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Enter my Paradise

Paradise is a huge leap in the dark, a voyage in 7 dimension. I'd love to have you with me. Do you want to join me?

Silvia Thomas Music

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Paradise is my first solo album. It includes 7 songs, each with its own personality and style, like 7 different characters, 7 moods, and 7 places I’ve been in the past 2 years. Theatre has deeply influenced my compositions, especially in the way I share them. I always say that these songs are images made song, and paintings painted with notes.

Visuals are a fundamental aspect of my interpretation, and each song is accompanied by a beautiful illustration. Each has a different technique and concept, connected to the others through a short surreal story stringing together the images, and the sensations they transmit along with the music, with a red string.

This album has been a voyage for me, a trance with my eyes wide open.

About the Rewards

Your support is essential to this project. First, because it will help me cover the production costs: album recording, mixing & mastering, paying my guest musicians, the illustrations, postcard graphics with surrealist font and description and printing, and rewards preparation.

You will all receive my debut album along with the beautiful postcards, and many other rewards to choose from.

This album is the result of a long process of self-recognition, self-learning and reencountering. What I like most about are is the incredible people and artists who have joined me on this path, making this a collective work.

It is like a big, collective embrace, a reunion with my extended family and an opportunity to get to know its newest members. I will therefore try to deliver these rewards in person as much as possible, in the hope of meeting you all.

If you have any doubts about how the reward will be delivered or would like to receive a reward pack, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who We Are

We were one and now we are many.

Above all, my friend, teacher, guide and inspiration Elbi Olalla, an amazing pianist, composer and even greater person. Without her, “Paradise” would not exist.

Right behind comes Marta Castro, an exceptional illustrator and multi-faceted creator. We have had a true collaboration, her images arising from our conversations and the songs that inspired them. Our meeting has been truly valuable and important.

Roberto Barroso, one of my best friends and brother, a graphic artist who is behind these beautiful postcards, their envelopes, and who supported me every step of the way.

The musicians who have come on board, of course:

Elbi Olalla (Rhodes), strong and sensitive like no other

Gerardo Lucero (Double bass), dedicated, attentive and accompanied by the incredible sound of his Gordo

Francesco Rizzo (Drums), a delicate and intelligent musician

Irene Cadario (Violin), generous and full of talent

Cesare Mecca (Trumpet), all I can say is, an exciting genius

Max Giglio (Chorus), our voices have loved each other from the start and the album is deeply thankful for his presence and dedication

Each of their fantastic, inner worlds, has made mine bigger and more powerful… an entire universe.

Genaro Mosquera, the sound technician who is making the entire universe sound even better than it does now.

And: Costanza Nannoni, Riccardo Forneris and Tara Sales who have supported me from the start through actions big and small, videos, set design, costumes, lending me their ears, eyes and especially, their love.


The album will be ready in digital format in July 2021.

We are finishing the mixing & mastering and once we launch it, I will start producing the material that accompanies the album.

I’d like to deliver the prizes personally as much as possible, from July to December 2021.

The rest will be sent directly by mail.

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Here are some links if you’d like to keep up with the project and receive updates about me, my songs and videos from time to time. It’s a great way to support my work:





Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc. (coming soon)


I hope you decide to become a part of this project! With your help, Paradise is possible!

A giant hug



  • How many classes are included in the SINGING PACK?

    The SINGING PACK includes 1 month of singing classes, that is to say 4 classes in total (1 class per week). They can be online or in person. For any other question don't hesitate to contact me.

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  • Nagami


    over 2 years

    Hola guapi! No encuentro como descargarme el disco digital...

  • Jorge da Rocha

    Jorge da Rocha

    over 2 years

    Mucha suerte querida Silvia! Disfruta del camino!

  • Vale


    over 2 years

    Grande silvia

  • Luca&Ste


    over 2 years

    Grande Silvietta! Daje così!

  • PAuLiE


    over 2 years

    Vamos bonitaaa!!!! Que lindo todooo! besoooooos

  • Emma


    over 2 years

    Grande Silviaaaa! Non vedo l'ora di ascoltare il disco!!! un bacione

  • Chucho Díaz Romero

    Chucho Díaz Romero

    over 2 years

    Palante con ese proyecto Silvia. Abrazo

  • Evelyn Pérez García (Reve Llyn)

    Evelyn Pérez García (Reve Llyn)

    over 2 years

    Adelante, Silvia, tu música no puede parar.

  • Eleonora Amendola

    Eleonora Amendola

    over 2 years

    Grande Silvi! La mia voce preferita❤

  • Silvia Thomas Music

    Silvia Thomas Music

    over 2 years

    Grazie! Vi voglio bene a tutti tantissimo!!!!!! <3

#02 / Empiezaaaa! / Iniziaaaaaaa!


Hola a todos!

Os escribo desde los maravillosos campos de girasoles del centro de Italia!

Ya llegamos! Yeaaahhh! Muchas gracias a todos por vuestra aportación, cada uno de vosotros y vosotras ha sido imprescindible para esto!

También os quería decir que ya he recibido el dinero, entonces muy muy pronto empezaré a producir todos los maravillosos regalos!

El disco estará disponible en formato digital para los que habéis aportado dentro de pocas semanas. Os avisaré y mandaré el enlace por aquí y después empezaré un mini tour por Europa para distribuir premios, tocar un poco y abrazaros a todos! Os voy a mantener informados de todo, paso a paso.


Con amor,




Ciao a tutti!

Vi scrivo dai meravigliosi campi di girasoli del centro Italia! L'obiettivo é stato raggiunto! Yeeeahh!… read more


Os presento las canciones de Paradise!

A partir de hoy iré publicando informaciones sobre las canciones del disco, para que empiecen a salir a la luz y las empecéis a conocer.

Falta un mes exacto al final de esta campaña y lo celebro con EL VELERO.

Esta canción es poética, dulce, una nana que se convierte en maremoto, una toma de conciencia de que basta mirar todo desde otra perspectiva, un empoderamiento en el fracaso.

Quién toca la canción en el disco?

  • Silvia Thomas en piano y voz

  • Gerardo Lucero en el contrabajo

  • Elbi Olalla en el Rhodes

  • Max Giglio en los coros conmigo

Cada canción tiene una imagen dibujada por Marta Castro y la podéis ver aquí. La primera de una serie hermosa.

Es un honor poder trabajar con estos genios!

Os dejo un trocito del live de presentación de hace un par de semanas. En el video toco con los dos músicos que han decidido formar parte de mi camino a partir de ahora Antony Da Cruz y Pablo Villareal y tenemos la enorme suerte de estar acompañados por

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