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The Many Suits of Spider-Man

Through David Baldeón’s art, we review some of the most popular suits worn by Spider-Man along his almost 60 years of history.


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‘The Many Suits of Spider-Man’ is a book that compiles the 31 illustrations made by artist David Baldeón on the occasion of Inktober 2021, dedicated to the most famous Spider-Man suits. You can check all the illustrations on his Instagram account. Each illustration is accompanied by a text explaining the history of every suit and some details about its creation.

David Baldeón, born in Cabezón de La Sal (Cantabria), has been working in the comic industry for over 20 years. He has worked with publishing houses such as Marvel Comics, DC Comics, IDW or Wizards of the Coast. His latest work for Marvel Comics include Nova, Web Warriors, Domino, Gwenpool Strikes Back and X-Factor. He is currently drawing the collection 'Ben Reilly: Spiderman' miniseries.

Technical characteristics

Bilingual artbook (English and Spanish) with 72 pages (plus covers) with spine and printed in full color. Size 17 x 26 cm (6.70 x 10.24 inches).

🕷️ The Many Suits of Spider-Man (digital version)

PDF book

🕷️ The Many Suits of Spider-Man

The book The Many Suits of Spider-Man
+ The Many Suits of Spider-Man (digital version)
+ Stretch goals

Shipping to Spain included. If you live in another country, you must also choose the reward “International shipping”.

🕷️ The Many Suits of Spider-Man: Blank Cover Edition

Blank cover edition of The Many Suits of Spider-Man
+ Blank cover commission art
+ The Many Suits of Spider-Man (digital version)
+ Stretch goals

Shipping to Spain included. If you live in another country, you must also choose the reward “International shipping”.

David Baldeón
David Baldeón's blank cover and commission samples

🕷️ Original art from the Web Warriors comic book series

Add an original Web Warriors pencils page by David Baldeón to your reward!

Remember this is an add-on reward: you need to have previously acquired one of the printed book rewards to be eligible for the original art reward.

Click to see a larger version:

  • 1000 €: Funding goal

  • 1200 €: Signed books by David Baldeón

  • 1400 €: 2099 trading card

  • 1600 €: Miles Morales' trading card

  • 1800 €: Ben Reilly's trading card

  • 2000 €: Black Suit trading card

  • 2200 €: Ditko Classic trading card

  • 3000 €: All-31-suits poster

  • 3500 €: Softcover with flaps

  • 4500 €: Varnish-enhanced cover**

2099 trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
2099 trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)

Miles Morales
Miles Morales' trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)

Ben Reilly
Ben Reilly's trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)

Black Suit trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
Black Suit trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)

Ditko Classic trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)
Ditko Classic trading card (2.5 x 3.5 inches)

The All-31-Suits Poster Experience
The All-31-Suits Poster Experience

Dawn Entertainment is a Spanish publishing house created in 1998, specialized in independent and cultural publications.

Why do we need the money?

The money raised will be used to cover the book’s production, printing and publishing costs as well as any other aditional product that may come up after reaching the goals. It will also cover the shipping and packaging costs.

Shipping calendar

The shipping will start in a maximum of two weeks after the end of the crowdfunding. The book will be sent to print the day the financing campaign ends. The printing press will have it ready and sent to our facilities in one or two weeks. As soon as we have them, we will start sending them away.

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  • David Baldeón

    David Baldeón

    11 days

    Hola a todo el mundo! Verkami no me deja responderos individualmente y directamente en vuestros comentarios, así que vamos a hacerlo a la antigüa! :P

    Oscargm28: Muchas grácias! A ver, a ver si nos queda pintón :)

    CiberPriest: Muchísimas gracias, Pater (si me permites las confianzas. No se me ocurre mejor sitio para pillarse el físico que la tienda de nuestro queridísimo y añorado Oscar. Allá estará disponible. Un abrazo enorme.

    Miguel Romero: Madre mía, el BNC by Gaslight... Eso es el Cretácico! :P Muchas gracias por seguir mi trabajo y por aportar a este proyecto. Espero que te haga buena dupla con el sketchbook! :)

  • Oscargm28


    12 days

    Va a ser un artbook brutal!!! A por todas!!!

  • CiberPriest


    21 days

    En cuanto he visto David Baldeon me han venido muchos recuerdos de un amigo comun que teniamos en Nexus 4. Pillo el digital porque espero comprar el libro en la tienda de Oscar cuando lo saqueis en fisico. (El Pater). 😉😉😉

  • Miguel Romero

    Miguel Romero

    21 days

    sigo tus trabajos desde el fanhunter barnacity, y este verano me fui muy contento de la librería nexus-4 con un sketchbook lleno de dibujos de marvel sobre todo spiderman y nova (2011-2017)

#03 / The All-31-Suits Poster Experience

We are very close to the €3000 stretch goal, and we wanted to show you the A1 size poster (594 x 841 mm) that will include all 31 suits. Work in progress, the final art will be even cooler.

Estamos muy cerquita de la meta de los 3000 € y queríamos enseñaros el póster tamaño A1 (594 x 841 mm) que incluirá los 31 trajes. Aún estamos trabajando en él, el arte final será todavía más chulo.

#02 / 'Ben Reilly: Spider-Man'... Coming up next from David Baldeón! // ¡Lo nuevo de David Baldeón! 'Ben Reilly: Spider-Man'

As it happens, David Baldeón is currently drawing the new Marvel series 'Ben Reilly: Spider-Man', which will begin to be published by Marvel Comics in January 2022. Story by J. M. DeMatteis and colors by Israel Silva. You can see a few preview pages below.

Da la casualidad de que actualmente David Baldeón está dibujando la nueva serie de Marvel 'Ben Reilly: Spider-Man', que será publicado por Marvel Comics a partir de enero de 2022. A los guiones está el mítico J. M. DeMatteis y el encargado del color es Israel Silva. A continuación podéis ver una muestra de lo que está por llegar.

#01 / Funded! Now for the stretch goals // ¡Conseguido! Ahora a por las metas desbloqueables

Thank you so much everyone! In less than two days we have reached our initial goal! In just a few hours, the first reward was unlocked: all books will be signed by David Baldeón.

¡Muchas gracias a todos! En menos de dos días hemos conseguido el objetivo principal y a las pocas horas ya teníamos desbloqueada la primera meta: Todos los libros irán firmados por el dibujante David Baldeón.

For the next few goals, we have prepared a set of trading cards, to be unveiled as the goals are unlocked. As of right now, you can see an advance of the Spider-Man 2099 trading card, which will be unlocked when we reach €1400.

Para las siguientes metas desbloqueables hemos preparado unas trading cards que iremos desvelando cuando vayamos alcanzando dichas metas. Por ahora podéis ver la del traje de Spider-Man 2099, que se desbloqueará a los 1400 €.

Remember that these trading cards and all the rest of the additional goals that we get to unlock will be sent to all the patronsread more

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