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Lauzeta's first album!

Make Lauzeta's first album a reality, a journey through the 13 most magical songs of these first 10 years of adventures...


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Thanks to each and everyone of you, Lauzeta's first album is happening!

Our next step is a second goal of 3.500€ to shoot a musical video for "Més roig que un coralet"!

If we achieve that goal, the album will contain a second CD* with new songs and amazing remixes!

*There won't be a vynil version of this second CD, only digital and physical.

Photo by Sara Baró
Photo by Sara Baró

Hello! We're Nuria Garcia and Joan Baro, welcome to our Verkami! You're about to board the Lauzeta, the ship that has carried us for over 10 years to play concerts all over Catalonia and beyond the seas! It means "lark" in the Occitan language, the language of the troubadours, and we've done a few hundred concerts in it, thousands of hours of flight!

We invite you to come with us to the Treasure Hunt: The record that we have been wanting to make a reality for 10 years. Now it's time, we've already switched the musical instruments and widgets on, the recording has started and the ship is about to set off!

But recording is only the first part, the journey is long and we can't/don't want to do it alone, we need you! Join the crew that will fund the expedition and accompany us in the adventure! Also, your name will be written with honor and glory in the first record and in the history of Lauzeta. And not just yours! If you have friends, family, relatives and good people in general who want to join, let them know: The goal is ambitious and we will need all the help we can get!

You have many options to choose:

The Ship
The Ship

You can join the section you prefer, and depending on which you receive - in addition to the golden ticket, which is the ticket that gives you access and credits you as a participant in the adventure - a different collection of rewards and mythological tools that accompany you on the journey!

LOCO-MOTIVE is the name of our dream-making machine, and it's crew job is to sail around the globe and not forget what the destination is, what's the dream that we are pursuing! Join in, the ship is about to take off!

AUDITORIUM: This is your place if you're one of those who want to hear everything, both Lauzeta's music and the other projects we have been in. A musical selection reserved for a small group of people, which has all of the best of our entire journey to this day!

UTOPIC: If you join the Utopian section your task will be to make dreams come true, to flesh out creativity. Pursuing utopia is a reality; that is the basic principle that enables us to fly, our wings, our happy thought!

ZETA CREW: Warning, this is an expert elite of sailors generating special, memorable, fantastic and wonderful moments, our Internet family! You'll get to know them on the parts of the journey when we are going through Twitch, and to strengthen their task each member of this section will receive a level 1 subscription for 1 month and a magic and limited striped Mouse pad to slide with the mouse almost as fast as our ship going through the sky.

VINYL SCHOOL: Vinyl appears on this trip thanks to our intrepid revolving crew! They live their lifes at 33, 45, or 78 revolutions per minute, and they get away from the new technology because they say the old is cooler. Lauzeta works with new and old technologies, songs from centuries ago and melodies from last month, so we're going to have a little stock, because we love to be joined by the believers of this immortal format! We'll produce the Vinyls on demand,so there won't be more past the Verkami!

THEATRICAL: Get ready to play theatre! The stage is the space where we dress for what our heart yearns, where we allow ourselves to be what we want to be... And we want to be Lauzeta! That's why if you make yourself a theatrical sailor, we offer you a nice shirt and cap to wear when we have meetings and festivals, or on the street, on normal days!

ARCHIVE: The Archive is very important for us because it keeps the memory of everything we've been as species. There are songs, stories, rhymes, riddles, anecdotes... Always looking back to the past to live better in the present and project better in the future! Obviously the crew in the file will receive the album in both CD and VINYL format!

FILOMENA: As many of you know - and if you don't know now you'll do - Filomena is the name of a joyful girl who starrs in one of the erotic-festive songs we love most, and which will be part of the album. As a tribute to Filomena and to good life, we have named the section that meets Captains Nuria Garcia and Joan Baró once in every expedition to taste the best ingredients and the best meals. They have to meet in secret because otherwise everyone would want to be a part of it! They then recommend the best dishes to the rest of the crew. This kitchen is vegetarian, so that is what's awaiting for you if you choose to join the team!

OBSERVATORY: If you choose this way of travelling, you will look at the world, look at the sky, perceive the universe as a whole. You will coordinate the different sections listed so far and thus have access to all their equipment!

LYRE: We call it Lyre, but we could call it the family. It's a group of six crew members, it could be six people who would rather agree to travel with us, or someone who invites five more people to board the Lauzeta! Each of these six sailors will receive a set of tools that will allow them to help the other sections.

KING OF THE FAIRIES: It is a mythological figure that we do not know whether it exists, but legends tell that it has the power to summon the Lauzeta into a stream in its name. If you choose to be part of the monarchy of the kingdom of fairies, you will be the first being of this kind that we see in life. Just thinking about it, we get goosebumps!

