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Milena Brody's first album

After releasing my first EP and various singles, I am finally embarked on my first album. Would you like to help me on this journey?

Milena Brody

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Welcome to this journey

Hello! My name is Milena Brody. This is my first album and it's the first time I've done a crowdfunding campaign. We have already put a lot of work and love into this, but I want more and I would like to share it with you from the beginning.

Recording vocals at TIERRA studio
Recording vocals at TIERRA studio

A little bit about myself

I was born in Ukraine, but I’ve spent most of my life in Madrid (Spain). When I was 6 years old I fully immersed myself into music and here I am, with my viola under my arm, with the piano I compose with and singing non stop.

In 2018 I released my first EP and various singles after that. Now I am finally preparing my first album.

How am I moving forward?

I'm producing it with Roger and Uri ("Doreste Records"). The three of us form a team which makes the songs reflect a lot of care and dedication. I am also going to include collaborations with other very special musicians and artists.

About the rewards

This album means a lot to me, and with your help I can give it the boost it deserves.

The rewards are designed so that you get something unique and original, with its own brand and influences from my native country (Ukraine). The paintings below are some of ArteSandro’s work, a Ukranian artist who’s lived in La Manga for the last five years. The last couple rewards include one of his paintings and I’m glad you get to enjoy them.



Being part of this is being part of a project that has been a dream for a very long time, so that it finally becomes a reality.

How can you be part of the thank you song for this campaign?

I love composing with you, and there are already a few songs that have been created with your words and ideas. From all the words you tell me, I'm going to randomly choose 10 words feom the ones you give me and compose a song at the end of this campaign. Leave your suggested word in the comments below. 💖

Expected schedule

This is expected to come out between the end of 2021 and 2022.

+ Info

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Youtube de Milena Brody


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  • Miguel Pachas

    Miguel Pachas

    6 days

    vamos, mucha caña!

  • Ángel Campos

    Ángel Campos

    9 days

    Mi palabra es "destello"

  • Milena Brody

    Milena Brody

    9 days

    Gracias por vuestras aportaciones y vuestras palabras, sois LO MÁS!! 🤩

    Ya no queda nada para que termine la campaña, así que seguid compartiéndola y hablando sobre ella, para que llegue a más gente 💜💜💜

  • Álvaro Pérez

    Álvaro Pérez

    9 days


  • Abetulo


    14 days

    Mi palabra es: Voluntad. ¡Mucha suerte!

  • Alejandra


    17 days

    mile bellaaa ganazas de escuchar tu music!

  • Engel Paunovichsen

    Engel Paunovichsen

    21 days

    Con mis mejores deseos y todo el cariño.


  • Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

    Rodolfo Chikilicuatre

    23 days

    Baby bull

  • kerusanchez


    27 days

    Ánimo y suerte!

  • alextango


    27 days

    Gracias Milena por hacer la vida más bonita con tu voz. Mi palabra es "deseo"

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