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La Quarta Paret

A story about the integration difficulties that children of Moroccan immigrants face in the Catalan society nowadays.

Pere Girbau

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The Story

To celebrate his 18th birthday, Bilal is going to the club for the first time with his two best friends. Throughout the evening he stumbles upon various obstacles that could appear to have been driven by both discrimination or just the natural behaviour of teenagers at such an age. It is not until the end of the night that a fourth hurdle takes shape and does not allow for any more ambiguity to the question – racial discrimination in its definite form.

Based on a personal account of Bilal Coucou

Girlhood (2014)
Girlhood (2014)

Who We Are

‘’La Quarta Paret’’ is the final project of Pere Girbau at the film school of Catalonia (ESCAC), together with:

Anas Qada, Elias Karrouch and Eissam Chaouch | Protagonists

Marc Esquirol | Producer

Miquel Agell | Production Assistant

Eva de Diego | Assistant Director

Dalmau López, Bilal Coucou and Pere Girbau | Script

Santiago Pujol | Director of Photography

Kwame Carlos | Camera Operator

Mar Vidal | Gaffer

Marc Arumí | 1st AC

Gemma Gomis | 2nd AC

Gemma de Miguel | Spark

Adela Montoliu | Spark

Fran Moreno | Art Direction

Maria Peix | Assistant Art Director

Raul Villalba | Costume Designer

Joel Cortina | Sound Mixer

Martina Vilella | Boom Operator

Jordi Sanz | Film Editor

Joana Bertran | DIT

Caile Chiner | Script

Special collaboration with Moha Mazian

Moonlight (2016)
Moonlight (2016)


During my adolescence I have witnessed on numerous occasions how peers of Moroccan descent had to turn around and go home because they had been denied entry at the club. The occurrences went on repeating and as time went by, it began to pass as normal for people.

All this made me question how it could be so difficult for some to imagine that those teenagers could well have the same thrills and goals as themselves.

The purpose of the short film is to create a bond between the spectator and the protagonists of the story, in order to emphasize with them and in that way become a direct participant in the outcome, living it through the point of view of both the group of friends and the bystanders that many times act on prejudice.

Pere Girbau

Territory (2018)
Territory (2018)

How will the donations be allocated?

As a project that has been approved by the selection board, we are awarded with a financial endowment, however it is not sufficient for covering all the expenses of the production. It is for this reason that we need your help in order to make it possible.

One part of the budget will serve to better the equipment of the department of photography. Another part will be assigned to the department of art, in order to modify the spaces at the sets and achieve the looks that the story demands for.

Finally, a substantial part will be assigned to cover the production expenses, such as transportation, accommodation and the daily diet of the cast and crew during the five days of filming at Roda de Ter, Catalonia.

Desglòs despeses de producció
Desglòs despeses de producció


Pre-production: The pre-production process has been active since October, 2020 and will continue until July 31st 2021 – the last week before filming.

Filming: From July 31st until August 4th 2021.

Postproduction: Includes postproduction of sound, editing and colour grading which will come into being during the months of August and September of 2021.

Premiere: The short film will premiere in September and from then on begin its journey screening at film festivals.

As for the donation rewards, they will be brought to you once the film is finished.

No Hope Generation (2019)
No Hope Generation (2019)


Finally, it is important to say that every donation, big or small is welcome and much appreciated. In the name of the whole crew, we want to thank you for your help, be it so by donating or simply bringing awareness to the subject. Either way, we would be thrilled if you took part in this project.

Thank you,

The Crew of ‘’La Quarta Paret’’

Moonlight (2016)
Moonlight (2016)


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  • Joan


    over 2 years


  • alvaro


    almost 3 years

    ¿Conseguiremos salvar la vida de un sudamericano que se da cuenta que los españoles no sabemos comprarnos casas o viviendas?

  • Xènia Aran

    Xènia Aran

    almost 3 years

    Molta sort en el projecte !!

  • Julio López Gude

    Julio López Gude

    almost 3 years

    Amb ganes de veure'l !!!!

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