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Sant Andreu Jazz Band - Jazzing vol.2 , 3 and 4.

Contribute and help us make three new albums of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band a reality! They were recorded 2020 during confinement and at the B

Sant Andreu Jazz Band

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Jazz / #8m

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About the project

Concerts play a very important role in the economy of the SAJB project, and many planned concerts could not be carried out 2020 due to covid.

Despite the covid situation, it was possible to record the CD that has been released as Jazzing 11 vol. 1 as part of the 2020 Jazzing Festival.

However, Joan Chamorro, director of the Sant Andreu Jazz Band, took advantage of the situation and recorded different rehearsals with small groups at the Jazz House, headquarters of the SAJB. They will be released as Jazzing 11 vol. 2 and Jazzing 11 vol. 3.

Finally, it was possible to perform within the framework of the Barcelona Jazz Festival 2020, a concert that was also recorded and that will be released as Jazzing 11 vol. 4.

About the rewards

  • Choice 1: One CD of your choice.

  • Choice 2: All three CDs.

  • Choice 3: All three CDs + your name included in the acknowledgments of each booklet as patron of the project.

  • Choice 4: All three CDs + your name included in the acknowledgments of each booklet as patron of the project + T-shirt of the San Andrés Jazz Band.


Jazzing vol.2
Jazzing vol.2

Small groups at the Jazz House

  1. That Da Da Strain (Edgar Dowel)

  2. Line For Lyons ( Gerry Mulligan) ( voices Alba Esteban y Koldo Munné)

  3. Nature Boy ( Eden Ahbez) ( voice Andrea Motis)

  4. If I Only Had a Brain ( Arlen / Harburg)

  5. Outra Vez ( A.C.Jobim ) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  6. Misty (Erroll Garner)

  7. Yardbird Suite ( Charlie Parker) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  8. Polka Dots and Moonbeams ( Jimmy Van Heusen)

  9. Saudade de Itapuã ( (Dorival Caymmi) ( voice Èlia Bastida)

  10. Vierd Blues ( Miles Davis)

  11. Honeysuckle Rose ( Fats Waller ) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  12. Mean to Me ( Fred E. Ahlert / Roy Turk ) ( voice Joana Casanova)

  13. Evil Eye ( Clifford Jordan)

  14. People will say we're in love (Rodgers / Hammerstein )

  15. Last Train from Overbrook (James Moody )

Jazzing vol.3
Jazzing vol.3

Small groups at the Jazz House

  1. Little White Lies ( Walter Donaldson ) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  2. Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael)

  3. Agua de beber ( A.C.Jobim ) ( voice Joan Martí)

  4. Misty ( Errol Garner)

  5. Para Machucar Meu Coração ( Ary Barroso ) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  6. Luny Tune ( Grant Green)

  7. I've Never Been in Love Before ( Frank Loesser) ( voice Andrea Motis )

  8. Reunion ( Gerry Mulligan )

  9. I’m confessin’ that I love you (Daugherty / Reynolds / Neiburg)

  10. Lou’s Blues ( Lou Donaldson)

  11. Ain't She Sweet ( Milton Ager / Jack Yellen ) ( voices Èlia Bastida y Alba Armengou)

  12. Good Bait (Tadd Damero)

  13. Tristeza (Sergio Mendez) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  14. Blue lights ( Clifford Jordan)

  15. Hey, look! (Johnny Griffin)

Jazzing vol.4
Jazzing vol.4

La magia de la veu

arrangements Joan Monné

  1. Show Me The Way To Get Out Of This World ( Clark / Dennis) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  2. Sem Fantasia ( Chico Buarque) ( voices Èlia Bastida y Alba Armengou )

  3. Over my Head ( American Spiritual) ( voices Joana Casanova)

  4. De Conversa em Conversa (Alves / Barbosa) ( voices Èlia Bastida )

  5. An Occasional man (Martin/ Blane ) ( voices Alba Esteban )

  6. Don't Forget This Life is For You ( Joan Chamorro / Èlia Bastida ) ( voice Andrea Motis )

  7. João e Maria ( Chico Buarque) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  8. Right Now ( Mel Torme) ( voice Joan Martí)

  9. Feitiço da Vila ( Vadico / Rosa) (voice Andrea Motis)

  10. Blues Does Always ( Andrea Motis) ( voice Andrea Motis )

  11. Este Seu Olhar (Sigman / Mann) ( voice Èlia Bastida)

  12. Construçao ( Chico Buarque) ( voice Andrea Motis )

  13. Solitude ( Ellington / De Lange / Mills ) ( voice Andrea Motis)

  14. Let's Call it Love ( Lil Hardin) ( voice Andrea Motis )

  15. Don't Explain ( Herzog / Holliday ) ( voice Alba Armengou )

  16. Don't Play That Song (Ahmet Ertegun / Betty Nelson) ( voice Joana Casanova )


T-shirt SAJB
T-shirt SAJB

About us

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a dream come true, where the path is the most important thing, not the goal.

