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Fuera de Campo: Fiction series

Rob and Sancho, two unsuccessful friends, undertake an audiovisual production company aiming to shoot a movie.

Fuera de Campo

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Fuera de Campo is a comedy series made by five young people who want to enter the audiovisual sector. This time, what happens behind the cameras is what we want to focus on. Born as our TFG at the Pompeu Fabra University, with this series we intend to show from our generation's point of view the reality of the sector with the help of humor, as well as calling into question the perception of success. With your contribution we promise you will have a good time while we expose the concerns of all those who want to live from the seventh art.

Rob and Sancho, two friends who met working in a movie theater, decide to found an audiovisual production company with the aim of shooting a movie in which Rob has been working for many years. This will not be possible without first earning a reputation in the sector and saving money by doing all kinds of homework to private individuals and small businesses.

The first major project to reach the company is the shooting of a wedding. This will be a challenge to both, as they will be dumped for the first time in a serious project, with good economic remuneration and high expectations on the part of their contractors. It will be thanks to the idealism, ambition and knowledge of Rob that they will be able to push the project forward; but it will be thanks to the trace and gift of people from Sancho that the project will be executed and put into practice. As they have just started and have little budget, they will have to put their creativity to the limit, which will result in countless hilarious situations

Rob and Sancho believe they know what their model of success is and will make many sacrifices to get where they want to, but slowly, thanks to the experiences they share, they will find the courage to be true to themselves and their peculiar way of doing things.

We want to bring to life characters who'd learn how to face failure and to relativise success. Their two disparate personalities will be the main driver of humor, generating comic situations in both the personal and professional spheres.

Rob has studied audiovisuals. He is an idealistic, bohemian, maniatic, organized, timid and insecure young guy. His main passion in life is cinema, specially dramatic and intimistic indie movies. He is also a huge rock music fan, being Pink Floyd his favorite band. His dream is to become a renowned film director. He missed the opportunity to enter the sector when his best friend left without him to Madrid in order to carry out the film they had both written because, at that time, he had to stay at home looking after his grandmother Mari Carmen. Thanks to Sancho, he has the opportunity to pursue his dream again.

Sancho is a young guy from a working class neighborhood, and he has no studies. He is smart, funny, energetic, decisive and has great ability to relate to people. He has never got any clear objective in life and goes from work to work without more expectation than spending time with his friends and laughing as much as possible. He finds in Rob and the company a place where he finally feels useful and where he can develop an innate talent in him.

Mari Carmen lives in a flat with his grandson Rob, her only relative left, who is his major priority. She is a genuine, energetic and mentally sharp person despite his old age. She speaks her mind plainly, roughly and frankly. She also has a great sense of humour and is always in the mood for a good laugh.

Raúl Pérez [Director]

Co-director of the short film Fieras. He has done an internship as a post-production assistant in the production company Brutal Media, in which he worked for programs such as El Foraster from TV3 and doing the making of La Vampira de Barcelona. Director of photography in the short film A les 9 en punt and in the music video Kamikaze by Pere Mercader. He has also worked as cameraman on the film L'Agost més càlid and on the music videos Price of livin' and Instinto maniaco by G'M. He loves sport and enjoys laughing with his friends. That's why his passion is cinema, because it's a perfect tool for showing up emotions.

Guillem Ruiz [Director]

He has worked as cameraman in the short film Fieras and the film Crisàlides, as well as focus puller in the short film Lapse and best boy electric in the movie Tríptico. This project is the ideal opportunity to prove that he is also talented as a director. He is passionate about everything releated with audiovisual, also from the pedagogical facet. That's why he has done an internship in Associació Nadir developing educational projects about cinema. Great lover of hip hop, NBA, Football Club Barcelona, and making the people he love happy. He has his alter ego as G'M, an emerging rapper with several songs and music videos.

Eric Nolla [Producer]

He has worked in communication agencies such as XL Yourself, Vilateral or Photoslurp as a digital marketing assistant, community manager and ad and content moderator. It has also given customer service in different banking institutions, hence the vocation for audiovisual production. On the other hand, he has contributed to the podcast El Gabinete, produced the video-performance Escritura automática, been a camera assistant on the film L'Agost més càlid and script on the music video Price of livin' by G'M. He loves series since a very little age and also all the possible forms of cultural expression nowadays.

