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Goblin Circus presents its first vinyl album

Made with the skin of more than 100 goblins, our psychedelic ritual materializes in vinyl.

Goblin Circus

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Fantastic creatures of the forest

The moment has come.

Goblin Circus will materialize their music on vinyl in a single print run of 300 units in goblin green color. You heard right, in goblin green and, of course, with the super work of art by Chema López Centenero on the front and back cover.

We will need all your support to carry out this production. How ​​can you help us? Very easy. You just have to make a pre-purchase of the vinyl through one of the rewards we offer and share this publication so that it reaches as many people as possible.

About rewards

Do you prefer a t-shirt with the record? A tote bag? Or better a private concert?

We have several reward packs so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

What will we allocate your contributions to?

All contributions are intended for the manufacturing of the vinyl.

We need €3,000 to achieve our goal, which is to send you home a copy of this gift for Christmas.

With less than 100 contributions we can reach this objective. Be one of them and get your vinyl exclusively.

Planned schedule

On October 7th this crowdfunding ends, from then on we will need 14 weeks for the vinyl to be in our hands.

So for Christmas or early January we can enjoy this piece.

For the people of the region of Murcia there will be a concert where you can pick up your vinyl.

For international delivery there is a reward where you can purchase the international cost.

About us?

For those of you who have no idea what we do.

You can get to know us better, listen to us and see what we look like in:




Thank you very much, little creatures.


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  • maikel


    over 1 year

    Vamos zagales!!!!!

  • Vacío


    over 1 year

    Vamoooooos! Mucho ánimo! de parte de Encarna, Dori y Laura <3

  • Belén Ortuño

    Belén Ortuño

    over 1 year

    Go ahead!

  • Guillermo García

    Guillermo García

    over 1 year

    Vamos 💪 que queda nada!

  • Silvia y Adael

    Silvia y Adael

    over 1 year


  • Goblin Circus

    Goblin Circus

    over 1 year

    Muchas gracias a todas preciosas

  • Ginés Mendoza

    Ginés Mendoza

    over 1 year

    vamos chavales

  • Sav.


    over 1 year

    🧪🦠 🖤

  • JuditGreen


    over 1 year

    Mucho animo con este proyecto! De Maxi y Judit!!



    over 1 year

    Pa los guapos de casa!!

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