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Fase 3

Phase 3 is a horror and sci-fi short film, which aims to be an innovative, interesting and aesthetically transgressive project.


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Ava, an unemployed young woman, gets a job interview for a large multinational, but she doesn't know that may be her undoing. The next day, wake up in a small metal cell. Ava will have to find out why she's been locked up and what plan they have for her.

It is a genre short film, which the background deals with social issues such as social classes and power.


"Phase 3" is a different project than what we are used to viewing in the most mainstream or commercial cinema.

It is a project in which argument development has been working for about a year. It is true that from the beginning this project began as a purely genre script (terror, science fiction), but finally, the new social circumstances were analyzed, rated them as a way of exploiting the project itself, a fact by which the story was reformulated and it was decided to update some details based on current topics. With the intention of, as stated above, to give greater impact and power to the story.

"Phase 3" is certainly not a documentary project, realistic or focused on social criticism. It is a fiction project, which is intended to be an innovative project, interesting and aesthetically transgressive, motifs that make it on a risky project, so it is considered that it can have a good acceptance in the independent film market and in festival circuits.

Concept art - Characters
Concept art - Characters

It is also intended to give this short film personality, strength and intensity in its plot, showing characters psychologically complex and with a marked visual style and personality. It is because of these aspects that "Phase 3" is valued as a project of good reception by that sector, both lover /consumer of independent cinema, as well as by the public of new platforms. These aspects aside, the great motivation of the project, is to obtain a short film of the highest possible quality, and that has the greatest impact on festivals and commercialization.

Concept art - Protagonista
Concept art - Protagonista


It has 3 sections divided into their locations. In general, with saturated colors and an aesthetic with a serious and minimalist tone.


Concept art - Interiors
Concept art - Interiors


Concept art - Cell
Concept art - Cell


Concept art - Desert
Concept art - Desert


AVA - Noelia Galán

CISNEROS - Nicoleta Hacman

MONZÓN - David Fernández

SOLDADO - José Escudero

SECRETARIO - Dani Ultares


Productora: Filmeddy, Trencafilms

Productor ejecutivo: Oussama B.B.

Producción: Noelia Sanz

Dirección, guión: Miguel Ávila

Dirección de fotografía: Jaume Verdú

Edición y montaje: Jimena Valero

Operador de cámara: Jesús Fdez. Zarza

Diseños: Roberto Santos

Poster: Prahbu

Ay. de dirección: Luís Pisonero

Dirección de arte: Gonzalo Muratel

Atrezo: Patricia Barrios

Música: Moisés Álvarez

Ayudante de cámara: Félix Botello

Etalonaje, corrección color: Rodrigo González

Iluminación: Roberto Blanco

Segundo operador, eléctrico: Pablo Eguizábal


Preproducción: Enero-Junio 2021

Rodaje: Julio-Agosto 2021

Postproducción: Octubre 2021


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  • Fasetres


    almost 3 years

    ¡Muchas gracias! :)

  • fafula5@gmail.com

    [email protected]

    almost 3 years

    Espero que todo salga bien, y puedas hacerla

#01 / ¡Muchas gracias!

Hemos llegado a nuestro objetivo en tan solo diez días... es una locura.

Queremos agradeceros a todas las personas implicadas en que Fase 3 se haga un sueño realidad.

Seguimos trabajando y depositamos nuestro cariño día a día para obtener el mejor resultado, y con el fin de que muy pronto podáis ver Fase 3. Atent@s para más info ;)


El equipo de Fase 3

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