SUN: You are our sun, you are our moon, you are our starry sky... If you join this category, you'll become the star that gives the system light and that guides our flight. That's why we'll come and play when you want, where you want, we'll bring all our equipment and give you the rewards in hand! You can invite friends or make us play only for you. You can arrange the concert in your house dining room or in your town. We run the Lauzeta, but you're heading us!


There you'll get to know us more and talk to us, listen to our live music, make requests, and follow the progress of this heroic feat we have in our hands... IT WILL BE A FORMIDABLE ADVENTURE!

Are you coming?

*To be a VIP in our Twitch Channel gets you a place of honor between users and a special badge. The number of VIPS is limited, until free slots are finished.

*If you are already subscribed/subscribed to our Twitch channel, you can choose to whom you want to gift a subscription.

Who are we?

Photo by Sara Baró
Photo by Sara Baró

We are Nuria Garcia and Joan Baró, and together we fly with Lauzeta where the music takes us. Or we take the music wherever we fly. Or both! We started playing Celtic music, but nowadays we also play Catalan music and many other cultures.

We started our journey more than 10 years ago, and now it's time to share everything we've been collecting.

What will you find on this disk?

On this first CD, you'll find the songs and melodies that have represented us most these years and some new ones that we want to share with all of you.

It'll be 13 songs that we're going to explain in our Twitch channel, so if you want to know which ones you'll have to visit us!

What are we going to do with your contributions?

Thanks to your generosity we will be able to:

  • Record, mix and master our first album.

  • Make the cds and vinyls.

  • Finance the purchase of all the rewards and materials to create them.


Because of the global pandemic of these last two years we have been offering almost daily streams in Twitch, a kind of YouTube, but with live content.

During the time this Verkami campaign lasts, we will be in Twitch every week offering you themed streams related to the songs you'll find on the cd, where we'll not only play music but we'll tell you how it's everything going.

Screenshot of a Twitch stream in november of 2020
Screenshot of a Twitch stream in november of 2020


You can find us at:


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  • Oruga Rodriguez

    Oruga Rodriguez

    over 2 years

    Me alegro un montón!!!

  • Jorgehvega


    over 2 years

    Bravoooooooooo!! Ha sido brutal lo que habéis conseguido. Enhorabuena 🥳🥳💕

  • Oruga Rodriguez

    Oruga Rodriguez

    over 2 years

    Al final he arribat! De la part meua i de la familia de Petrer! Una abraçada i estem desitjant ballar al vostre son!

  • Miquel Miranda

    Miquel Miranda

    over 2 years


  • Miquel Miranda

    Miquel Miranda

    over 2 years

    Força i en

  • Guillermo Manuel Parra Bermudo

    Guillermo Manuel Parra Bermudo

    over 2 years

    Vamos bonicos!!! que casi está la meta del Videoclip!!! Ahí os dejo mi apoyo!! un abrazo, y nos vemos por Twitch!! (granperraca)

  • Araceli


    over 2 years

    Un privilegi que, amb la meua aportació, passeu dels 13.000!!!

  • Araceli


    over 2 years

    On memoriam del teu pare

  • Araceli


    over 2 years

    Un privilegi que, amb la meua aportació, passeu dels 13.000!!!

  • Zarrastro


    over 2 years

    De parte de mi madre, que la he animado a que aporte un poquito :)

#02 / Ha acabat el Verkami, comença l'aventura!!!

Benvinguda a bord!

En primer lloc moltíssimes gràcies per embarcar-te amb nosaltres en aquest viatge, et desitgem un vol agradable i meravellós!

Diumenge al matí, una tripulació de 267 persones salpàvem amb una doble destinació, en primer lloc el CD que hem estat somiant tants anys, en segon lloc el videoclip de "Més Roig que un Coralet". Tot serà possible gràcies a tu!

Ara ens toca treballar a nosaltres, i per això passarem a fer només un directe setmanal al Twitch de Lauzeta, els dijous -com avui!- a partir de les 18h! La resta de temps la dedicarem prioritàriament a teixir aquest CD, i a fer les actuacions que vagin sortint. I a respirar una mica, que venim d'una gran marató!

Tenim la sort de comptar amb una petita-gran família Lauzetaira a internet, on informem de les actuacions que fem, i intentem compartir les coses bones de la vida! Ens encantaria que en formessis part!

Només et cal clicar en aquest enllaç (Et demanarà quin és el teu nom) i dir: hola!

read more


Hem de fer un apunt per a TOTES LES RECOMPENSES, i és que totes elles inclouran la DESCÀRREGA DIGITAL del disc!

Moltes gràcies a tots i totes per participar, està sent increïble!

Recordeu que si voleu podeu compartir el nostre Verkami amb amics, companys de feina, familia... Que la Lauzeta arribi ben lluny!✨

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