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El Caballo Español

An intimate and personal journey into the relationship of effort, love and passion between man and horse through six true stories.

Chavi Nandez

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We are passionate about what is ours, the rural world, ethnography, our origins and this time we are going to prove it with our new documentary project "El Caballo Español", "The Spanish Horse" and we want you to be part of it.

A story that was created to raise awareness of the role of this intelligent and unique animal, whose performance has contributed so much to our society for centuries.

An exciting story, told from the most intimate point of view of six protagonists who live very closely the equestrian world. Six lives that reveal to us how they look to learn about their origins and the purity and breed from the beginning of history in the peninsula to the present day.

This opportunity encourages us to undertake together with enthusiasm and with your invaluable and voluntary participation, the making of this documentary entitled "The Spanish Horse " .

Your grain of sand will serve to sponsor this cultural and informative project. It is destined for the national and international market, through the cinema, or in the living room of any home. Any viewer will be able to see a story that will help them understand the importance of caring for and preserving this animal because of its great value.

A documentary that focuses on showing and making known tasks, origins and crucial performance of the horse "in the peninsula" through unique testimonies of historians and veterinarians, breeders and dressage experts, champions of races and competitions, equestrian associations or an art director in equestrian theatre and, finally, different experts in hippotherapy.

About the rewards

One way to finance ourselves would be through loans or through grants and subsidies. But we don't think these are the best options, neither in terms of time nor objectives.

That's why we chose this platform, to be able to finance the work quickly in 40 days and offer you a very interesting deal: that you become a patron and an essential part of our documentary and become one of the godfathers or godmothers that makes this project possible in exchange for a symbolic amount of money with this formula of micro-patronage .

For this we have prepared a series of rewards, prizes, gifts, to invite you. We need money to be able to shoot even a low budget documentary, we want to hire the necessary staff to make it happen.

Your support, no matter how small, is necessary, and it all adds up. Our friends, family, acquaintances, with all of you we share this adventure to make it possible. Although there is no price to thank you for your small, medium or large contribution, we will always be grateful to you, for trusting in our challenge and if you also support us, in making it possible.

We need funding as for any project but not too much, just enough. A ridiculous amount compared by other cinematography works. It is not an easy task to finance the project from start to finish. We are going to do it with a minimum team, as we have done on other occasions. It is not a question of big budgets but of careful planning, and however austere it may be, to be able to bring your objective to fruition.

Limited edition prints
Limited edition prints

If you help us, you will be promoting an informative project through film. You become a promoter of this project, helping to make part of our culture, traditions and history known. Something that will remain forever in the archive of Spanish documentary cinema.

One of the added advantages to your contribution is that you will be able to watch our documentary online in your living room before anyone else . Yes, the one in which you are the co-protagonist, benefactor and although you will only be able to share it with your family and friends, that evening will be a wonderful occasion to feel proud of your collaboration.

In addition, we will send you an exclusive Official Movie Poster in poster size and dedicated especially for you, or an official t-shirt that we have created if you choose this reward to support us. You also have limited edition prints, a private photography course and photography workshops draw, invitations to the preview in different cities and also to several online events; a digital coffee where you can participate and chat with the production team of the documentary and a webinar on travel photography, because we really want to thank you with everything we can for participating and joining the team.

We also ask you to share and spread this campaign, as well as our enthusiasm for this project, your project, our project. We want all our friends to at least know about it, to know that they have the opportunity to do it, to collaborate with all of us. This is the link:

As we are 100% involved with this project, we want you to know that your contribution will go to social works and projects related to the treatment of children's diseases and mobility problems through foundations that treat them through hippotherapy and equine therapy.

A 5% of some of the most precious rewards will go to these entities, foundations and NGOs that we will soon make public.

Who we are

Although it is perhaps the least important thing, it is surely necessary, for those of you who don't know me. My name is Francisco Javier, although my friends call me Chavi. I am a photography teacher and a restless, curious, enterprising person, eager to fight every day and help to continue fulfilling dreams and illusions that bring hope and joy.

I have lived in the village, in the countryside. I love the mountains, rural areas, nature and I continue to admire and respect rural people and their traditions. Here and through film, I try, through photography, to proudly disseminate our richness and multiculturalism, our customs, stories, traditions and landscapes that I have been sharing for years in my workshops and travelling from north to south of the peninsula and from which I learn more and more every day.

They say that the best way to protect and preserve what we have is to make it easily and simply understood. Music and images converted into film sequences, stories, plots, are a great tool for this.

