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Vaivén. The sway of life.

Miona opens her heart with a feminine and changing vision of the world, connected to nature; with new sonorities and collaborations.


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This is the name of my new album which gives the idea of a coming and going, swinging. This album is a journey through eleven songs written by me. With them I open the door to my inner univers from my bond with nature, my personal experience with femininity and my own musical identity which is always under transformation.

Some of the values to take from this album are the intimacy, the connection with the emotions and one's own truth, the symbiosis between what is yours and what is reflected in nature.

To make this project come trrue through a crowdfunding adds on the value of the bond between the audience and myself, through music and also through the sensibility of the design of the physical disc, of a totem bag with the art of the disc and also with the possibility to offer some intimate concerts for the album release.

Photo: Xavier Moreno
Photo: Xavier Moreno

Vaivén; the name of one of the songs titles the album, aims to express the constant changes of things, the ambivalence, the movement of going forward and backwards on your own path. It invites us to connect with a feeling of a swinging balance and the selfsupport of our own emotions and transformations.

Recording and production of the album

In order to materialize this album I feel so fortunate to be able to record in La Fonderola Studio with the company and expertise of Ferran Orriols (Nyandú) and Jordi Casadesús (La Iaia, Núria Graham or Gemma Hummet, amongst others) as music producers and with Jordi Torrents (La Iaia) as the sound technitian for the recording and sound mixing.


The recording of the songs is scheduled for November 2021.

After the recordig in the studio, we will proceed to do the sound mixing and mastering, finish the design of the physical disc and tend all the administrative tasks and other formalitines for its correct distribution.

April 2022 is our goal for the album release and for sending all the rewards of the crowdfunding.

We will keep you updated on this website and through social media!

Elena Navarro in the workshop
Elena Navarro in the workshop

What your contributions will be used for

The goal of this Verkami is finding a financial support for my second album. The 4000€ will go to cover the fees of recording, production, sound mixing and mastering. If we reach this goal, we will also be able to cover a part of the costs for the physical disc and other expenses for its digital distribution.

If we go beyond this figure, we can then consider working on a videolip for one of the songs of the album.

I like the idea of a crowdfunding because it gives me the opportunity to take care of the audience not only with the musical proposal, but also with other gifts organized in different packs. You can choose the reward that you like the most and that adapts best to your interests and your contribution capacity. Choose the one that you like the most!

Other collaborations

To be able to make this project come true, I also count with the collaboration of professionals, family and friends. Elena Navarro and Helena Vilar work on the art of the disc and the graphic design. The photographer Xavier Moreno has produced the presentation video of this project. For the musical work and performance, I will also count with the collaboration of several musicians. I will tell you more about it! I would also like to mention the poet Vicenç Altaió, who is the author of the lyrics of one of the songs of the album.

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your support, in one way or another, on this project.

Photo: Xavier Moreno
Photo: Xavier Moreno

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    No tenim dates encara però hi haurà més d'una opció de data i lloc. Tant aviat com ho concretem us informarem dels detalls!

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  • Conxita


    8 days

    Emocionada de participar en el teu projecte musical!!! Felicitats

  • Mercè Coma

    Mercè Coma

    13 days

    Felicitats Mariona !!

  • Anna Diminuta

    Anna Diminuta

    24 days

    Molta sort bonica i molta música .Petonassos

  • Bea Andueza

    Bea Andueza

    24 days

    Espero que te vaya muy muy bien bonita!!!

  • Maria Roquer Rovira


    25 days

    Quines ganes d’escoltar aquest Vaivén, d’escoltar-te a tu, sempre amb projectes atrevits i plens de força. Gràcies Meri🙏🏻♥️

  • cristina


    25 days

    Vingaaaaa! Que ja ho tenim!!!!

  • jorditolosa


    26 days

    😊 Moltes, moltes ganes d'escoltar-lo!!!!😘

  • laiasauret.art@gmail.com


    27 days

    Ets molt crack! Ganes de sentir-te!

  • Miona


    28 days


  • Roger Pujol Piazuelo

    Roger Pujol Piazuelo

    28 days

    Una abraçada i tota la nostra energia positiva! 🤗😘

#01 / Ho celebrem?

Hola a tots i totes!

Primer de tot vull agraïr-vos el suport i confiança en el projecte!

Per a mi no era fàcil posar en valor la proposta a l'avançada i demanar-vos temps i diners, però era la única fórmula per fer-ho possible!

Ara som més de 100 empenyent el carro i em sento molt agraïda i afortunada!

Vull celebrar-ho amb vosaltres amb el collage de la portada del disc!

Collage: Elena Navarro. Disseny: Helena Vilar
Collage: Elena Navarro. Disseny: Helena Vilar

Ens queden encara 30 dies de campanya a Verkami i es poden seguir fent aportacions. L'objectiu assolit ens permet finançar els costos d'enregistrament, producció, mescles, màster i una part de l'edició física del disc. Amb més recursos podríem finançar també la participació dels col·laboradors músics, artistes plàstics, de disseny i fotografia, serveis discogràfics, la realització d'un videoclip, etc. Així doncs, seguim amb l'objectiu d'anar fent créixer el projecte amb i per a vosaltres!

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