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Race the Dakar 2022 with Joan Lascorz

Join the team of the first tetraplegic to compete in the Dakar Rally.

Joan Lascorz

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Together we have achieved 200% of the financing. All this is not possible without you… thank you team! Let’s keep pushing full throttle in the Dakar and in Verkami too!

Joan Lascorz wants to become the first tetraplegic driver to contest the Dakar Rally, the toughest motor race in the world and one of the most mediatic and severe sporting events on the planet. And we want you to be part of the team for this historic milestone too!

Joan is a professional rally driver, competing in senior categories despite suffering from tetraplegia in the C6/C7 vertebrae after an accident as a motorcycle racer. His physical condition makes the costs associated with the competition higher: he needs controls specifically adapted to his mobility, special training, and physical trainers familiar with spinal cord injuries, as well as personal assistants both in the race and for training.

The Dakar Rally is the toughest test in motorsports, a mental and physical challenge of the first order that pushes those who participate to the limit. If contesting the Dakar Rally requires good preparation and equipment, doing so with a spinal cord injury forces us to require more means. A personal assistant, a specialized physiotherapist, or an adapted motorhome are some of the specific needs for Joan Lascorz's tetraplegia that we want to finance via this crowdfunding project.

Joan will face the Dakar 2022 in the side-by-side category (SSV T4), popularly known also as 'buggies'. A category on the rise, where the human factor is superior to mechanics, due to the great equality; with a medium structure, you can fight for victory.

The Buggy Masters Team, led by veteran Eudal Noé, with more than three decades of experience in the test, will take care of Joan's buggy and provide him with all the tools to perform at the highest level. His co-pilot will be Miguel Puertas, an institution of the Dakar: former motorcycle rider and former manager of the Himoinsa team, he is one of the best navigators in the desert. In the physical section, over the last months, Joan has carried out a specific training plan with the specialists of KOA Center.

Thanks to this and his talent for being fast, Joan aspires to go for it all and be competitive at the highest level. He has been preparing since 2014, when he made his debut in the world of TT rally after recovering from the serious accident during his stage as a motorcycle rider in the Superbike World Championship. It caused his tetraplegia (damage to vertebrae C6/C7) with loss of motor skills in the lower extremities, lack of mobility in hands and fingers (he can only move his wrists), and many derived consequences, such as reduced ability to control body temperature or spasticity in the muscles.

But this didn't stop Joan. In 2016, in his third year as a driver converted to four wheels, Lascorz was proclaimed Spanish TT Rally Champion in the buggies category, competing in the general category, not in a 'handycar' subcategory for adapted vehicles. He has also played great roles in the Merzouga Rally in Morocco or in the Dakar Series. His history, as well as the road to the Dakar is explained in the documentary 'Una carrera inaccesible', an inaccessible career) which will premiere on Movistar +.

Joan is a professional driver and all that that implies. An athlete who is used to the pressure of fighting for titles and getting on the podium. Now, the Dakar is more than just an ambition to cross the finish line. It is a personal goal to achieve victory, and in this 2022, together we lay the first stone.

We will dedicate the contributions of all the patrons to provide Joan with the facilities to make him more competitive during the rally.

The registration costs of each team member and all the equipment for the Dakar, which is held in Saudi Arabia, are high. Each extra represents a considerable amount in the cost of the expedition; with everyone’s collaboration, we hope to be able to take to the Dakar:
• Personal assistant -> up to € 15,000 raised
• Osteopath -> up to € 30,000 raised
• Adapted motorhome -> up to € 60,000 raised
• Reduction of the cost of the project and improvements in technical resources -> more than € 60,000 raised

Personal assistant

Personal assistants facilitate the day-to-day between stages. In order to rest, recover, and prepare for the day, a driver must manage everything from their basic needs to the details of the competition. With a personal assistant, Joan will be able to function better in the Dakar camp.