PHOTO workshops with Photolocus.net
PHOTO workshops with Photolocus.net

Educating through photography is something we have been doing for years, but doing it through film is an incredible avenue through entertainment and today, thanks to streaming platforms with a reach never before imagined for any independent filmmaker.

Our experience in documentary

Our previous documentary ("El Paisaje del olivar" 2021) was made with a budget of 30.000€ -approximately ten percent of the average budget of a documentary of its category, subject and class-. For ten months, and with patience, humility and a lot of effort, I filmed in more than eighty locations and interviewed experts in the world of the olive grove and the countryside to show the camera the richness of our tradition, the difficulties and challenges of the countryside and the friendlier side to avoid the depopulation of rural areas and to stop climate change while respecting the planet and its increasingly scarce resources.

The Landscape of the Olive Grove has travelled to 36 countries in five continents in less than a year. In that time, in addition to bringing the challenges and current problems of our culture, tradition and landscapes to the world through the screen, it has managed to highlight the importance of the rural environment and its people for the development of an advanced and modern society, which does not forget nor should it ignore its origins.

The documentary has received twenty international awards and recognitions, including "Best Direction" at the American Film Festival Ficah in August 2021 and other awards in the category of "Best Photography" in New York, Budapest, Berlin, Montreal, Lisbon among others.

A great opportunity to document what is ours

With this new documentary project, The Spanish Horse, a new opportunity opens up. An inner, personal, intimate look from caregiver to animal, from animal to child or physiotherapist. From artist to stage companion, from historian to border horse jockey, from veterinarian or breeder to racing champion.

Lamina limited edition
Lamina limited edition

Through extensive documentation work in which we have been immersed for some time and the testimony of experts closely linked to the fascinating world of the horse, we have exciting stories that give us in-depth secrets of breed, care, therapy, dressage, competition, and history of the Andalusian horse.

This new documentary, 90 to 100 minutes long, with a budget of approximately 30.000 €, (very low, like the previous one) is going to be made with a minimum team of professionals and some of them, as is my case, playing multiple roles to optimise costs and resources.

Having a very low budget limits us in the time that passes from the pre-production phase, filming to the final editing. Everything takes a long time because we have limited resources in human resources, but it is the price to pay as any independent production whose challenge is "with very little, do what you want to do ".

What will your contributions go towards?

This campaign allows us to start with the minimum budget necessary, €15,000 to cover the main initial costs of permits, archive material, documentation, essential rental of sound and lighting equipment for the minimum filming set, insurance, transport and subsistence during the filming of the months of June, July and August during which the filming will take place, as well as staff costs.

Once all the filming material has been obtained, it is time to assemble the final script and rely on the criteria, experience and invaluable help of four great professionals: a scriptwriter, who will give rhythm, intrigue and style to the final version, an expert sound recordist, who will do the final sound mixing, an editor-colourist-editor who will give life through colour and finally an expert philologist, who helps us to translate and adapt the subtitled version into English as well as the correction of texts.

All the rest, I will have the opportunity, as on the previous occasion, to do it in person. A new challenge, taking on the role of direction-camera-production-production-production-direct sound - editing-post-production, leaving the project ready and finished to leave a graphic and sound archive for posterity and to include it as a documentary feature film of cultural interest in the [ICAA Spanish Film Catalogue]


Here you can see the production schedule and the approximate dates to get our project off the ground. We hope in these 40 days of crowdfunding to get the necessary funding for it.



  • January, March: Pre-production

  • April, May: Launch of Crowdfunding campaign and search for sponsors.

  • June, July, August: Shooting

  • August-November: Editing, editing, final sound mixing

  • November: Final DCP copy

  • December: Premiere in the assigned cities and delivery of rewards to backers.


  • First semester 2023: Distribution Festivals and programmers.

  • Second semester 2023: Release on digital platforms and TVs.

Partnerships and sponsorships

We are open to all kinds of proposals in addition to this first round of funding, mainly private and corporate sponsors, through crowdfunding with which we can start and really adjust with the essentials to take our documentary forward.

If you have any other idea and want to collaborate or sponsor this project, just let us know. Although our budget is minimal and basic, at this moment, all the contributions that exceed this objective will help us to improve the final result.


In any case, all help and ideas are welcome. Get involved now, don't hesitate. This noble project needs you.


You know where to find me if you have any questions.

