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La nit no fa vigília

A feature film about the cohabitation between a young boy and his grandmother in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Barcelona


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La nit no fa vigília

“La nit no fa vigília” is a feature film project created by six students from Pompeu Fabra University. Under the framework of the Final Project of the Bachelor’s they were able to shoot a fragment of the film, from which we edited a teaser -that can be seen in this page- of what they want their movie to become.

The film presents the stigmas that surround going to nursing homes for the elderly and what it means, or not, to be young. It also explores the intergenerational bonds between grandsons and grandmothers, between love and fatigue, as well as knowing how to say goodbye even if it is not final.


Bruno's (18) life is increasingly limited by the growing dependence of his grandmother Natividad (85), the only family he has ever known. When the opportunity to take her to a nursing home arises, he will have to deal with a decision he had not allowed himself to make before.

About us

Gerard Simó / Codirector

He has directed different projects such as the dance teaser for SPAM. Only for you, presented at the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster Talent Week 2020, the short films Umbral, Quan dines, nosaltres sopem, and has been a part of the artistic direction team in the post-production feature film Ave Maria (Pol Mansachs, Adrian Palomo) as a member of the Vist i Blau collective. He has studied at the University of California over the past year and has been part of the team of young programmers at the D’A film festival in Barcelona (2018), as well as at the Filmoteca de Catalunya (2019). He is currently participating in the Umbral podcast.

Clara Serrano / Codirector & Co-writer

Currently assistant director of two short films (Escac TFGs) - Alba (Alexandra Iglesias) and Patria (Mikel A. Garrido) - and of the music video Olé qué bonita (The True Religion Music feat. Juan Carmona). Director of short films for the Sant Joan Despí Town Hall and production designer of Once (Alba Morena), music video presented in the Setmana del Talent del Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya 2020. She has also participated in the art team of the music video Eres un temazo (Suu), short films such as De tu i de mi (Marc Vadillo) and the movie Ave Maria (Pol Mansachs and Adrián Palomo). Besides, she has participated as cinematographer in Últim dia d’estiu (Àlex Serra and Ariadna Ulldemolins). Cofounder and member of the artistic group Vist i blau and member of La Meri Productions. She would love to open a bookshop in her neighbourhood and make cinema that hits a lot of hearts.

Pau Vall / Director of photography & Executive producer

4th year student of Audiovisual Communication at UPF. He has done a residency at the University of California Santa Barbara within the degree of Film & Media. He has directed photography for JAPAN (Audiovisual Cluster 2020 Talent Week) and short films such as Umbral or Quan dines, nosaltres sopem. He is a member of Vist i Blau, with which he was part of the production design team for the feature film Ave Maria (Pol Mansachs, Adrian Palomo). In the field of criticism, he was a member of the XVI Young Jury of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival as well as the program of the European Union 28 Times Cinema 2019. He is a production assistant and a photographer at Massa d’Or Produccions. He is also the co-creator of the film and cultural podcast Umbral.

Ariadna Ulldemolins / Co-writer

She has co-directed the short film Últim dia d'estiu, currently on festival circuit, as well as Podíkia, an audiovisual dance piece presented at the 2020 Talent Week of the Audiovisual Cluster of Catalonia. She has co-directed a webserie project called El consultori sexual de Sarah Simons along with two college classmates. She has participated in the art direction/production design of various projects like Eres un temazo (suu), Ave Maria (Adrián Palomo, Pol Mansachs) and De tu i de mi (Marc Vadillo) under the name of the audiovisual creation collective Vist i Blau (@vistiblau), of which she is a founder member. She is currently working on the creation of the feature film La nit no fa vigília and the video clip Larios (Jester) as an Assistant Director in both.

Laura Corominas / Co-writer

She is currently in an internship as an assistant of realization and assembly in the audiovisual department of ESMUC. She has worked as an assistant scriptwriter and documentary filmmaker at the Catalan production company Goroka. Co-host of the Enxanclats program on the Berguedà Television for three seasons, as well as other live programs. She has been trained in various writing courses and workshops at the Laboratori de Lletres. She is taking a dramaturgy workshop at the Sala Beckett with Marc Rosich. Passionate about theater and acting, she is currently studying the theatrical training monograph at La Closca.

Laura Serra / Executive producer

She has directed Oblivion, a dance teaser presented to the Setmana del Talent del Clúster Audiovisual de Catalunya 2020. She has participated in the art team of Ave Maria (film directed by Pol Mansachs and Adrian Palomo), Eres un temazo - Suu (videoclip directed by Marc Vadillo) and De tu i de mi (short film directed by Marc Vadillo), and many others. She has co-composed the soundtrack of the short films Últim dia d'estiu (Àlex Serra and Ariadna Ulldemolins) and Q*uan dines, nosaltres sopem* (Gerard Simó, Pau Vall) both applying for festivals. Currently second assistant director of two short films (ESCAC TFG’s) in pre-production, directed by Mikel Andoni G. and Alexandra Iglesias respectively. Member of the artistic group Vist i Blau @vistiblau.

