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The Railroad Band, special vinyl edition of ULTRATUMBA, our latest work.

Blues and rock'n'roll with latin vibes. The Railroad Band is seeking to release ULTRATUMBA, collaborate with us to achieve it.


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Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for your interest in our crowdfunding project. During the last months we have worked tirelessly to finish recording, mixing and creating visuals for our new album. There are 12 songs in total that are ready to be shared, but we would love to be able to offer them in vinyl format! There will be roughly 100 copies pressed in limited edition green vinyl, including special cover artwork, and that's why we need some financial support to carry out this project.

The Railroad Band - Spook'd (From Ultratumba)

The Railroad Band - Conxuro (From Ultratumba)


We are a blues band from the north of Spain. Originally, the band consisted of the Manso brothers and the voice of Carlota Soto. After several years playing in the venues of the city, we decided to emigrate to London. There, we met British-French violinist Adele Davies, who joined the band.

The Railroad Band - Infierno (From Ultratumba)

The Railroad Band
The Railroad Band

In London we continued playing live, performing in bars and venues such as the Spiritual Bar in Camden, or the mythical Water Rats, and at festivals such as the Somers Town Festival in Kings Cross, to name a few notable gigs.

New Cross Inn. Londres
New Cross Inn. Londres

In 2018 we recorded 'Tomorrow Is Too Late', an acoustic album at Soup Studios (aboard a boat on the Thames). The album was released in digital format and is available to listen to on Spotify.


At the end of 2020 and in the following remaining months of living in England, we set to work recording songs from our South London living room with the help of Galician musician and producer Zapa, and Scottish recording technician Paul Milne. Many of the songs on the album had been in a state of flux and creative realisation since 2019. We worked together both musically and lyrically on each of the songs throughout these years.

The recording process was somewhat straightforward and most of the songs were recorded with everyone playing live in the same room, with one microphone, and in one or two takes, with minimal use of overdubs and effects. The entire album was then recorded on tape to emulate the vintage, low-fi sound of blues recordings from the 1930s-1940s.

The resulting lo-fi album is an ambiguous cross of genres: from Blues to Country, with Latin, Galician and Roma musical influences. Ultratumba, meaning the 'Afterlife' in Spanish, includes 12 new songs that each riff off this theme in different ways.


Side A

  1. What's Going On

  2. Holly Stew

  3. Conxuro

  4. Big Ass City

  5. Deep Blue Sea

  6. Infierno

Side B

  1. Spook'd

  2. When You Get Me Right

  3. Flirting With The Undertaker

  4. Rain

  5. Lingering Ghost

  6. She Might Get Mad


We've arranged a series of rewards and incentives for those who decide to donate and to help us realise this project.

There are rewards of all kinds, from the special edition of the LP Ultratumba, to tote bags and stickers. You can help us in whatever capacity you wish to!


All donations will go towards the creation and production of the rewards.


Subject to variable production times, we estimate to have the special vinyl edition along with each of the rewards ready to ship to you by September 2021.



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  • DanieloHF


    over 2 years

    Enhorabuena por el proyecto, discazo !

  • Chrysa Chlomisiou

    Chrysa Chlomisiou

    over 2 years

    Great work guys, I am looking forward to receiving the record!

  • therailroadband


    over 2 years

    We've achieved our target! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us! The campaign will continue to be open for further donations/pre-orders for the next 10 days. We hope that you're enjoying the music and are excited to get the physical goods really soon :-) Production will begin once the campaign is finished and we will ship everything out as soon as we receive them!

    Hemos conseguido nuestro objetivo! Muchísimas gracias a todos por vuestra ayuda! La campaña continuará abierta para mas donaciones/pedidos durante los próximos 10 días. Esperamos que estéis disfrutando de la música y que tengáis ganas de recibir los vinilos y el resto de recompensas :-) La producción de los vinilos empezará el día que acabe la campaña y empezaremos con las entregas tan pronto como los recibamos.

  • Closej


    over 2 years

    Buena suerte todos juan

  • Foretdore


    over 2 years

    Great video clip guys, can’t wait to receive the record !

  • Dreamtwister


    over 2 years

    Enhorabuena artistas!

  • Alexpicos


    over 2 years


  • Maria Vega Colon

    Maria Vega Colon

    over 2 years

    Mucho ánimo chicos!!!

  • jfraga


    over 2 years

    Otro granito de arena, suerte! Javi y Paula

  • johncoei


    over 2 years


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