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Visual poetry - a book about photographic composition

An essay that explores the most known photographic composition techniques in relationship to the human organism and natural perception.


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What is Visual poetry? I don't want to show spoilers of what you can expect from the book, but I'd like to answer this question by going into something that happens every time I see a picture; because, whenever I do that, I don't tell myself consciously "OK, let's begin looking at this photo from here, then I'll move across it to there in a specific way, and finally I'll step back to see the whole"... this happens without me knowing it, in an instant, and before I have time to think about it or analyze all the components of the image. Why?

Poesía visual
Poesía visual

In this essay about image composition, we approach it from an organic viewpoint; that's to say, looking at ourselves as a living organism in nature. It explores perception and how certain composition techniques take advantage of how the human being perceives its surroundings and habitat to create visual narratives.

Visual poetry is a 140 pages, full colour, book with soft cover and small in design; 18x18 cm (about 7x7 in), but with a lot of information condensed in it.

I started writing it thinking in the composition book I’d have loved to have when I started into photography. However, it’s not only about photography, even though it’s focused on it, but it can be used for any other visual art such as painting, illustration, design, etc..

Introducción al capítulo I
Introducción al capítulo I

Líneas en composición
Líneas en composición

Sobre formas y fondos
Sobre formas y fondos

Un mundo a color
Un mundo a color


What’s in the book?

The book starts by analyzing something that I find extremely interesting: ourselves and how we behave; then, once this foundation is solid, we start by going into the most known composition techniques in art and how they are related to that.

  • Chapter I How do we learn?
  • Chapter II How do we see?
  • CHapter III The natural movement of sight
  • Chapter IV Directionality of forms
  • Chapter V Gestalt and visual perception
  • Chapter VI Colour
  • Chapter VII Understanding the rules
  • Chapter VIII Building mental maps
  • Chapter IX Visual poetry

This is basically the table of contents in the book; and in the 140 pages it has we expand on each one of these ideas and concepts to understand how to create images that say much more than simple games between lights and shadows.

About the rewards

Nobody said that publishing a book was an easy task, but honestly it’s way easier than in other times. Today, with the possibility of self publishing, there’s a whole new world opened to authors; the frontiers of what is posible are expanded.

However, the cost is the other side of the coin, and usually the barrier that we crash against as independent authors; and here is where you, the Patrons, come into the scene.

And the best way I have to thank you for your support are the rewards...

NOTE FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING SUPPORTERS: At the moment, the only version on Visual poetry in English is the PDF, but if you'd like to support me in the printed versions as well, I'd be glad to send it to you anyways. Thanks!

Libro impreso — 18x18 cm. A color.
Libro impreso — 18x18 cm. A color.

Printed book, signed

  • The printed version of the book. A small 18x18cm (7x7 in approx.), 140 full color page long book with a ton of information; signed thanking the Patron.

Your name in “Thanks and acknowledgements to Patrons"

  • There’ll be a section in the book with all the names of the Patrons who believed and helped this project to see the light.

Visual poetry in PDF

  • A PDF ebook so you can have it handy at any time.

About the prints

  • There’ll be two sets of prints available. Both of them in High quality photographic paper, full colour, dated and signed. The smaller ones are 15x10 cm (10x4 in approx.) and from one of the many pictures inside the book, meanwhile the largest ones will be a 40x30cm (16x12 in approx) and of the cover of the book; these last ones will have a white border so you can frame them.

Print de 40x30 cm, lista para enmarcar.
Print de 40x30 cm, lista para enmarcar.

Zoom portfolio review

  • If you have a photo portfolio and you are looking into getting some feedback on the work, we can talk on Zoom. I focus mainly on the natural development of the photographer and following a path that they believe on, and not imposing my views on the work. Once the crowdfunding is complete, I’ll get in touch with you and set up a date and time for it.

NOTE: International shipping (outside Spain) has an extra cost of €35 to be paid by Paypal.

"I’d like to help, but I can’t spend money right now..."

Everyone, in some way or another, these past months have been affected by a lot of things, some by anxiety, others financially due to work impact of COVID, and many many more situations; so if you like the project but at this moment you can’t spend money, the best way to help me out is by sharing it on social media, it only takes a moment and you help me a great deal!

About me

My name is Matías and I’m a photographer living in Madrid, Spain. I’ve been working in this medium for 15 years or so. Self taught and curious by nature, I’ve always set myself to explore everything that draws my attention; this took me also to question myself how is it that something is taught and learnt, and resulted in thinking about doing it in a way that’s approachable and, at the same time, practical.


The printing of the book will take between a month, and a month and a half, and it’s ready to start as soon as the crowdfunding campaign ends.

As you could see in the examples, the book is already designed and ready to go into printing, we only need to make it possible.

Once I have them, the shipping will take place in the following fifteen days.

More info

You can see more about my work either in my website or Instagram account


IG: mattcanosa


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  • Lidia


    21 days

    Un gran logro,muchas espectativas , éxitos!!!!!

  • JimenaCanosa


    22 days

    I'm so proud of you for this achievement! Best of luck!

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