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Our Drug Was Possibility (Vol.I)

A collection of images about maturity and search, through a devoted cult to the concept of possibility, and his infinite odds.

Fernando Valenti

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Our Drug Was Possibility it´s a life time project materialized in a photobook.

The result of many years of work, wich I have condensed in two complementary volumes exploring the concept of maturity, evolving and unfolding in a sort of unvoluntary way. Like it hapens most of the times.

It is also, and above all, a reflection of the feelings, believes and desires wich ultimately conditioned my decisions and choices in an important stage of my life. And what to photograph, who to photograph.

Everything through a continious quest for uniqueness and placement, that led me to exploit the concept of possibility, with his boundless, infinite paths.

The perfect cult for those who want to have it all without being forced to choose.

Characteristics of the photobook

In this first volume you will find work between 2012 and the end of 2018.

Years of searching, trial and error, in which I will begin to exploit the theme that will be present mostly in the second volume.

It will count with 436 pages, size 170mm x 210mm,

Design by Otro Bureau.


Here are the photos selected for the limited prints.





Calendario previsto

Both the books and the prints will be available to collect at the presentation event in mid-December.

We will share very soon more details regarding the event.

As for shipments, they will be made during the first two weeks of the same month.

Please consider that for shipments to Europe you must add the supplement to your purchase.

All the donations will be dedicated to produce and distribute the photobook, and the limited prints included in some rewards.

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  • Jaime del Corro Gomez

    Jaime del Corro Gomez

    about 2 years

    Vamos Fercho!!!

  • Carlos Aires

    Carlos Aires

    about 2 years

    suerte Fer!!

  • gonzalo.igartua@kodit.io

    [email protected]

    about 2 years

    Grande Fer!!! Me muero por verlo 🧨

  • Justino


    about 2 years

    Vamos Fer!!

    Ganas de ver tu trabajo!! 😘

  • auburnelle@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    about 2 years

    Can’t wait xx

  • auburnelle@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    about 2 years

    🌹 -Auburn

  • Evagarcia


    about 2 years

    Venga, Fer!

  • Elena


    about 2 years

    Me parece maravilloso❤❤

  • claudiallanza


    about 2 years

    can't wait <3

  • Campo Adentro

    Campo Adentro

    about 2 years

    ¡¡Muchas ganas de ver ese libro!!!

#02 / Nuevas Fechas/New Dates

Saludos mecenas!

Os escribo esta entrada para anunciar las fechas finales del evento presentación del fotolibro.

Por diversos motivos técnicos y de agenda, esta se pospone finalmente a principios de Marzo del año próximo.

Daré la fecha concreta tan pronto como la conozca, y con la antelación suficiente.

La verdad es que tenía muchas ganas de cerrar el año con un evento así, pero la prioridad es que el libro se produzca en las mejores circunstancias y calidad.

Prometo que la espera merecerá la pena, y os pido disculpas por ello.

Muchas gracias por los mensajes de felicitación de las últimas semanas.
¡Seguimos trabajando!

Greetings patrons!

I am writing this post to announce the final dates of the photobook presentation event.

For various technical and scheduling reasons, it is finally postponed at the beginning of March 2022.

I will announce the exact date as soon as I know it, and in advance.

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#01 / ¡Muchas gracias a todos, lo habéis conseguido!/ Thank you very much, you made it!

Ayer a las 19:30, este proyecto alcanzó sus metas de financiación gracias a todas vuestras aportaciones.

Eso quiere decir no sólo que este fotolibro existirá gracias a ello, sino que podrá hacerlo en la forma que siempre quise e imaginé, en la que consideramos que mejor luce.

Ahora nos toca seguir trabajando, a los diseñadores y a mi, para corresponder vuestro interés y vuestro apoyo.

Muy pronto, tan pronto como este mismo Viernes cinco de Noviembre, anunciaremos más detalles sobre fechas, y como recibir vuestras recompensas.

Hasta entonces pues, y mil gracias de nuevo.

Fer Valenti.


Yesterday at 7:30 p.m., this project reached its funding goals thanks to all your contributions.

That means not only that this photobook will exist thanks to it, but that it will be able to do it in the way that I always wanted and imagined, in which we consider it looks best.

Now we have to continue working, the designers and me, to correspond your interest and your support.

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