Who advises us

Núria Aidelman/ Graduated from Pompeu Fabra University. She co-directs the cultural association A Bao A Qu (Prize of the Catalan Association of Art Critics 2020 in Education) with educational programs such as Cinema in course or In residence, which bring cinema and art to primary and secondary schools.

Pep Garrido/ Director and scriptwriter graduated from Pompeu Fabra University. He is the co-writer and co-director of Bustamante Perkins (2013) and Sense Sostre (2019). Collaborator of the educational program Cinema in course.

Celia Rico/ Director and scriptwriter graduated from the University of Seville and the University of Barcelona. She has directed the short film Luisa is not at home (2012) and the feature film Journey to a mother's room (2018), winner of various awards such as the Gaudí for best screenplay.

Carla Simón/ Director and scriptwriter graduated from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has directed the short films If then else (2018), Correspondence (2020), as well as the feature film Summer 1993 (2017), which was awarded as best first work at the Berlinale and best new direction at the Goya awards, among others. She is currently preparing her second feature film Alcarràs.

Aitor Martos/ Production director graduated from the Pompeu Fabra University. He has worked in productions such as Between two waters (2018) and The next skin (2016) by Isaki Lacusta, among others.


About the rewards

We’ve had the huge opportunity to collaborate with the illustrator Maria Ventura-Traveset Vidal, @nomagradadibuixar on Instagram, who has made us some precious illustrations which you can find in some of the rewards: the totebag, the stickers and the t-shirt.

All shipping costs for rewards are covered.

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Where can you find us?

At this moment, we are looking for a production company interested in our project, so do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt or request! You can find us on Instagram @vigiliafilm, Twitter @vigiliafilm_ or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you very much! The team of La nit no fa vigília


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  • Xavier


    about 3 years

    Molts ànims! Molt ben muntat...expectatives a taula

  • xlacort


    about 3 years

    Feliciatats per la iniciativa i el treball. Gent jove amb idees és e què ens falta.

  • xlacort


    about 3 years

    Podeu posar que la donació és de Dolors i Xavier? Gràcies

  • Dies d'estiu i de pluja

    Dies d'estiu i de pluja

    about 3 years

    Feu coses molt boniques!!! Amb moltíssimes ganes que aquest projecte segueixi creixent i arribi ben lluny :)

  • allorens92


    about 3 years

    Vaya teaser.... Caviar

  • allorens92


    about 3 years


  • Hug24


    about 3 years

    Ganes de vigil(i)ar-la...!

  • Dani Grandes

    Dani Grandes

    about 3 years

    Moltissisissisisisimes ganes de veure més 💫💫💫💫

  • Guillermo Padrón Reyes

    Guillermo Padrón Reyes

    about 3 years

    Allez allez ya lo tenéis!!

  • Víctor


    about 3 years


#02 / Seguim amb la vigília!

Estimades i estimats mecenes,

Després de tant de temps us venim a posar al dia del nostre projecte i parlar de les vostres recompenses, perquè veieu que no ens oblidem de vosaltres! 💙

Ha estat un any molt intens de desenvolupament en què hem tingut l'oportunitat de fer créixer el projecte en diferents laboratoris de creació i festivals de cinema. Tot això ho podeu veure al nostre perfil d'Instagram (@vigiliafilm), on anem penjant actualitzacions i fotografies del nostre recorregut. Per si us quedeu encuriosides!

Entrant als últims mesos d'aquest any ens trobem immerses en la pre-producció del film. Després de treballar intensament en el guió, encarem amb moltes ganes el rodatge de finals de novembre-desembre🎥.

El nostre objectiu ha estat sempre fer la millor pel·lícula possible, i gràcies a vosaltres i les vostres aportacions serem capaces d'aconseguir-ho.

read more

#01 / Objectiu aconseguit! Seguim!

Estimades mecenes,

Moltes gràcies per donar suport a un projecte tan especial per nosaltres com és La nit no fa vigília. Després de setmanes de campanya, podem dir que hem aconseguit l'objectiu i és gràcies a totes vosaltres!

Encara queden uns dies on la web de micromecenatge seguirà oberta, i us convidem a seguir difonent el projecte, perquè contra més donacions aconseguim, més fàcil ens serà portar aquesta història a la realitat. Per aquests darrers dies ens hem marcat un segon objectiu de 8000€, que ens permetria disposar de millor material tècnic, localitzacions i en general millorar les condicions del rodatge i de la postproducció final.

Moltes gràcies de nou,

Equip de La nit no fa vigília <3


Estimadas mecenas,

Muchas gracias por apoyar un proyecto tan especial para nosotras como es La nit no fa vigília. Después de semanas de campaña, podemos decir que hemos conseguido el objetivo y es gracias a todas ustedes!

read more

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