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Production of Woman'sBack®, the first backpack for women with breast cancer

Woman'sBack ® is the first backpack designed for women who have had breast cancer and want to lead an active life without limitations.

Lali Costa

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Woman'sBack® is the first backpack specially designed and patented to reduce the risk of developing lymphedema in women who have had breast cancer and encourages them to lead active lives without limitations

Woman'sBack® is born from Maria Prandi's personal experience. In 2015 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and that same year she was operated on to treat it.

The following summer, Maria, who is in love with the mountain, promised herself that she would make a crossing to the Pyrenees, and to do so, she needed to carry a backpack. Doctors warned her that carrying a backpack could cause lymphedema in her arm.

She looked for a backpack that would meet her need, but found none, so she decided to design her own backpack.

MARIA PRANDI, Ideator and Co-Founder of the Woman
MARIA PRANDI, Ideator and Co-Founder of the Woman'sBack® Project 📸 Laia Ylla Foto (https://laiayllafoto.com/laia-ylla-foto-fotografias-con-luz-natural-llenas-de-emocion/)

Lymphedema develops in some patients with breast cancer, as when the lymph nodes are removed, fluid builds up in the arm. Lymphedema is an inflammation that can become chronic, and causes a lot of pain. To avoid this, specialists recommend performing a certain physical activity and avoid bearing weight.

What we have done has been to develop a system for closing a normal backpack, which with just three steps, allows you to carry weight and free the affected area from any pressure. The adaptation of the system is done by hand in Barcelona. Our backpacks are personalized and adapted for each woman, as it depends on where she has been operated on, a modification is made on the right or left side.
How does the system work? Watch this video and find out 🎒

Photo of the Woman
Photo of the Woman'sBack® system (adaptation made for women operated on the left side)

For now, our stock and production are very limited, by manually adapting the system. After almost three years since the birth of Woman'sBack®, the demand is higher and higher, both inside and outside Europe, and we are faced with the need to offer a product at a cheaper cost and faster way. That is why we want to carry out the first outsourced production of our backpacks.

Hand modification of the patented Woman
Hand modification of the patented Woman'sBack® system in our workshop in Barcelona

We need 3,500 euros to make a production of 300 backpacks. Once we have reached this amount, the backpacks will take between 3 and 4 months to be produced and reach their recipients.

The models we will produce will be available in blue and red, and will have a 25-liter capacity, which are the most successful in the project so far.

Main features of the backpack:
• Volume: 25 l
• Material: Nylon / Polyester Ripstop
• Weight: 950 g
• Color: Red or Blue
• Back: Cool Alpina Air system
• Measurements: Waist 126 cm, Adaptation strap 67 cm, Chest tensioner 60 cm, Back 16.50 cm

In addition, the backpack has: rain coat, chest strap, emergency whistle, side compression straps, side mesh pocket, fanny pack with pocket, pole holder and access to Hidrobag.

Backpack model Caroline 25 l(red) and Martha 25 L (blue)
Backpack model Caroline 25 l(red) and Martha 25 L (blue)

About rewards

To collaborate with our project you can choose the following reward:

  • 10 € With this contribution you are helping to make the project a reality and in addition to a gift we send you a Woman’sBack® totebag

  • 25 € With this contribution you are helping to make the project a reality and in addition to a gift we send you a Woman’sBack® t-shirt

  • 45 € With this contribution you are helping to make the project a reality and in addition to a gift we send you some trekking poles or Nordic walking

  • € 65 Get your Woman’sBack® backpack in blue (Martha model) or red (Caroline model) modified on the right or left side

  • € 65 Get a Woman’sBack® backpack in blue (model Martha) or red (model Caroline) modified on the right or left side to give to someone you know who needs it

  • € 65 Get your Woman’sBack® backpack without modification

  • € 120 Get the Woman’sBack® pack: totebag, T-shirt, trekking poles or Nordic walking and backpack with or without modification

All rewards include shipping to Spain

  • € 12 Contribute to this reward to cover the shipping costs of any of the rewards outside Spain

If we reach the goal of the campaign and exceed it:

  • 100% ➡ we launch the production of 300 backpacks

  • 200% ➡ we launch the production of 200 more backpacks and give 5% to solidarity projects related to breast cancer

Who are we?

