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GRAN RESERVA Sandra Rehder's ninth record production, with arrangements and musical direction by César Angeleri, in a collector's edition.

Sandra Rehder

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My new record production, Gran Reserva, was born from the reaffirmation of my choice to do what I love; to sing, in spite of everything and for everything.

It also comes from the desire to celebrate my twenty years in Barcelona. For and to commend all the friends I have met along the way, the audience that has grown as I have established myself in this city, the experiences I treasure from each and every one of these twenty springs.

For a long time I have wanted to record again with César Angeleri, and to make an album with his arrangements and under his musical direction. He also has a unique sonority that I particularly like.

We started in 2021 working remotely, choosing the repertoire together. He prepared the arrangements in Buenos Aires and then I studied the themes in Barcelona.

The meeting to make the recording took place in January of 2022 and it was a beautiful experience where we sublimated the work. Besides, the album has a magnificent guest, the bandoneon player Nicolás Enrich.

With Nicolás Enrich y César Angeleri
With Nicolás Enrich y César Angeleri

Why Gran Reserva?

Because of the road travelled and the maturity achieved. But also, because I wanted to give a nod of complicity to my hometown, San Rafael, in the province of Mendoza, land of excellent wines.

"I am the landscape, I carry within me, I am the song of the wind that whistles the sorrow I cannot forget. I am the delicately poured wine that traces the path along which I dare to love".

The repertoire

The selection of songs for Gran Reserva was made with César Angeleri, paying attention as always to the lyrics and the musical composition.

Great classics of the genre and some works not so well known, but of great beauty. The repertoire includes tango, waltz and milonga, with works by great creators such as Carlos Gardel, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Jorge Luis Borges, Astor Piazzolla, Guillermo Barbieri, Carmen Guzmán, Aníbal Troilo, Cátulo Castillo, Enrique Cadícamo, among others.

Gran Reserva is lovingly crafted, and it is my wish that you hold in your hands a beautiful object. The photographic record, both of the moments of recording and those of the session, held at the Palacio de Luna in Buenos Aires, were taken by Leticia Fraguela who, with her delicate gaze, perceives and captures the precise image. The design of the album is in charge of another talented friend, Tobías Beltrán.

To my great satisfaction, Gran Reserva will also be drinkable.

Listening to tango with a glass of wine in your hand, so much the better.

For this adventure I have entrusted Antonio Lopo & Sergi Figueras of Thunder Wine Makers. The wine chosen specifically for this project is a Terra Alta, limited edition. Unique and exclusive for this campaign.

The label design is by Esteve Estival Yani from Entreparentesis.net.

 Wine label "Gran reserva" of Entreparentesis.net
Wine label "Gran reserva" of Entreparentesis.net

Gran Reserva will be specified with the complicity of the backers. *I will tell you as we go along. Thanks you for joining us.

Photography of Leticia Fraguela.
Photography of Leticia Fraguela.

I would like to dedicate this album to all my friends and family who accompanied me on this trip to Argentina.

And in a special way, to the memory of my father Juan Coletti, to that Juancito who was a farmer since he was a child, and who knew how to love his land with the same passion that he impregnated in his writing. Blood in my blood from such distant geographies....

How to participate

In addition to the digital download of "Gran Reserva", the physical album (limited edition of 200 copies), the bottle of wine, the singing lessons, or the private concert, there is the possibility for those who wish to sponsor this work in a special way.

Delivery of rewards: from July to September 2022.

Why crowdfunding?

I choose for the fifth time to do a crowdfunding campaign, because it is a form of direct sharing with my followers. It allows me to raise the funds needed for the musical production, without intermediaries, and to cover some of the costs such as: arrangements, musicians, recording studio, photography and design, merchandising, packaging, shipping, etc.

It is very important to support independent artists, because artistic productions require an immense amount of work and energy. What appears on stage, in audio or video, is the result of a very long work, sustained by own means and many tasks that are not usually made visible.

To carry out a crowdfunding campaign takes time and requires a lot of dedication, but I like the sense of community that brings a group of people together to carry out a creative project.

I know we'll get there!

I believe in what Amanda Palmer says: "When we really see each other, we want to help each other".

What will your contributions go towards?

The amounts raised through our patrons will be used for the following items:

  • Creation fees (musicians, cover art, photography, video and design).

  • CD production and legal deposit.

  • Merchandising expenses (wine)

  • Printing and shipping costs of the rewards.

  • Verkami expenses, VAT and PayPal commission.

Scheduled timetable

Pre-production: January to April 2022

Production/manufacturing: July to August 2022

The team

Executive producer and general manager: Sandra Rehder. web

Arrangements and musical direction: César Angeleri. Recorded at Cesar Angeleri's studio "C.A.Estudio", January 2022, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mixing and Master Technician: Javi Mazzarol.
web Recording Technician on Una canción and Rubí: Norberto Villagra

Photography: Leticia Fraguela web

Design: Tobías Beltrán web

The wine: Thunder Wine Makers web

Cellers Tarroné web

Wine label design: Entreparentesis web

All my gratitude to the loves who have collaborated in this project: Olga Sasplugas and Manuel Martínez, Margarita Puig and Osías Stutman, Valeria Morales, Carina Pesce and Homero Distéfano.

Also to Vero Villatoro and Helena de la Joya from Kinui.com, for their professionalism and efficiency.

Social media Sandra Rehder

Facebook account
Official Facebook Page

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


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  • Lis León

    Lis León

    almost 2 years

    Qué gran ilusión firmar parte de esta Gran Reserva de la gran Sandra Rehder 👏🏻

  • Sandra Rehder

    Sandra Rehder

    almost 2 years

    Thank you very much for your support Yoshiko!!!!

  • vintageworks


    almost 2 years

    Best wishes!

  • Sandra Rehder

    Sandra Rehder

    almost 2 years

    Gracias Pedrix querido! Agradeceles de mi parte!

  • Pedrix


    almost 2 years

    Son mis papás Pedro y Luisa

  • Sandra Rehder

    Sandra Rehder

    almost 2 years

    Aquí les dejo la entrevista que salió el 4 de junio en Página12. Abrazos! https://www.pagina12.com.ar/426541-sandra-rehder-una-cancion-es-un-refugio-y-una-mano-tendida?ampOptimize=1

  • Sandra Rehder

    Sandra Rehder

    almost 2 years


  • Francisco Javier Escudero Terrones

    Francisco Javier Escudero Terrones

    almost 2 years

    Visca Sandra 🤗😘

  • Sandra Rehder

    Sandra Rehder

    almost 2 years

    Gracias Carola, Daniela, Pedrix a todos, gracias, lo están haciendo posible "de mica en mica"!

  • Carola


    almost 2 years

    Sandrita mi amor EXITOS.

#01 / Destacada a ENDERROCK

El projecte "Gran Reserva" ha estat destacat per Enderrock en la seva pàgina del canal Verkami amb aquesta ressenya:

Fotografía Leticia Fraguela.
Fotografía Leticia Fraguela.

La cantant Sandra Rehder ha sumat esforços amb el guitarrista César Angeleri per filar el nou disc Gran Reserva. Visita la nostra ressenya a la notícia publicada a l’Especial Verkami d’ Enderrock.

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