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Barcelona Showdown Book

Barcelona Showdown, the book that analyses almost four decades of graffiti history in the Barcelona metro.

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Barcelona Showdown records more than 30 years of graffiti in the Barcelona metro. Totally exclusive content in two languages (Spanish and English), detailing the history and lifestyle of the writers from 1984 to 2021.

Thanks to the writers we have been able to write the history of this great subculture in Barcelona. Their talks, archive material and research work on the evolution of graffiti, the metropolitan system and the city of Barcelona have been key to detailing the story perfectly from the mid-1980s to the present day.

Alejandro Alonso illustrations have been fundamental in recreating the most relevant scenes in the history of the subculture. His imaginary and his interest in graffiti has no limits, and this is reflected in the illustrations that Alejandro has worked on for Barcelona Showdown as an illustrator for the Blood and Madness collective.

A collective that also includes the designer Jaume Ricart. As the book's layout designer, Jaume has been able to capture the details that make the difference to generate a composition with editorial harmony, combining the colours that represent the Barcelona metro system and Blood and Madness.

And as is evident, history does not write itself. Jaume Gómez, a researcher specialising in Graffiti-Urban Art, Subcultures and Mass Culture, with several published books and editorial collaborations, has been in charge of telling the story through in-depth research work together with Mark Madness.

Mark, documentary photographer and project manager of Barcelona Showdown, has worked for almost four years among retina screens and grease from the metro tunnels. In the book, we can highlight the almost one hundred photos that Mark has selected to convey a myriad of sensations that will make you move to the writers' missions in the Barcelona underworld.

We would also like to highlight the enormous work of proofreading the texts in Spanish by Teresa Morales and Ángela Agraz and the translation of the texts into English by Ángela Agraz and Matthew Duffield.

The photo editing has been carried out by Mel, a photo editor with a degree from the IEFC, and the final revision of the photography and the project by the photographer Ana Agraz.


The official partners of Barcelona Showdown are Fundación Contorno Urbano and Montana Colors.


The main purpose of the rewards is the pre-order of the book. We offer the opportunity to buy the book, signed and dedicated, with hand delivery in Barcelona and we ship nationally and internationally.

We also offer packs of book + illustrations by Alejandro Alonso.

For small, limited or official distributors, we present packs from 5, 10 and 50 copies at a reduced price depending on the pack requested.

Details of the book

1000 copies.

Cover + 256 pages.

Closed format 22x30cm

Open format 44x30cm

Swiss binding.


Cover Geltex snow white 130 gr

Inside Offset Offset sand white rough of 120 gr

Flyleaves Offset Offset arena white rough 170 gsm

Cover Offset arena white rough of 170 gr

What we will use your contributions for

The contributions will be used to pay for the cost of the high quality printing, rewards and postage.

Planned timetable

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over and we have received the contributions, we will proceed to print the book.

The 1000 copies usually take between 7 and 10 days to be printed.

Once they are in our hands, we will make the deliveries.

In any case, you will be informed at all times of any movement through this platform and our dissemination channels.

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  • Jaume Gómez

    Jaume Gómez

    over 3 years

    vamooos !

  • Alberto


    over 3 years

    Barcelona showdown representa a los escritores, un amor!

  • Eudald Aragones Casals

    Eudald Aragones Casals

    over 3 years


  • rogersv


    over 3 years


  • Xavier Oliach

    Xavier Oliach

    over 3 years


  • Francesc


    over 3 years


  • vinz


    over 3 years


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