Currently behind Woman’sBack® is a team fully aware and motivated by a single cause; that women who have overcome breast cancer, lead an active life and have no limits.

To learn more about our project, you can check out our website and social media!


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  • Ana


    over 2 years

    Gracias por una iniciativa tan necesaria 😊

  • isabel


    over 2 years

    Estupenda idea, muchas ganas de poder llevar una mochila en mis rutas!

  • Agp


    over 2 years

    Muchos ánimos, espero que lo consigáis, me parece una idea genial. Felices fiestas!

  • Laiamr88 de

    Laiamr88 de

    over 2 years

    Enhorabona per la iniciativa!!!

  • Marcos Iglesias

    Marcos Iglesias

    over 2 years

    Me parece un proyecto maravilloso y sin duda merecedor de llegar lo más lejos posible!! Mucho ánimo y siempre adelante!

  • Sara Cano Ruiz

    Sara Cano Ruiz

    over 2 years

    Muchísimas gracias por desarrollar esta idea y hacerla posible. Creo que va a ayudar mucho a mi madre, y no sólo a poder llevar cosas, sino emocionalmente.

  • Iria Lamarca

    Iria Lamarca

    over 2 years

    Mucho ánimo, esta mochila me viene muy bien para mi linfedema. ESPERO Y DESEO que este proyecto salga a la luz. Abrazos.

  • moris


    over 2 years

    Suerte y Animos compañer@s

  • Gusonette


    over 2 years

    Mucha suerte, ojalá lo consigamos!! 💜

  • Glòria


    over 2 years


#02 / Woman'sBack® - Primeros evíos de las recompensas de bastones y totebags 👏💜


Esperamos que estéis muy bien.

Nosotros estamos muy contentos y atareados preparando todas las recompensas y enviándolas a casa de sus mecenas.🏡

De momento, están saliendo ya las totebags y los bastones de trekking y marcha nórdica, y nos consta que los mecenas que ya las tiene las está estrenando, y a nosotros no nos puede hacer más ilusión.✌

Por las camisetas, tendréis que esperar una semana más, porque habíamos agotado tallas, pero están al caer también. ¡Esto es un no parar! 😊

Por último, por las mochilas todavía habrá que esperar hasta finales de abril, ya que se están produciendo con mucho amor💜.

Mientras tanto retamos a todos los mecenas que hayan recibido su recompensa a colgar una foto en instagram con la totebag o los bastones y etiquetando @womansback y #verkamiwomansback!

¡Muchas gracias a todos y seguimos en contacto!

Un abrazo

#01 / Woman'sBack® - Reto Conseguido ✔ Primera producción de mochilas de nuestra marca 🎒💜


Somos el equipo de Woman'sBack® y estamos muy contentos. ¡Hemos conseguido nuestro objetivo! Y con él...el sueño de muchas mujeres: poder ir a la montaña con su propia mochila.

Llegar hasta aquí nos ha costado mucho, pero juntos lo hemos logrado y no hubiera sido posible sin vuestra contribución.

Estamos agradecidos por los mensajes de ánimo y agradecimiento que hemos recibido a lo largo de la campaña, y a la vez eufóricos de ver cómo nuestro proyecto cada vez es más conocido y puede ayudar a tantas mujeres a sentirse libres y sin límites otra vez.

Han pasado ya casi 4 años des de que nos lanzamos a la piscina y fundamos Woman'sBack®. Ahora pasamos a otra fase: menos tiempo de espera para recibir vuestra mochila y un producto más económico en el modelo de 25 litros.

Muchas gracias por confiar en nuestro proyecto y por impulsarlo, de corazón 💜

El equipo de Woman'sBack®,

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