All Dakar riders receive assistance from a physiotherapist, but in Joan's case, he needs a osteopath with his tetraplegia. At the end of each stage, a rider needs a long physio session; it is a key point in long-term performance during the 15 days of competition.

Adapted motorhome

To be competitive, professional drivers who opt for good results sleep in motorhomes (campers). In the case of Joan, this vehicle would also need adaptations to his tetraplegia, with the great cost that this entails.

Extra costs

The total cost of participating in the Dakar is € 250,000 in total. If over € 60,000 is raised, the rest will go to pay for the project for Joan and all his circle of family and friends who are financing this Dakar.

This is your chance to join and form part of Dakar 2022.

20€ – Team poster

We will send you the team poster (printable pdf) in a thank you email.

30€ – Your name in the credits of the documentary

Pre-release access to the documentary Una carrera inaccesible 2, (an inaccesible career 2) recorded during the Dakar 2022, as well as your name in the credits.

And receive the previous reward as well.

50€ – Official team shirt

Official 'Joan Lascorz Dakar 2022' T-shirt.

And receive the previous rewards as well.

59€ – Video blog from the Dakar (early bird)

Limited to the first 99 registered

Access to Joan's personal video blog, where he narrates daily each stage

And receive the previous rewards as well.

70€ – Video blog from the Dakar

Access to Joan's personal video blog, where he narrates each stage daily.

And receive the previous rewards as well.

100€ – Your name on the buggy (early bird)

Limited the first 99 registered

Your name on Joan's buggy! And receive the previous rewards as well.

200€ – Your name on the buggy

Your name on Joan's buggy. And receive the previous rewards as well.

500€ – Come to a training session + BBQ!

Attend one of Joan’s training sessions and come and meet the whole team, including barbecue and beers!

Also, your name on Joan's buggy. And receive the previous rewards as well.

2,000€ – Take a co-pilot lap!

Experience: Take a lap as Joan's co-pilot in his training. Come and meet the whole team; includes barbecue and beers.

Also, your name on Joan's buggy. And receive the previous rewards as well.

5,000€ – Drive the buggy!

Experience: Drive Joan's buggy in a training. Come and meet the whole team; includes barbecue and beers.

Also, your name on Joan's buggy. And receive the previous rewards as well.

150,000€ – The buggy is yours!

Keep Joan's buggy after the Dakar.

And get all the previous experiences as a patron.

Some rewards will be made before and during the celebration of the Dakar Rally 2022 (2 to 14 January). The rest will take place between the end of the Dakar until spring 2022.

Joan Lascorz also has one more reason to race in the Dakar 2022. Through the 17 Foundation, the Dakar 2022 will be a test bed to develop technology that helps Joan reach the finish line, such as adapted seats, vehicle controls, catheters for physiological needs, among others.

The 17 Foundation was born with the aim of promoting any project that seeks to improve the mobility and quality of life of people with spinal cord injury. Through activities or technical innovations, the 17 Foundation seeks to reactivate their lives and illusions; Joan's Dakar 2022 will be a good example of this. If you want to be part of the project, you can get in touch via [email protected] to make your contribution via the foundation.

We also have the collaboration of KOA Center, who have helped Joan Lascorz in his physical preparation plan. Thanks to their involvement in the Dakar 2022, the professionals of this centre will be able to develop a study on physical behaviour in spinal cord injuries when they perform sports at the highest level.


  • How do I order my shirt size and when will I receive it?

    You will receive an email where we will ask you for the size of your shirt and the shipping address.

    Once we receive your email with size and address, we will send you the shirt as soon as we have it in stock.

  • How works the ‘my name on Joan’s buggy’ work?

    If you have opted for a donation of €100 or more, we will label the name you indicate as a donor on Joan's buggy with which she runs the Dakar.

    For logistical reasons (the Dakar is held in Saudi Arabia), if you accessed the reward before December 23, your name will be labeled with vinyl. If you accessed the reward after this day, we will write your name by hand with a permanent marker.

