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Ametsak: stories dreamt by surfers, skaters and snowboarders.

Ametsak is a fusion of the worlds that I am most passionate about in an interesting quality book powered by illustration and creativity.

Gorka Gil

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Hi there! My name is Gorka Gil. I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I grew up in Donosti but currently live in Santander where I spend hours exploring my artistic side in my studio. During 2021 I focused all my efforts on one single project: Ametsak.

The intention of the project is to combine the worlds that I am most passionate about through illustration and creativity in a collector's book with extreme care for details.

Ametsak contains creative stories, real or imaginary, of the world that surrounds us or the one we would like to be surrounded by. The backbone of all these stories will be the illustrations, where I will create new worlds or contribute to the existing ones. It is in this nexus between both worlds (the real and the fictional) that I want to dive in through art. It is a search for stories, characters and feelings related to creative expressions andboard-sports, trapped in this peculiar limbo.
"Ametsak" means "dreams" in Basque. In this case, the dreams are all the illustrations that interact with the photographs. They are dreams because they represent fictional actions or characters, which we wish existed in the real world.

As a result a 320-page book was born with a beautiful hardcover. In total, taking into account illustrators, photographers and writers, more than 70 national and international artists, have collaborated. In Ametsak you will not only find creative works from all over the globe, but it also features surfers, skaters and snowboarders of an exquisite level. It is a one-of-a-kind publication.

Also, in my case, this project itself is already a dream, and now you can help me make it come true.

The coolest thing of all is that in addition to a copy of Ametsak, you can get very cool things with any pack! Free shipping costs (for peninsula, Spain)

  • 10 exclusive stickers

  • 4 prints, 2(28x23cm) + 2(A5) on 300g/m2 Turner Tintoretto Gresso paper

  • T-shirt screenprinted by myself in my own studio

  • Original painting

  • Artwork over an image of your choice

  • Skate deck skated by me

  • Hand painted customized skateboard

All the packs include free shipping for península and Balearic Islands, Spain.
All the packs include free shipping for península and Balearic Islands, Spain.

You can find more about my work here:

  • Web: You can find prints, originals and a selection of murals.

  • Design portfolio: Some "more serious" design projects.

  • @gil_gorka: This is where I´ll keep you up to date with any news regarding my projects.

  • Mis vídeos: A video compilation of some fun projects.

¿Where will your money go to?

The money raised will go almost entirely to printing and distribution expenses. At first the project consisted of 144 pages, and finally it has expanded to 320, however the price remained the same since it was actually my fault haha. Once you receive your copy you will understand why producing and sending a book such as Ametsak is not cheap. I hope that with your help I won't have to worry about not reaching the objective, but Ametsak is my first personal project, and I decided to take the risk :)

On the other hand, I have been working on Ametsak all of 2021. I have invested an uncountable amount of hours, being aware that they will not be paid. But if you help me raise enough to cover the minimum expenses, I could only allocate the remaining money to the next project.

Artists who take part:

Dates might shuffle due to printing and distribution delays. Anyway, I could keep you up with any bump along the way via my social :)
Dates might shuffle due to printing and distribution delays. Anyway, I could keep you up with any bump along the way via my social :)

Book specs:

  • 28x23cm landscape (closed)

  • 320 pages

  • Glossy coated 150g/m2 paper

  • Matt hard cover

  • Printed in full color!


For shipments to the ** Canary Islands, Europe and the rest of the world **, please look for the reward that includes the corresponding shipping costs. If you live in the Canary Islands, Europe or the rest of the world and want a different pack, please contact me and we will make it possible :)

Let´s talk!

If you have any doubt, concern or possible project in mind for me, please don´t hesitate to send me an email to hello@gorkagil.com. Whatever it is, I'll get back to you ASAP.

Thank you! :)


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  • Gorka Gil

    Gorka Gil

    16 days

    Muchas gracias a todos por vuestras aportaciones. ¡Que no pare la fiestaaa!

  • Juan carlos rodriguez

    Juan carlos rodriguez

    16 days


  • Tia Trapi

    Tia Trapi

    16 days

    Aupa Gor!!!

  • Cristina AC

    Cristina AC

    18 days

    el mejor proyecto! adelante pashin!

#01 / ¡VAMOOOS 50% conseguido!

La mitad del proyecto ya está recaudado. ¡Muchísimas gracias a todos los que habéis aportado al proyecto! Hemos llegado rápidamente a la mitad del objetivo, pero aún queda muuucho por conseguir para que el proyecto salga adelante. Os mantendré al día de los progresos durante lo que queda de campaña. Si podéis compartir el proyecto con vuestros amigos y familiares me ayudaréis a darle la difusión que necesita.

¡Mil gracias una vez más!

Saludos de parte de Rita desde mi estudio :)

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