Pol Forés [Director of photography]

Media mounter for YouTube in LinktoMedia. He has been cameraman on projects such as the short movie Fieras and the film Crisàlides. He has also directed G'M's music video Instinto maníaco and Price of livin'. This is the beginning of his adventure as a photography director. Representative of Girona. He loves series, music, radio and Football Club Barcelona.

Eloi Pascual [Screenwriter]

He has worked in the audiovisual production companies Blackdolphins, Supernova studios, Digital Films and now in Zinc studio, where he has written scripts for some short films. He has mostly worked as director of photography. He has written, recorded, and directed the short film Pica tu, has been part of the photography team of the short film Fieras and has also collaborated as a cameraman on the documentary Els perfils d'Alicia for TV3. Today, he is part of the Generation Z recording team, a rap show produced in the Jamboree club in Barcelona. Since an early age he became fond of magic and found in the colours and numbers of cards a tool for telling stories, a passion that continues to accompany him today, along with modern rock music and the inner universes of his artists.

Jordi Balló: Dean of the Pompeu Fabra University's Communication Faculty and Expositions' Director at the CCCB from 1999 to 2011. He has also published the book La semilla immortal.

Sergi Moreno: Production Tutor. Producer of several films: 10,000 km (2014), Terra Ferma (2017), Els dies que vindran* (2019) and La mort de la Blanca (2020) among others.

Celia Rico: Director and writer. She has directed the film Viaje al cuarto de una madre (2018), which won several awards including the Gaudí prize for Best Screenplay.

Gonzalo de Lucas: Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, and programmer of the Xcentric, the CCCB's cinema. As a tutor he has participated in Júlia Ist (2017) and Jo la busco (2018), among others.

Carla Simón: Director and screenwriter graduate of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has directed the film Estiu 1993 (2017), which was awarded as best opera prima in the Berlinale and best new direction at the Goya Awards, among others.

Your name mentioned in the credits and acknowledgment: Your name will appear in the credits each episode and you will receive a video with the team thanking you.

Streaming link: Link to be able to watch online the pilot episode of Fuera de Campo.

Exclusive lighter: Official lighter designed by Laura Cabrera.

Wallpapers: 2 desktop and 3 mobile phones wallpapers designed based on some scenes.

Tote bag: Official tote bag from Fuera de Campo designed by hand by Laura Cabrera.

Contest: You will participate in a surprise draw with an exclusive award that is still to be announced.

Digital soundtrack: Link to the soundtrack composed by Gerard Díaz in digital format. You can listen to it from any device.

Making of: Unreleased content from the project, so you can live the filming as one of the team.

Removed Scenes: Exclusive scenes that will never see the light.

Signed script Copy of the Fuera de Campo script signed by all the members of the team.

Cap: Official cap of Fuera de Campo with the logo designed by Clara Pascual.

Tickets for a Magic Show: Tickets to see an exclusive magic show performed by Eloi Pascual.

T-shirt: Official t-shirt of Fuera de Campo designed and illustrated by Laura Cabrera.

Sexy Calendar of the Team: Calendar of 2023 with 12 never-seen-before photographies of the team.

Special role as an extra: You will appear in a scene in the pilot episode.

Mention in the credits as an associate producer As a thank you for your contribution we will quote you or your company in a special section in the credits.

Dinner with the team: We invite you to dinner with us, and you can ask us what you want about the series.

Private projection: We'll invite you to watch the episode in a room reserved only for you and your companions.

Moon of the whole team: The name already says everything. You'll get a picture of the team showing his ass.

Exclusive Atrezzo: A key element of the episode shooting will be yours.
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You can follow the project closely through our social media. Ee've got a lot of surprises ready...

Instagram - @fueradecamp0 / Twitter - @fueradecamp0

You can also learn more about the characters through their own social media:

Rob / Sancho / Mari Carmen

For collaborations and other proposals you can send an email to [email protected]

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Diari de Barcelona "Joves creadors audiovisuals impulsen una comèdia sobre les preocupacions del sector"

Terrassa Digital "Un grup d’estudiants de Comunicació Audiovisual busca finançament per rodar una sèrie a Terrassa"

Ràdio Sant Cugat - Programa "Connectats" - January 27th at 18:00, minute 19'

Televisió de Sant Cugat - Programa "La contraportada"

Radio Terrassa - Programa "El Submarí"


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