  • Can you put my name on the buggy in the middle of the rally?

    Yes, of course. As names come in, we hand-label them before heading out to each stage.

  • When will my name appear in the credits of the documentary?

    Joan's Dakar documentary is shooted during the race. After the competition, the editing process will begin. Being a large audio-visual production, it is possible that it will be ready in the first or summer of this 2022. At the end of the documentary, the list of all those who have made it possible will come out.

    This documentary will be the second part of ‘Una (in)carrera inaccessible’, which can now be seen on demand on Movistar+ platform, with English subtitles included as option.

  • When will I receive the team’s poster?

    As soon as we close the Verkami (January 18) we will send you a ‘thank you’ email with the team poster attached in a high quality PDF, in this way you can print it at the size you want or you can use it as a wallpaper for your computer and mobile.

  • What is Joan's video-blog?

    Every day we send you the chronicle of the day to your email, as well as videos of Joan himself explaining his Dakar adventure in the first person. Without a doubt, the best way to follow Joan's Dakar without having to wait to watch it on television.

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  • Jorge Hernáiz Mayo

    Jorge Hernáiz Mayo

    about 2 years


  • Joan Lascorz

    Joan Lascorz

    over 2 years

    Durante el dia de descanso en el Dakar recibimos la gran noticia: ¡alcanzados los 30.000€ en Verkami! No hay palabras para describirlo, sois el mejor equipo 💙 Ahora continuamos dando gas en la segunda parte del rally... ¡ya queda menos! 💪

  • Albert


    over 2 years

    Un referent per a tots nosaltres. Esperit de superació constant. Sempre endavant !!!!

  • Zeus23


    over 2 years

    Vamos Joan, Tu Puedes…!!! Never Give Up💪🏻

  • Cristina


    over 2 years

    Ole tú Joan, eres un ejemplo a seguir para todos. Te deseo todo lo mejor, te aseguro que lo estaré viéndolo. Bravooooo!!!

  • Andrés del Río

    Andrés del Río

    over 2 years

    Esta aportación ES UN REGALO PARA UN AMIGO DE JOAN, si us plau contecteu amb mi per sol.lventar-ho !! No entenc que no contempleu aquest plantejament !! Desiotjo fer DOS 2 DOS regals, al meu amic i al Joan Lascors, prego em truqueu al 607235737

  • Joan futerri

    Joan futerri

    over 2 years

    El Pol m’ha animat!!!!!

  • Míriam Holgado Marzo

    Míriam Holgado Marzo

    over 2 years

    Encantada!!! MHM

  • Ana Santos Sevilla

    Ana Santos Sevilla

    over 2 years

    Vamos Joan!! A por ellos

  • Fidel


    over 2 years

    Go Joan

#07 / ¡ÚLTIMAS 24 HORAS!

Más de 200 mecenas logramos hacer historia en el Dakar 2022 junto con Joan ¡y aún podemos ser más!

Entramos en la recta final del crowdfunding de JoanAlDakar.com Si tienes algún amigo que quiera sumarse al equipo, aún está a tiempo de conseguir alguna de las recompensas: camiseta, nombre en el documental, BBQ celebración post-Dakar… ¡muchas gracias por haber sido parte del equipo!



Entre todos hemos logrado el 200% de la financiación. Os damos gracias desde el Rally Dakar, todo esto no es posible sin vosotros… ¡gracias equipo! ¡Continuamos dando gas en el Dakar y en Verkami!


Entre tots hem aconseguit el 200% del finançament. Us donem gràcies des del Rally Dakar, tot això no és possible sense vosaltres… gràcies equip! Continuem donant gas al Dakar i a Verkami!


Together we have achieved 200% of the financing. All this is not possible without you… thank you team! Let’s keep pushing full throttle in the Dakar and in Verkami too!



