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Canción Palentina

"Canción Palentina" portrays the relationship between Aaron and Pilar, grandson and grandmother, affected by dementia.


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About the project


Canción Palentina (Song from Palencia) is the project for a black/white short movie.
(Palencia is a mostly rural region in the north of Spain.)

It portrays the relationship between Aaron and Pilar, grandson and grandmother, through the eyes of Aaron.

Aaron is a 19-year-old with a deep sense of family. Pilar, his grandmother, suffers from dementia. She longs to return to Salcedillo, the village where she was born and where she lived until the family moved to Barcelonas more than 50 years ago, but her husband and her daughter refuse. Aaron wants to take her back to the village and thereby, maybe, postpone her inevitable loss.

The project is based on the director’s personal experience, on the relationship he had with his grandmother over the last years. The film is intended to show what it means to live with someone who suffers from dementia, and how the intrusion of the illness slowly deteriorates the family bonds. This is something that is not usually shown on the screen, or when it is, tends to be at best a sub-plot. Our film intends to put the viewer in Aaron’s shoes to make im understand what it means to see someone you love disappear before your eyes without being able to do anything to stop the decay. This is a very important issue, and it lacks visibility, which is why we try to give it a voice with all our respect and affection.



If you decide to support us, there will be a variety of rewards which go from your name appearing in the credits to becoming executive producer. Every support is valid and welcome. We appreciate from the heart any contribution that may help us to realize our project.

Who are we


We are a group of student of the ESCAC film school in Terrassa, Spain. This is the last year of our career and this film will be our final project. Our aims are high and we will give our best, but in order to make it become real we need help with the budget.

This is why we started this crowdfunding, to ask for a little push on your part to get us on our way and make this project, that is already so precise in our imagination, become real.

Every little bit helps.


Director: Dante Schmitz (@bogadante)

Script: Dante Schmitz y Amets Zulueta (@amets.z)

Production: Borja López (@borjanandez) y Júlia Medina (@uuuuuia)

Cinematographer: Olaya Jordán (@_ayalo)

Art Director: Laura González (@findlora)

Sound: Anna Torres (@anntopri)

Editor: Toni Melis (@tmelisfajardo)

Assistant director: Marta Martín (@martuuuchiii)

What your support will be used for

Your support in general terms will be used for financing the production, the equipment and will help us to pay for the set.

Budget 'Canción Palentina'.



The film will be shot in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings. Shooting will start on the 22nd of March and finish on the 28th. Since we finish our studies this year and our agenda is very tight, the rewards are likely to be ready by November 2022.

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