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Lizzie, the musical

The rock musical about the real-life story of Lizzie Borden, the axe murderer. Let's get together to shout for feminism and freedom!!


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We have achieved the first goal!

And we are immensely grateful for that. We want to thank all the patrons: friends, family, LIZZIE fans ... it is thanks to you that LIZZIE will have the minimum budget to carry out the production.

But we are ambitious, and we want LIZZIE to be even more spectacular! That's why we lost our minds and will offer you THE REWARD.

Therefore, we present the second goal:

If we reach 5.500 €, all patrons who have made a contribution of 25 € or more will enter the LOTTERY for a TRIP TO LONDON FOR TWO PEOPLE AND TICKETS TO SEE SIX, THE MUSICAL !!!

The lottery includes:

  • Round trip flights to London for two people

  • Two tickets to see Six at the Vaudeville Theater in London

  • Accommodation for two people for one night

· The lottery will only take place if the second goal of 5.500 € is reached
· The trip must be between October 1st, 2021 and May 1st, 2022
· The exact dates will be chosen by the winner and the producers depending on the availability of tickets for the show and the situation of COVID-19
· For every 25 € contributed, there will be a participation in the lottery. Example: if you have taken the 100 € pack, you have 4 shares.
· If you are already a patron but your contribution is less than 25 €, you only have to contribute the amount you would need to reach this figure. This way you would get a share in the lottery. Example: if you took the t-shirt (20 €) you could make a contribution of 5 € and you would already participate in the lottery.

LIZZIE, the musical

LIZZIE is a rock musical based in the real-life story of Lizzie Borden, the axe murderer.

It is a powerful feminist declaration that opens universal morality debates. Our ant-heroin, tired of being abused, screams for freedom and makes a decision that changes her world forever. A unique all-female production.

The music and original script are from Steven Cheslik-deMeyer, Alan Stevens Hewitt and Tim Maner. Our adaptation to catalan will have a life band with Keyboard, two guitars, bass, drums and cello.

The cast: Claudia Anyor, Gemma Maus, Alba Grau, Candela Díaz Sanz, Ariadna Clapés.
The cast: Claudia Anyor, Gemma Maus, Alba Grau, Candela Díaz Sanz, Ariadna Clapés.

What's it about?

In the late summer of 1892, Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe. Testimonies were muddled, evidence was incomplete, and Lizzie was acquitted. The musical delves into the mysterious mind of Lizzie Borden and speculates on the motivations she may have had: loss of inheritance, history of sexual abuse, overwhelming oppression, and madness.

In the musical we'll see what happened before the murders and all the juridical process that came after them. Whilst seeing what part had in the story the relationships she had with her sister Emma, the family's maid, Bridget, and her neighbour and confidant, Alice.

Sketches of the crime scenes from newspapers of the time.
Sketches of the crime scenes from newspapers of the time.

Who are we?

We're Alba, Ariadna and Gemma, three musical theatre actresses that love taking to life their own projects. What unites us the most is our passion for alternative musicals. Those that have you on the edge of your seat. That's why we decided to start our own company Què collons? produccions [QC?], (In english, "What the fuck? Productions").

Together for the first time, we were looking for the project that pulled on our heartstrings. With LIZZIE we finally found a story where women, at last, are the protagonists.

How can you help?

Participate in the Verkami campaign and be our patron!! Depending on your contribution you will be able to recieve various gifts. From our personal thank you on social media with the smallest contibutions to invitations for the premiere of the show (exclusive for patrons) or taking home with you the authentic axe that our Lizzie will use to commit the murders show after show, signed by all of LIZZIE's team.

Thank you for helping us make our project a reality!

Portaits of the protagonists by the artist Tiago Brás Rodrigues.
Portaits of the protagonists by the artist Tiago Brás Rodrigues.

When will you recieve your gift?

The premiere of the show will be the 5th of November of 2021 at 20.00 in L'Estruch Fàbrica de creació in Sabadell (Barcelona).

If your reward includes invitations you can pick up your gifts right there and then.

If you don't come to the premiere we'll send you your gifts by mail in November 2021.

Where will your contribution go?

Producing a musical from zero it's not easy at all. Your contribution we'll be dedicated to one of these fields:

Set and costume Alícia, our scenographer, created a unique and bold design to bring life to the characters and the stage. Now we need the material and the hands to make it a reality.

Publicity We want this shocking story to get to everyone. Sharing is the key.

Technical requirements Lights, mics, life-band... LIZZIE is like an AC/DC concert and we can not fall short.

Acquire copyright As you know, LIZZIE was created in the US, and we have to pay quite something so the author's let us bring it to Barcelona. Don't miss out!

Costumes moodboard.
Costumes moodboard.

Costumes moodboard.
Costumes moodboard.

First designs.
First designs.

Set design.
Set design.

Follow us!!

Delve into our #lizzieverse and watch closely the rehearsals, the creative process, meet the team and much more in: @lizziemusical.barcelona

Welcome to the house of Borden!



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  • Laura Collado

    Laura Collado

    over 2 years

    Molta merda!

  • vero masferrer

    vero masferrer

    over 2 years

    Enhobona Ariadna! Endavant!!! Vero M

  • Mon Delfin

    Mon Delfin

    almost 3 years

    Os deseo mucha suerte a las dos , besitos Mon Delfín

  • Anna M Capdevila

    Anna M Capdevila

    almost 3 years

    Endavant noies, molta força i mirant endavant !

  • Anna


    almost 3 years

    Molts bons desitjos i molta empenta!

  • MOON


    almost 3 years

    Ho petareu!!

  • Clara Beack

    Clara Beack

    almost 3 years

    :D yuhuuuu ganes de musical!!!

  • isgunis


    almost 3 years

    Molta merda!!!

  • Joan Carles

    Joan Carles

    almost 3 years

    Cal perseguir els somnis

  • ncivis


    almost 3 years

    Molts ànims noies, això fa molt bona pinta!!!

#02 / Hem assolit el primer objectiu!!

I estem immensament agraïdes per aquest fet. Volem donar-vos les gràcies a totxs les mecenes: amigues, família, fans de LIZZIE... és gràcies a vosaltres que LIZZIE disposarà del pressupost mínim per dur a terme la producció!

Però som ambicioses, i volem que LIZZIE pugui ser encara més espectacular! És per això que se’ns n’ha anat l’olla i us volem oferir LA RECOMPENSA per excel·lència.

Per tant, us presentem el segon objectiu:

Si arribem a 5.500 € totxs les mecenes que hagin fet una aportació de 25 € o més entraran al SORTEIG d’un VIATGE A LONDRES PER A DUES PERSONES I ENTRADES PER A VEURE EL MUSICAL D’ÈXIT INTERNACIONAL, SIX!!!

El sorteig inclou:

  • Vols d’anada i tornada a Londres per a dues persones

  • Dues entrades per a veure Six al Vaudeville Theatre de Londres

  • Allotjament per a dues persones per una nit

· El sorteig només es farà si s’arriba al segon objectiu de 5.500 €
· El viatge ha de ser entre l’1 d’octubre de 2021 i l’1 de maig de 2022
read more

#01 / Estem a punt d'arribar a l'objectiu!

Moltes gràcies per ajudar-nos a arribar fins aquí!!

Gràcies a vosaltres, queden menys de 1000€ per assolir el nostre primer objectiu, i a 29 dies d'acabar el Verkami!

Per aquest motiu, a continuació us volem deixar un petit avanç del vídeo d'assajos que estem preparant. El penjarem quan arribem a l'objectiu, depèn de vosaltres! 🪓🪓🪓


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