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Get on the balcony

We begin the journey to the record of LNDB new's album. After a first year rapping on the balcony and on stage, it's time to create.

Los Niños Del Balcón

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Los Niños Del Balcón is a rap group that was born in the middle of a pandemic in Lliçà d'Amunt, Catalonia. After two years of songs, an EP and different concerts in Catalonia, we took refuge in the Vallesatge Music Factory studio to create our first big project since the group started, our first album.

We started the album in the summer of 2021, and last November we released a song that will be in the 12 songs that will make up the album, this song is called Atrevidxs and you can find it on all digital platforms .

The ultimate goal is to create LNDB's first album, which will be funded through Verkami.


About the rewards

We offer a wide range of rewards where you can choose the one you like best. We will have individual rewards and rewards in packs. We will have physical rewards, such as: the disc in physics, t-shirts related to the disc, t-shirts related to the new aesthetics of the group, sweatshirts, tote bags, lighters, spikes and stickers.

In addition, we will have rewards in the form of experience, such as: concerts in any format, a night of partying with the group, a day of concert and an exclusive party where we will listen to the album a week before its release and we will explain the meaning of the whole process of creating each piece.

The best reward we will have is your support!


Who are we

Los Niños Del Balcón are three friends, or rather three brothers. We have known each other since we were little, we have shared school, parties and adverse times. The three of us are from Lliçà d'Amunt.

LNDB members:

José García / @josep_lndb

Gerard Trujillo / gerardtrujillo

Guillem Trujillo / guillemtp1999

Gerard, Guillem and José.
Gerard, Guillem and José.

What will we use your contributions for?

Your contributions will go to the production, recording, mixing and master of the album, as well as new products from Los Niños Del Balcón merchandising to go up to the balcony with us and make a big family. On the other hand, we will also spend part of the money on the layout and design of the physical new album, beyond the big consumption on digital platforms, we believe that a physical disk is a good memory for a lifetime.


Production, recording, mixing and mastering: 1950€

Merchandise: 750€

Physical CD layout: 150€

Design and promotion: 150€

Scheduled calendar

Since the summer of 2021 we have been producing the album. That is, we are cooking it over low heat and with all the love we carry inside.

We are currently continuing to produce our album in the studio Vallstage Music Factory and with the tireless help of our producer, Ivan Gracia.

We started the Verkami campaign in April 2022 because we have a few months left to release the record and we need your help as a final push.

Soon, in May we will release a new song that will be part of the album with a very special collaboration. Then, in July we will have a new advance. Finally, in September we will have a big surprise that we still can't bring to light and in in October 2022 the record will be all yours.

In addition, although the album will be presented in October 2022, on May 27 we will release a new live at the Ateneu l'Aliança in Lliçà d'Amunt with unreleased songs that will be on the album and surprise collaborations.

+ Info

We leave the link to our social networks where we are most active and where you can follow the day to day of the group and the evolution of the album.

However, we are waiting for you on May 27 at the concert we will offer in Lliçà d'Amunt together with the artist from Palau Solità i Plegamans, Fargas.


Lliçà d
Lliçà d'Amunt 2022.


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  • Marc Rusiñol

    Marc Rusiñol

    almost 2 years

    Amo ahi los chavale

  • Mar


    about 2 years

    Molta sort amb el projecte nens💛💛💛 Quines ganes de diiiiiisc🤭🥰

  • David Cejudo

    David Cejudo

    about 2 years

    A darle gas 💥

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