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band is a non-profit organisation born as a result of the project of an educational project with jazz as the main axis. The SAJB is a jazz orchestra led by Joan Chamorro in which more than 70 musicians between the ages of 6 and 20 have performed.

Created in 2006, it celebrates its 15th anniversary 2021. 15 years of enthusiasm and incredible results: a total of 22 SAJB albums, 16 albums from the "Joan Chamorro presents" collection, all of them starring the members of this young orchestra. To all this we must add other record works related to members that emerged from the SAJB such as Andrea Motis, Rita Payés, Èlia Bastida, etc...

The Sant Andreu Jazz Band has also starred in the documentary "A film about kids and music"* by director Ramon Tort, a documentary that has received great reviews and awards from all over the world.

"A film about kids and music" is a film that shows how young people and jazz are not at odds, that there are many ways of teaching and above all, with desire and passion, young people are capable of reaching where they want.

What we will use your contributions for

Everything that is collected through Verkami will be destined to the edition and manufacture of the 3three albums, as well as the production of some of the rewards.

Planned schedule

Once the campaign ends, the following actions will be carried out:

Verkami Calendar
Verkami Calendar

The dates are indicative and may be subject to change.

Remember that you can follow us on:

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  • José Oriol Solé Ristol

    José Oriol Solé Ristol

    almost 2 years

    Por fin hoy ya esta tarde Joan Chamorro ha venido en mi portería mientras yo estoy muy contento +emocionando como él es muy valiente porque él tiene esfuerzo por repartir mi pedido. Adémas yo estoy contento por 3 CDs y 1-Camiseta. Muchas gracias. Ah yo he olvidado decirte muchas Felicidades por día de Sant Joan para Joan Chamorro. Muy Abrazos.

  • Sant Andreu Jazz Band

    Sant Andreu Jazz Band

    about 2 years

    Buenos días, debido al contexto actual, la fabricación de los CD's ha sufrido un retraso. Esperamos poder realizar los envíos en unas 2 semanas. Aún así, seguiremos trabajando para que podáis recibir las recompensas lo antes posible. Un saludo y agradeceros una vez más vuestro soporte al proyecto! SAJB

  • Nborregol


    about 2 years

    ¡Los felicito! Son una maravillosa generación de relevo de esta música legendario y maravillosa de todos los tiempos.

  • Saxojosch


    about 2 years

    One week before the end - there is the 10.000 completed! So happy to meet you in Palace Hotel in about two weeks! Many greetings from the "Helmstedt-family", Jochen.

  • Glenn


    about 2 years

    Joan and SAJB members, I'm so happy to contribute to your organization. Your music has given me hours and hours of listening pleasure. I'm glad I can contribute to help continue the wonderful jazz music you folks perform. Please keep up your wonderful work!!!

  • TheTakman


    about 2 years

    Have already benefited a lot from the graduates of this program!

  • dparks


    about 2 years

    Glad to participate in such a worthy project. Mr. C is doing great things with many, many kids. Keep it up!!!

  • José Oriol Solé Ristol

    José Oriol Solé Ristol

    about 2 years

    Por fin ya completo y yo estoy muy contento y muchas gracias por vosotros si apoyais mientras ya saldrá 3 nuevos CDs y tambien nueva camiseta. Aparte yo quiero camiseta talla XXL.

  • Lili Bonmatí

    Lili Bonmatí

    about 2 years


  • Claudio Faria

    Claudio Faria

    about 2 years

    Please do not send me a reward (costs are too high). Treat this as a spontaneous contribution. I am rewarded enough by all you post for free.

#01 / Actualización envío recompensas

Buenos días,

Debido al contexto actual, la fabricación de los CD's esta sufriendo algún que otro retraso.

Esperamos poder realizar los envíos en unas 2 semanas. Aún así, seguiremos trabajando para que podáis recibir las recompensas lo antes posible.

Os deseamos un feliz fin de semana y agradeceros una vez más vuestro soporte al proyecto! SAJB

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