputation.

She has managed to carve out a stable career for herself, despite the unconventional methods she uses to produce her works.

Moss (23)

A young aspiring professional photographer, who does not seem to take his work very seriously but enjoys it to the fullest, lover of new techniques such as photoshop have given him a certain fame and the opportunity to be part of the KROMA gallery.

Cyan (35).

The owner of the KROMA gallery shares a peculiar friendship with Amber since her previous jobs had helped her to get the business off the ground, but things are about to change, business is business, baby.

What will we do with the money?

Una estimación
Una estimación

None of us involved are generating any profit with the money received, we do this for the love of art and with the purpose of being distributed once the project is completed.

Technical specifications

The Rewards

playera Oficial
playera Oficial

Poster Impreso
Poster Impreso

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USB de entrega

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Gracias por Visitarnos


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