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Time has come to share with the world what's within me through music! Help me make my debut album a dream come true! Thank you so much!


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Who am I

Hi! I am Laura Guarch, singer, composer and performer from Ulldecona (Spain). After a few years contributing professionally to several music projects in Spain, the UK and Europe, time has come to give birth to my own music project through my debut album KRËODYLIA.

Khreode is a new term in biology (with the combination of greek words Khre and Hodos) that defines the ‘necessary path’ a cell goes through to grow and transition to its destiny.

KRËODYLIA, my debut album

KRËODYLIA is an album where music gives voice to the landscape, where we can hear the river, the breeze, the cosmos, the ice and the mist coexisting with all kinds of voices inhabiting the human soul: celestial voices, dark voices, strong voices, delicate voices… A rare coexistence between the organic and natural and the innovative, electronic and futurist.

The album includes 10 original songs: the self-produced singles Fleeting Light and Nàufrags plus 8 new songs co-produced at Olivera Studio with Chris Murphy, Vic Moliner, Laia Vallès and Pau Brugada.

What will your contributions fund

I am investing all my savings into this project in order to fund a high quality music production, however I still need 4000€ extra to ensure my music gets to you.

Of the 4000€ expected to be fundraised, 1600€ will be spent on the production of vinyls (200 copies), 800€ on the production of CDs (300 copies) and 1600€ on the cost of a PR campaign plus publishing and releasing fees.

On top of this, if we would get to 5000€ I could also fund a music video for one of the new songs of the album and that would be amazing!!

About the rewards

You will find varied and attractive rewards (some inspired by your suggestions on social media). You can choose between a CD or a Vinyl with added rewards such as a live concert outdoors with a picnic with the Concert Outdoors with Picnic Combo (London), or perhaps a private jam session with me and other participants with the Jamming Combo. If you want both the CD and Vinyl you can go with the Number One Fan Combo.

Concert Outdoors with Picnic Combo (London)
Concert Outdoors with Picnic Combo (London)

If you are able to make a bigger contribution, you can get a cover-video of your favourite song sung by me with the Cover of Your Choice Combo, or you can learn singing, piano or songwriting with me through a 5 lesson course that can be carried out online or in person with the Learn some Singing, Piano or Songwriting Combo.

There are also options for online private concerts, live private concerts with your family and friends (available only in London, Milton Keynes or Terres de l’Ebre) or private concerts on tour (available everywhere!), all of them to be performed on a duet with multi-instrumentalist Chris Murphy.

Live Private Concert with your family and friends Combo
Live Private Concert with your family and friends Combo

Finally, there is also the Holiday Combo! Chris and I are very good hosts and besides making good music we are also good cooks and we live somewhere with incredible surroundings between seaside, mountains, two rivers and a Delta! Holidays include a private concert in our home, 3 nights of accomodation in a private double room, all the meals you want cooked by us, a nature-sports activity such as Kayak in the Delta del Ebro and a cultural visit such as the prehistoric Cave Paintings in Ulldecona. Less than a handful available! Don’t lose your chance and do not hesitate to ask if you have got any questions!


If I achieve this crowdfunding goal, in September I will be able to release KRËODYLIA and send the rewards to you. Vinyls will probably take a bit longer to be available. For experience-based rewards, I will agree on a date with you.

By the way, the CD, Vinyl and Poster designs are provisional until I get the photos from wonderful Silvia Poch for the artwork :)

Thank you so much! I will always be grateful to you :)



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  • Consol Vericat

    Consol Vericat

    almost 3 years

    Ok!! Bona sort!! I a per el videoclip

  • Antoni Miralles

    Marta i Toni

    almost 3 years

    Fet! Ja m'he reservat un vinil

  • Vanessa


    almost 3 years


  • cerilet


    almost 3 years

    Molta sort Laureta! Volia posar un poc més però no donava l'opció... Un bes molt gran!

  • SharonS


    almost 3 years

    Good luck - look forward to hearing it! Xxx

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