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A history of “mare e terra”, a history of the Mediterranean, a history of universal migrant peoples

Edition of the photo book and photo for the exhibition of the visual project "mare e terra" - icons of migrants on the island of Lampedusa.

Vincenzo Noid

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A book that registers symbols , relics and images, still current in contemporary society that marginalizes the foreigner (the other ).

The island of Lampedusa is a metaphor, an invisible background to the dramatic events in the Mediterranean, where the main testimony is the "ship graveyard".

The visual narrative of the book consists of two chapters · " mare e terra " (sea and land)

cover and back cover of the book
cover and back cover of the book

· mare ·

"... in ships as in the sea, the experience of the ill-fated journey of the migrants (only imagined)".

This is the visual experience that the author wants to convey in the first person, in a limited way and only as a prelude to "land", where everything begins and ends.

page of the book - mare
page of the book - mare

Monochromatic contrasts define an outline to emotions. Black holes are intended to immerse the reader in the experience of the "other", only imagined by the author. The deviated and inclined lines of the horizon plunge into the sea of doomed voyages.

Only the imagination can be a source of representation of the experience of the "other". Only the other that has manifested itself to the author as a ghost on the island of Lampedusa, only the other unattainable and incomprehensible.

Only, because the other is "alone" in the sea just as the author is imagining him on land.

· terra ·

The land is a circumscribed contour of the island of Lampedusa where migrants "land" in an alien context, made up of ostentatious tourism and open-air museums. Museums made of ships and statutory references, images in a multicolored context of distorted realities with which migrants unpredictably collide.

page of the book - terra
page of the book - terra

The photograph describes this contrast of a European land (represented by the gate of Europe) that shows and occupies the presence of new fellow citizens. Color contrasts and distortions accentuate the representation, and even more so, the new ship cemeteries are icons of the migrants who "disembark" on the portal island of Europe.

page of the book - ship cemetery
page of the book - ship cemetery

The "Mediterranea Saving Humans" project (donations)

The book has been self-published by the author in 2018, but this new purpose has determined the birth of a new project with the intention of re-editing the book and producing it in a context of the platform Mediterranea , with the will of support the activities of the association, by donating 100% of the proceeds.

The intention is to present the new edition with a traveling exhibition , starting with Barcelona, in the halls of the Institut d'Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya (IEFC) and continuing through other interesting destinations for the project.

The printed copies will be put up for sale (or donated to Verkami benefactors ) for the same purpose as the book, that is, giving 100% of the profit to Mediterranea.

Mediterranea Saving Humans

was born in 2018 as an NGA, a Non-Governmental Action.

Individuals and associations that could no longer stand to watch other people like them die at sea came together to take action.

MEDITERRANEA stemmed from the need for justice and to do something about the thousands of people dying at sea. It stems from the courage to think that anyone can do something about it.

MEDITERRANEA comes from a shared desire to create a network, to give substance to a ground-breaking and yet very simple idea: that human life comes first, that we can and must defend this principle and the respect of human rights first and at all costs.

So the first crew came together: with increasingly frequent phone calls, meetings, gtherings. All the realities that participated in the beginning gave their contribution to make this operation come to life and many individual cultural and political personalities, when asked, generously made themselves available, mobilised and made it possible to achieve this first goal: buying a boat and set sail for the central Mediterranean Sea.

In 2019 MEDITERRANEA was established as an association, and today it has more than 2,600 members, with active groups (our ground crews) in 50 cities both in Italy and abroad.

Characteristics of the book

Photobook - A5 format - 4 color offset printing - 92 pages - 300g semi-rigid cover - 80g sheets

Author's introductory texts

How we are going to use your donations

Reissue of the book and high resolution printing:

  • Cost approx. € 2,500 for 2,000 copies

Printing of 12 copies approx. for the expo:

  • Cost approx. 1800 €

The book will be sold at a price of € 20 and all proceeds will be returned to Mediterranea.


September 2021 - printing and publishing of the book

December 2021 - preparation of the exhibition for the IEFC


WEB Mediterranea : mediterranearescue.org

INSTA Mediterranea: instagram.com/mediterranearescue

WEB IEFC: iefc.cat

WEB author: vincenzoangelini.com

INSTA author: instagram.com/photovincenzoangelini


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  • Vincenzo Noid

    Vincenzo Noid

    14 days

    GRACIAS a todos!!! Lo hemos intentado, todos juntos, pero no hemos alcanzado la cantidad mínima para poder confeccionar un producto mínimo y tener un parte para apoyar a Mediterranea (que era el objetivo principal).

    Thanks to all!!! We have tried, all together, but we have not reached the minimum quantity to be able to make a minimum product and have a part to support Mediterranea (which was the main objective).

    Grazie a tutti!!! Ci abbiamo provato, tutti insieme, ma non abbiamo raggiunto la quantità minima per poter fare un prodotto minimo e avere una parte per sostenere Mediterranea (che era l'obiettivo principale).

  • Regina Mundigl

    Regina Mundigl

    14 days


  • Vincenzo Noid

    Vincenzo Noid

    20 days

    Grazie 1000 casu e paolino. :-*

  • alberto.casu


    20 days

    Bravo Vince 😉

  • paolino


    about 1 months

    Auguri a vinzenzo per il suo progetto. Ecco il mio granello di sabbia

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