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Target: Mini Transat 2021

Documenting the toughness of participating in a solo transatlantic regatta on a small 6.50 meter sailboat for about 25 days and 4.050 nm.

Pilar Pasanau

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Project information:

The Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic regatta of 4,000 nm aboard a small sailboat of 6.50 meters. The departure is on September 26 from Les Sables d'Olonne (France), the most important marina of the Atlantic coast. The first stage arrives at Santa Cruz de la Palma (Canarias). The second stage leaves on October 29 from La Palma and arrives in Guadalupe (Caribbean) having sailed about 2,700 nm.

It is estimated that the first to arrive will take about three weeks and I can assure you that all of us who arrive are winners!. The main goal of this regatta is to finish it. Such is its harshness that few sailors repeat it and some have not even been able to finish it.

During the regatta I will bring cameras on board to document the experience. With all the material we will make a documentary and share it with all of you so you can enjoy it.

A very important fact of this crossing is that there are few women who participate in a regatta as demanding as the Mini Transat and there are few possibilities to access resources. Only one in 10 sailors is a woman. 8 women take part in this edition: a Catalan (me), a Canarian, a German, a Russian, and four French out of a total of 84 participants. It’s time to balance the scales! 😉

If you want, you can see the registrants in the Mini Transat in the following link: Skippers.

About rewards

Grateful for your effort I thought you would like to have a memory of this adventure and of your involvement and participation in it. That is why I have thought of different thanks that you can see and consult on the side.

  1. The first detail is a paper cut-out in the shape of Peter Punk, my ship.

  2. The second is a fridge magnet with the photo of Peter Punk.

  3. The third is the possibility of knowing this regatta explained by me, with a glass of cava in your hands and in an unbeatable environment such as the RCNB.

  4. The fourth is a bottle of wine, La Morera de Montsant, organic and Priorat made by my family at the Celler Pasanau and , personally chosen by me, thinking of all of you.

  5. You can meet me in person and take photos with me at RCNB. and I will also give you a **bottle of Priorat wine **that I have chosen for the occasion.

  6. The sixth is a dinner aboard a classic boat from the RCNB.

  7. The seventh, a departure aboard an Imoca 60 ', a ship designed to go around the world alone.

  8. The eighth is to see the skyline of Barcelona on board a classic speedboat.

  9. The ninth is the incorporation of your business or personal logo on the boat's boom apart from the images that will appear on social media.

  10. The tenth departure to sail and hoist the sails of a classic sailboat.

  11. The eleventh involves putting your logo on a larger surface, in the case of Peter Punk, and obviously the view on social media will be greater.

  12. The twelfth allows you to appear in the documentary of the Mini Transat that will have a great diffusion in mass media.

Who is Pilar Pasanau

Hi, I'm Pilar!

I'm sea soul and I've been at sea all my life.

I believe I have come into this life to go around the world alone. Every morning I get up with the goal of making the regatta bigger, longer, to get further and better. Sailing is what gives meaning to my life.

I also have to tell you that sailing, and especially sailing alone helps me make a better version of myself, to grow as a person. The sea has given me everything and it has also taken away everything that did not belong to me and this has also been a great learning. There are so many values ​​that the sea, the wind and the sail brings me... if you lived what I live when I sail alone ...

Let me tell you a little bit about my story so you can understand the reason for this crowdfunding.

Two years ago I had to be rescued in the middle of a regatta in the Gulf of Leon, I lost my mast and sails, leaving the Peter Punk adrift. But, shortly after placing an ad on Facebook I found help to go rescue my sailboat. Still, I had to go back to the merchant navy (offshore) to keep working and repair Peter Punk.

It's been six months now that I've been preparing Peter Punk for this year's Mini Transat. This is my fourth participation although I have only finished it twice. I need your support because I still lack resources and I still have the same dream...to go around the world alone.

I would like to win the Mini Transat to continue in the world of sailing and get a sponsor who will allow me in a around the world.

What will I use your contributions for

All the money raised will be used to complete the project (transport of the sailboat to France by road, transport of the sailboat back to a merchant and insurance), and everything needed to make the documentary about the regatta (cameras, production, editing, etc.).

If the assigned goal is exceeded (10.000), the rest contributed will help me pay for my travel, stays, other complementary material (such as an autopilot, change a sail, etc.).

In addition, once the target is exceeded, I will allocate 10% of the proceeds to a non-profit organization linked to women.

Scheduled calendar

The crowdfunding campaign starts on July 30 and ends on September 10. Aware of how little time I have left from September 10 to the day of the start of the regatta, I have made a forecast of the necessary purchases of all the material to be able to have it ready on the day of departure.

The rewards for your contributions will be carried out, given or sent once the regatta is over and I have returned to Barcelona, ​​so the forecast is around December-January. As for the rewards of the logos on the boot and helmet, they will be effective the same September, as they will have to do the whole Atlantic crossing with me and go out on all social media.

Per + Info

After everything I’ve told you if you want to get to know me better you can follow me on social media.

Thank you very much everyone!!!! A hug
Thank you very much everyone!!!! A hug


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  • Araceli


    over 2 years

    Guapa!!!! Anirà suuuperbé!!! Ets una crack!!

  • pableras


    over 2 years

    Bon vent!!

  • Pilar Roig

    Pilar Roig

    over 2 years

    Molta sort, excel·lent entrevista a ràdio Tarragona.

  • Adelina González Muñoz

    Adelina González Muñoz

    over 2 years

    VAMOS!!! Pilar con Peter Punk

  • Maria Puigdueta

    Maria Puigdueta

    over 2 years

    Endavant !!!, Pilar. Aconsegueix el teu somni !!! Molts petons

  • Esther Castaños

    Esther Castaños

    over 2 years

    Molta sort Pilar!

  • CrisRV


    over 2 years

    Res és impossible!!! Molta sort!!!

  • Xavier Buj

    Xavier Buj

    over 2 years

    Ànims i molta força, Pilar. A i bon vent.!!!

  • Xavier Buj

    Xavier Buj

    over 2 years

    Ànims i molta força, Pilar. A i bon vent.!!!

  • Juan Villaescusa

    Juan Villaescusa

    over 2 years

    Guardaré el tinto Pasanau para brindar por tu éxito en la regata. Suerte ¡¡

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