Francisco Javier Fernández Bordonada.


Zoom o WhatsApp +34 619703569

You can follow us on our social networks;
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  • Can I contribute directly via BIZUM to the Producer-Director of the documentary?

    Yes, you can. Several of you have told us about the difficulties you have encountered with the VERKAMI BIZUM payment system to make your donation or contribution as a backer.

    We have been receiving some contributions from some of you directly from BIZUM to my personal mobile number, which is; 619703569 (Chavi Nandez) indicating the type of reward and then we have incorporated them into the contributions as backers in VERKAMI, noting internally the origin of each of them, and although it is more complicated, we keep track of it to facilitate your participation.

  • What happens if the Crowdfunding target is not reached?

    VERKAMI returns the money of each contribution that has been made if we have not managed to reach the figure that we have set as a goal in this crowdfunding campaign.

    We continue in parallel with the campaign from our website, from where we have managed to raise almost the majority of the first phase.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


If you are already a sponsor, please Log in to comment.

  • Chavi Nandez

    Chavi Nandez

    about 1 months

    Muchas gracias Luis y Nuria vamos a por ello...!!!!!

  • Luis Romero

    Luis Romero

    about 1 months

    Lo conseguirás Chav :). Núria y yo te mandamos mucha fuerza en tu nuevo proyecto.

  • Luis Romero

    Luis Romero

    about 1 months


  • Chavi Nandez

    Chavi Nandez

    about 1 months

    Gracias @vdbalcala21 por tu apoyo

  • vdbalcala21


    about 1 months

    Nos apasiona el mundo del caballo.Genial vuestra iniciativa!

  • Jaime


    about 2 months

    La entrada es magnífica, ilusionante, como sabes ya he aportado pero seguro que hago alguna otra aportación, lo que pueda y así entre todos podemos sacar adelante este precioso proyecto.

  • Chavi Nandez

    Chavi Nandez

    about 2 months

    Muchas gracias Felipe, un fuerte abrazo. Seguro que lo conseguimos

  • fdcphotography@gmail.com


    about 2 months

    Ya hemos aportado nuestro granito de arena. A ver si llegamos entre todos.!!

  • Chavi Nandez

    Chavi Nandez

    about 2 months

    Muchísimas gracias Moisés. Vamos a por ello..😉🙏🤞

  • moises muñoz

    moises muñoz

    about 2 months

    Mucha suerte y a por ello, un abrazo de Ana y Mois

#08 / Acuerdo de colaboración con Avanza ONG

Ayer firmamos el acuerdo de colaboración por el que la mitad de los beneficios de los derechos de emisión de nuestro documental "El caballo español, el origen" irán destinados íntegramente a esta asociación de utilidad pública AVANZA ONG.

Gracias a todos los mecenas del documental que nos habéis apoyado y que me habéis permitido lanzarlo, para hacerlo posible. Gracias por sumar y por vuestra generosidad.

Más detalles e información en el blog

#07 / ¿Y después de crowdfunding qué?


Nuestra experiencia en VERKAMI ha servido para dar a conocer el proyecto, y aunque no hemos podido aglutinar y convencer a suficientes mecenas, ni aún saliendo en la TV de Jerez, si hemos podido compartir con amigos, conocidos y familiares la posibilidad de participar y llevar a cabo el proyecto documental.

No haber conseguido llegar al objetivo no significa que no sigamos adelante, significa No haber llegado a los 15.000€ en 40 días en VERKAMI.

¿Y ahora qué? Te lo contamos desde mi blog

#06 / Confirmado uno de los patrocinadores que lanzarán el proyecto a partir de julio

Tenemos una gran noticia y es que hoy hemos confirmado el acuerdo con uno de los patrocinadores principales del proyecto.

Hemos tenido que buscar otras fórmulas, ante la falta de apoyos de empresas, e incompatibilidad de administraciones y entidades con el sistema del crowdfunding desde aquí, vendiendo una parte de los derechos de explotación de nuestro anterior trabajo documental "El Paisaje del Olivar" a nuestro principal patrocinador y esto nos dará liquidez y permitirá impulsar y lanzar el nuevo documental, "El Caballo español"

A pesar de que podamos llegar a fracasar por faltar solo una semana de ésta campaña de crowdfunding en VERKAMI y no hayamos conseguido llegar a tiempo para conseguir nuestro objetivo, de juntar 15.000€ en 40 días, saber que lo hemos intentado con todos los medios, para nosotros es lo más importante.

