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“Me acuerdo de París” - New 7" Vinyl from Belirio

7” vinyl single with 3 songs + video + t-shirts


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We want to finance a 7" single which would include 2 other songs as well! We would make 200 vinyl copies and this would include the mastering of these songs, a video of the single and t-shirts which would include the record's cover design.

The idea is that this vinyl 7" will consist of 3 songs. “Me acuerdo de París”, the single, is an energetic and guitar-driven song about climate change written from an ironic point of view and calling out governmental inaction. “Vampiros” is a more dancable track but don't be decieved: the upbeat sounds aren't letting the system and powers that be off the hook here either! The idea for the 3rd song is that it will be an acoustic version of the single, although it's very possible that we'll slip in another brand new song. It'll be our little surprise for you.

Video of the song "Bailando entre Diablos" from our first EP "Hombre Errático".

About the rewards

Vinyl cover of the single "Me acuerdo de París"
Vinyl cover of the single "Me acuerdo de París"

We have set up a series of rewards for those of you who would like to become our patrons and help us release our single on vinyl!

We can't thank you enough for your generosity and for believing in us and our project!

We have come up with a budget with the various suppliers involved in this process and we have gotten costs down as low as possible (to the current market price) in order to attain our proposed objective. If it were just up to us, we would have done a lot more such as printing it in different vinyl colors or in CD format as well.

But all of these "extras" raise the overall price and as i's our first time using crowdfuning to

get our music out, we didn't want to push things too far.

The t-shirt will be black with a white central design consisting of our vinyl cover artwork (created by us) and will be available in a variety of sizes. Go ahead and let us know which size you would like!

You can get an idea of what the record and t-shirts will look like in the images. There could be some last minute small changes but the designs as a whole are pretty much definitive.

T-shirt design

We would also like to offer the possibility of our sponsors obtaining 2 tickets to our record release show in Barcelona. We list Barcelona first as we can say for sure that we will play there, however if a show comes up in another city, we can consider playing there as well. If you're one of our awesome sponsors and you come to our show, we'd love to meet you and have a beer with you!:)

If you're inspired and have the means to take things a step further by having us write a song based on an idea of yours, it would greatly help us to meet our goal! It would be a fun challenge for us as we would write a song based on one of your suggestions. You could present a basic idea to us or even write the lyrics and/or music yourself! We might adapt it a bit to our style, but it would be our song: yours and Belirio's!

And finally, the TOP OF THE WORLD option consists of coming to play at your house or in a venue that you know near where you live. Depending on the exact place and noise limitations of the house or venue, we could either play the show plugged in or acoustically. This option is the one that would help us to meet our goal the most, but in order for it to work, it would most likely have to take place in the region of Cataluña. However, we could study the possibility of playing beyond Catalunya if circumstances didn't allow for the first option.

About the band

We're and alternative/indie-rock band based in Barcelona with influences from 80s and 90s era rock, indie and post-punk bands. We started playing together at the end of 2019 but, as we all know too well, were hit with the world-haulting pandemic. However, despite the restrictions imposed like self-confinement, the band's productivity never missed a beat. Our motivation to get things going with Belirio had us coming up with song ideas, sending them back and forth which finally resulted in the songs that comprise our first self-published EP, "Hombre Errático". The EP is currently available on all digital platforms and contains the single "Bailando Entre Diablos" which became the song for our first offical video!

We are Pirs Codina (lead vocals/bass), Juanje Masa (guitar/backing vocals) and Cameron Adams (drums/backing vocals) and previously have played in different bands such as Spunkfool--with 2 albums released on Subterfuge Records, SEN and Californian bands The Anchors and Systems Officer featuring members of The Donkeys, Pinback and Three Mile Pilot among others… 

Get to know us a little more on our social networks!:


What your donations will go to:

We've done a lot of the hard work already: the recording, mixing, album cover and t-shirt design. But limited resources prevent us from completing the project all on our own. We would like to be able to finance the single's mastering with Ultramarinos Costa Brava, pay for the 200 vinyl pressings, the songs' digital platform, the filming of a video to promote the single (as lowcost as possible) and finally the the printing of our t-shirts.

Estimated Timeline

The songs are almost completely mixed. As soon as the Verkami campaign is over we will send the songs to be mastered, followed by the vinyl and t-shirt pressings. We will then begin the filming of the video and plan to have everything ready to send to our sponsors by July of 2022.


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