Joan Al Dakar ya es una realidad: hemos logrado el primer objetivo de 15.000 €. Muchas gracias por formar parte de este proyecto. Llegar al 100% nos garantiza a todos poder tener nuestra recompensa, pero esto es solo el principio: queremos llegar mucho más lejos. Ir al Dakar 2022 con Joan nos exige el 200% en todos los aspectos, financiación incluida. Por ello, el Verkami ‘Joan Al Dakar’ estará activo hasta el 8 de enero, a fin de ir sumando muchos más participantes. Si crees que alguien más se puede sumar a tu/nuestro equipo, aún está a tiempo. ¡Difunde para hacerlo grande!


Joan Al Dakar ja és una realitat: hem aconseguit el primer objectiu de 15.000€. Moltes gràcies per formar part del projecte. Arribar al 100% ens garanteix a… read more



Tras una semana de campaña ya hemos recaudado más de 12.000€, superando el 80% del objetivo inicial… ¡gracias por sumarte al equipo! Aún queda camino por recorrer: primero, llegar al 100% a fin de poder garantizar las recompensas y, posteriormente, seguir sumando para poder darle a Joan todo el apoyo necesario durante el rally. Si tienes amigos que les guste la idea de llevar su nombre en el buggy de Joan, de ser parte de un equipo que hará historia en el Dakar, haz que se sumen a este Verkami. ¡Vamos, equipo!


Després d'una setmana de campanya ja hem recaptat més de 12.000€, superant el 80% de l'objectiu inicial… gràcies per sumar-te a l'equip! Encara queda camí per recórrer: primer, arribar al 100% per tal de poder garantir les recompenses i, posteriorment, continuar sumant… read more


Thank you for making it possible: together we have already managed to raise more than € 3,000 on the first day of crowdfunding! What a start in Verkami, but there is still a long way to go if we want to reach our goal: give Joan all the necessary support to fight among the best drivers in the Dakar 2022.

We keep working hard. We'll keep you up to date on how crowdfunding is progressing to reach 100% – and much more! – to be able to offer you the rewards, make Joan's team more competitive, and how our race preparations are going.

If you have friends or family who are passionate about motorsport, it is time to tell them to visit JoanAlDakar.com and encourage them to be part of this adventure with all of us.

Now you are part of the team… Dakar, here we go!


Gracias por hacerlo posible: ¡entre todos ya hemos logrado recaudar más de 3000€ en el primer día de crowdfunding! Menudo arranque en Verkami, pero aún queda un largo camino si queremos alcanzar nuestro objetivo: darle a Joan todo el apoyo necesario para luchar entre los mejores en el Dakar 2022.

Nosotros seguimos trabajando a tope. Te mantendremos al día de cómo avanza el crowdfunding a fin de alcanzar el 100% – ¡y mucho más! – para poder ofrecerte las recompensas, lograr que el equipo de Joan sea más competitivo y cómo avanzan nuestros preparativos para la carrera.

Si tienes amigos o familiares que les apasione el motor, es el momento de decirles que visiten JoanAlDakar.com y los animes a que formen parte de esta aventura con todos nosotros.

Ahora ya eres parte del equipo… ¡nos vamos al Dakar!


Gràcies per fer-ho possible: entre tots ja hem aconseguit recaptar més de 3000€ durant el primer dia de crowdfunding! Hem arrencat amb força a Verkami, però encara queda un llarg camí si volem assolir el nostre objectiu: donar-li a Joan tot el suport necessari per lluitar entre els millors al Dakar 2022.

Nosaltres seguim treballant a tots nivells. Et mantindrem al dia de com avança el crowdfunding per assolir el 100% – i molt més! – per poder oferir-te les recompenses, aconseguir que l'equip del Joan sigui més competitiu i com avancen els nostres preparatius per la cursa.

Si tens amics o familiars que els apassioni el motor, és el moment de dir-los que visitin JoanAlDakar.com i anima’ls a formar part d’aquesta aventura amb tots nosaltres.

Ara ja ets part de l'equip… marxem al Dakar!

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