Hay una gran sorpresa para los 60 mecenas que habéis apostado y confiado en nosotros y el proyecto desde el principio, tal y como prometimos.

read more

#05 / Hemos conseguido una prórroga de tiempo para el último empujón

Esta semana se plantea muy intensa, y al parecer el objetivo está muy lejos todavía, pero soy un luchador y no me rindo, pues todos los días hemos de levantarnos y seguir luchando por nuestros sueños e ilusiones.

Debo tratar de convencer a cada uno de los posibles promotores y empresas que estaban interesadas en patrocinarnos que lo hagan cuanto antes para lograr nuestro TODO o NADA, que es como funciona este micro-mecenazgo, pues el tiempo se agota. Si no llegamos al objetivo; 15.000€ se devuelve todo el montante de esta alternativa de financiación rápida de crowdfunding, y tendría que volver a empezar, y aunque no me importa y estoy dispuesto a ello las veces que haga falta para esta causa, ello supondría posponer el proyecto para otro año o cuando consiguiera patrocinio.

Todo es un reto, y por tanto buenas noticias, igual que esta otra, VERKAMI nos comunicó ayer que nos permitía una pequeña prorroga de 10 días más, para el último empujón y así dar tiempo a lograrlo.

read more

#04 / Entrevista en Onda Jerez TV

Hola Mecenas te hago llegar la entrevista en Onda Jerez la semana pasada con Ana Carrión en donde pudimos dar detalles del documental y animar a los jerezanos a apoyar nuestro proyecto.

Nos queda solo una semana y estamos pendientes de la última palabra de los posibles patrocinadores. Crucemos los dedos y compartir en vuestros círculos animando a todos a participar.

#03 / Estuvimos visitando la Feria del caballo de Jerez 2022

Feria de Jerez 2022
Feria de Jerez 2022

Nos encantó conocer muchos de los secretos mejor guardados de la feria. Capturamos algunos instantes.

Esta próxima semana estaremos allí, en Onda Jerez Radiotelevisión mostrando nuestro proyecto a los jerezanos y buscando apoyos de mecenas y patrocinios de empresas de la zona.

Entramos en la recta final a dos semanas de cumplir la fecha límite para conseguir el objetivo y financiar nuestro proyecto.

Seguimos contando a todo el mundo lo importante que es poder contar la verdadera historia del caballo andaluz y su papel en la actualidad, para valorar y preservar este aninal cuya lealtad y nobleza acompaña en cada jornada desde hace siglos a su compañero de faenas, el hombre.

Espero que os guste.

Ayúdanos a difundirlo. Compártelo..!!

#02 / Nuestro anterior proyecto documental gana el Primer premio ex aequo Nacional AEMO


Hola a todos los mecenas...!!!

Ayer recogimos este importante galardón, que sin duda es un gran impulso y voto de confianza al trabajo documental que llevamos haciendo. Especial ilusión por venir de quienes son expertos en el sector olivarero, y aunque a este galardón se suman otros 20 premios internacionales que tiene nuestro primer largometraje documental, nos hace especial ilusión, pues al igual que "El Caballo Español" nuestro objetivo como documentalistas es dar visibilidad, y poner en valor el trabajo de las personas que desde el mundo rural ponen todo su esfuerzo e ilusión por mantener vivas sus raíces, la cultura y tradición de su tierra.

En nuestro proyecto ya tenemos un 24% conseguido. Nos quedan 23 díasread more

#01 / Vamos a por ello…!

No podéis ni imaginar lo que agradezco vuestro apoyo.

Os doy las gracias en esta primera entrada del blog a todos los mecenas del proyecto.

Cumplimos poco más de una semana desde el comienzo de campaña.

Nos quedan 30 días, en ellos espero poder convencer en las próximas semanas a posibles empresas y patrocinadores para que apoyen nuestra causa y poder sacar el proyecto adelante. Aunque parezca lejano nuestro objetivo, lo conseguiremos.

Os pido a todos, que compartáis este proyecto a vuestros amigos, conocidos, para que sean partícipes al igual que vosotros. Es una oportunidad y bien merece la pena apoyarla.

Muchos pocos, suman mucho y aquí cada una de las aportaciones son necesarias para financiar el rodaje y dar apoyo, visibilidad al protagonista del documental, el caballo andaluz como animal que ha conquistado medio mundo y cuyo origen, podemos sentirnos orgullosos es de aquí, la península.

read more

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