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No Necesitas Ser Feliz

El objetivo de este libro es disminuir los suicidios y aumentar la felicidad de las personas. ¿Me ayudas? Sigue esta campaña y te cuento.


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I am Maria Gilabert, psychologist and coach, and I would love to publish this book: “You Don't Need to Be Happy."

I talk about happiness, but you don’t need to be happy! You can cry, rage, get frustrated and do whatever you want. Don't be fooled! Life isn’t just what you see on social media. To deny suffering is to deny life. To accept it is to grow, to transcend.

*The goal of this book is to save lives and increase the quality of life today. *

Can you help me, please?

It is no longer enough to survive (feed, sleep, breathe, not be killed, and not commit suicide) since now on average we live many years. So, in addition to surviving, you can be happy. You don’t need it. But, if you want, I will propose some key points you can work on once you survive (first things first!).

Do you want to join in making our planet and society a better place to live?

What will you find in this book “You Don’t Need to Be Happy”?

A peculiar, different book. It's not just a novel, it’s not just an essay. It is a hybrid to reach you, to reach all. A fusion that is born from my experience as a patient of psychiatry and psychology, through my own fictionalized evolution to the reflection of my knowledge and experiences based on thousands of experiences and in sciences such as psychology, medicine and neuroscience.

After living through problems such as anorexia, bulimia, obsessive compulsive disorder, and emotional dependence ... After living on the edge, suffocating... I drowned. I experienced the power that the mind has over the body. About to die twice at the age of seventeen, bordering on anaphylactic shock and an asthma crisis, running out of oxygen to survive.

After overcoming all that and seeing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And that, even if you are thrown in the dark again and again, the light will always come. ALWAYS COME BACK! And you, stronger, and stronger each time.

I share in this book that you don’t need to be happy. First, you need to survive.

Now, if in addition to surviving, you want to be happy. You will also find here some of the keys to be able to find happiness. Of course, you must love it very much!

This book, which I hope, and I think will intrigue you, will invite you to reflect, with which you will laugh, cry, smile, maybe tremble and surely something you can learn, will have 3 parts:

First part: Novelized autobiography (deep, with a touch of humor and love) in which I will speak from my own experience in the third person. You will go through stories, reflections and experiences of the little lamb and great Mary. Corners such as anorexia, bulimia, and emotional dependence. Survival and life on the edge will accompany you throughout this story. I confess that my friends say that they are already waiting for the series on Netflix or HBO... ;) And so am I! :)

Part Two: If I don’t need to be happy. What do I need? In this part I will talk about necessities, especially “don’t kill yourself." I will go into a complex topic, suicide, explaining some symptoms, causes, rescue tips, how to act with someone who has suicidal thoughts, grief of someone suicide and prevention. And all this, reviewed by experts in the field such as coordinators of ambulances of the SEM (Medical Emergency System), responsible for suicide prevention telephones, coordinators of emergency psychologist and other psychologist and psychiatrists dealing with the subject.

Part Three: Happiness Key's. You don’t need to be happy but, if you want, you can be. Now, you must really want it! In this last part I will share the pillars of happiness based on hundreds of experiences, my opinion and scientific studies of medicine, psychology, and neuroscience.

Why should be talk about suicide?

With suicide being one of the leading causes of death among 15 to 19-year-olds, and with a high (rising) rate of suicide in the general population, it’s time to get naked. And I’m not talking about taking off my clothes, but about taking off my skin, uncovering my wounds so that you can see that they are as human as yours, and everyone else’. I want to show you that these wounds have cures, even if they leave scars. I'm talking about stripping my soul naked and sharing my essence with you.

  • More than 700,000 people commit suicide every year
    • For every completed suicide, there are many suicide attempts. In the general population, an uncompiled suicide attempt is the single most important risk factor.

Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among 15- to 19-year-olds.

77% of suicides occur in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Ingestion of pesticides, hanging and shooting with firearms are some of the most common methods of suicide in the world.

Suicides can be prevented by taking action at the level of the population, certain population groups and the individual.

About me:

I am María Gilabert, psychologist and coach, director of BeValue Academy and BeValue Executive & Sports.

I talk about happiness in conferences around the world, internationally (Spain, Chile, Peru, Dubai ...).

I spent my childhood and adolescence surviving and, upon surviving, decided to devote my life to the study of psychology, neuroscience, and coaching. In this book I explain the basic principles you do need to live. I analyze suicide (taboo subject still) and share The Pillars of Happiness, according to positive psychology, neuroscience and add my perspective based on my experience and hundreds of cases of patients.

Currently, after working several years in the Human Resources area of companies such as Deloitte, and Massimo Dutti, I found BeValue (8 years ago), where we accompanied the development of the potential of people and teams.

I give lectures and trainings on the development of skills of leaders and teams, such as emotional intelligence, communication, leadership, team cohesion, management of the change... and on Happiness in companies and Universities of different countries (Spain, Peru, Chile, Dubai...).

About rewards

To make this project possible, we have created different packs or rewards for you to decide what you want to contribute. ** Every contribution count, and I will be infinitely grateful to any gesture of contribution. Either by contributing and getting a reward or by sharing this link with your friends. :)

This page is safety (https://) and you can contribute by credit card or Bizum. To be able to pay with Bizum you should activate Bizum Key to pay in electronic stores.

Within the variety of rewards, we offer is a world of tools for self-knowledge and learning to be happy.

In the different packs you can find:

Printed book "You Don’t Need to Be Happy”, valued at €20.

eBook “You Don’t Need to Be Happy”, valued at €4.95, to be able to read wherever and whenever you want.

Booklet "7 Tips to Manage your Emotions”, valued at €9.95.

Online course "Emotional Management and Happiness”, valued at €600. To learn a little more about yourself, how to manage your emotions, self-motivate, and love yourself.

Online Course "Create and Position Your Personal Brand”, valued at € 600, to inspire and impact other people leaving your personal mark. I will accompany you in this course from how to get started, to how to create your logo, decide the colors, attributes, values, typography, blog, web ... and how to monetize your services.

The printed books will be delivered in January 2022. Shipping costs are included within the peninsula. The other rewards are digital, and we will send them to you via e-mail at the end of the month in which you made the contribution.

Below we provide you with the necessary information to be able to contribute to the project.

Remember that although you cannot make any economic contribution, you can always share and disseminate our campaign, in this way you will already be collaborating making the project grow, let’s get it! :)

How to collaborate?

What will we use your contributions for?

Each of the contributions made in this campaign will be allocated in the different phases of printing, production, and distribution of the various rewards.

  • Born, surviving, and learning to live (1985-2021)

  • Illustration (November 2021).

  • Write the book (August, September, and October 2021)

  • Review of the book by other experts (October and November 2021)

  • Layout (October and November 2021).

  • Correction (November and December 2021).

  • Printing (December 2021).

  • Distribution and promotion (December 2021, January to July 2022).

Expected schedule

I would love for "You Don’t Need to Be Happy" to be printed by December 25, 2021. After a 2020 full of movements and misfortunes, I would love for us to inaugurate a new era full of change and prosperity for all.

+ Information

If you want to know more about me and the project, here are my social networks (I will be sharing the process since I am very excited):

Instagram: @mariagilabert

LinkedIn: María Gilabert Hernando

Twitter: @Mariagilaberth

YouTube: Maria Gilabert

Facebook: @BeValue.servalor

Website: BeValue Coaching and BeValue Executive

Remember to get your reward and / or share the campaign on your social networks, please.

** We can only get this together.**

Thank you very much for your support! :)

María Gilabert Hernando


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  • Manuel Ayllon

    Manuel Ayllon

    over 2 years

    Enhorabuena María!

  • Davire8


    over 2 years

    Suerte con el proyecto ;)

  • ElenaC


    over 2 years

    Espero que lo consigamos María! Me encantaría que este proyecto diera a luz 🥰

  • Miki


    over 2 years

    Verso L infinito e oltre…

  • Elena Villaescusa

    Elena Villaescusa

    over 2 years

    Felicidades por el proyecto, Maria!

  • Elena Villaescusa

    Elena Villaescusa

    over 2 years

    Felicidades Por el

  • Gabriel Redondo

    Gabriel Redondo

    over 2 years

    Felicidades María!

  • jmpalet


    over 2 years

    ¡Muchas felicidades por la iniciativa! Y mucha suerte en el proyecto :)

  • VictoriaGago


    over 2 years

    Estoy muy orgullosa de ti!! :)

  • Oscar Pitarch

    Oscar Pitarch

    over 2 years

    Anims Maria, ja falta menys!! Ho he publicas al meu grup de Facebook "Soy un TDAH"

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