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We Are people

Our first studio recording experience for good. All funds and benefits will be donated to ÁMATE (Association of Breast Cancer of Tenerife)

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Who we are

Escuela Gospel de Canarias (EGC, Canary Islands Gospel School), founded in 2017 and present with its choirs in four of the eight Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Palma and Gran Canaria) was born with the objective of teaching and spreading gospel music in the Canary Islands. However, the School has always also had the purpose of working together with society, which is why we have participated in many social events and supported different institutions and organisations with the objective of actively taking part in society.

What we want to do this year

This year we have decided to start our first and very own social project under the name We are people. Through this project, we will record our first song and collaborate directly with society. All members of our choirs from different islands will participate in the recording session and we will donate all funds and benefits to a good cause. The song recorded will be released for streaming on major music streaming platforms and all benefits and money from streams, sales, etc. will be directly donated to the Association of Breast Cancer of Tenerife ÁMATE.

The song we will record this year will be a cover of this powerful song titled Rise Up, by Andra Day.

Rise Up is an inspiring song about overcoming adversities and not giving up and we’d like to dedicate it to all those needing strength to carry on. One verse in the song goes “I’ll rise up, in spite of the ache” and we want that to become a reality.

ÁMATE: Who they are and what they do

ÁMATE was founded in March 2006 when a group of women going through breast cancer found each other while going through that “bumpy road”. After trying to find a specific kind of help and support that they never found, they decided to create the association in order to get what they knew they needed in that moment.

Nowadays ÁMATE offers psychosocial support to those who need it and also provides support to families, which is sometimes also very necessary. They also offer company when going to medical check ups and when undergoing treatment.

The association also works hand in hand with a vast group of physiotherapists who help them to learn how to take care of arms and teach them exercises. These physiotherapists perform lymphatic drainage massages to patients using the Vodder technique, which is vital to prevent the appearance of lymphedema or to treat it when it has already appeared.

Through their program “Educa Salud” the association is present in education centres, other associations, health care centers, town councils and other institutions to inform and provide education in the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer and to promote and inform about the importance of healthy habits.


All our rewards, named after the names of the different Canary Islands, are related to gospel and music.

You can enjoy free music concerts of Naturally in the Canary Islands, registration for the next Canarias Gospel Summit Canarias Gospel Summit , a workshop attended by popular and important gospel musicians from all over the world (you can check out the video below) and also singing music lessons with the School director [Ezequiel Barrios], who has a lot of experience in teaching people how to use their voice as their individual and personal instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: All the estimated delivery dates of our rewards are subject to possible changes due to the current health emergency situation.

More information about us:

The School's director and singing teacher

Ezequiel Barrios has received training in gospel music by attending several workshops of gospel music in different countries and cities where he has had the opportunity to learn from prestigious directors, musicians and producers of this fascinating music genre. Currently, Ezequiel works as director of Escuela Gospel de Canarias and the music group Naturally.

If you want to know more about this crowdfunding campaign or about us and what we do, follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


  • What do the names of the rewards mean?

    We decided to name each reward after one of our islands.

    The smaller the island, the bigger the reward! La Graciosa is the smallest and deserves the biggest acknowledgement.

    It doesn't mean that you can only choose the reward with the name of your island (if you are from the Canaries). You can choose whichever you like the most.

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  • jriveiros


    about 1 year

    Ale...otro granito de arena...

  • Araceli


    about 1 year

    ¡¡Queda poco para conseguirlo!!👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻❤️

  • Gabrielarriolab


    about 1 year

    Mucha fuerza chicos. Besitos Sonia. Te queremos mucho

  • Gabrielarriolab


    about 1 year

    Mucha fuerza chicos. Besitos Sonia. Te queremos mucho

  • Sergio


    about 1 year


  • Mabel y Landi

    Mabel y Landi

    about 1 year

    ¡Precioso proyecto! Ánimo!!❤️

  • Laura Martín García

    Laura Martín García

    about 1 year


  • Amanda


    about 1 year

    Hecho! 🥳

  • Yaiza Pérez

    Yaiza Pérez

    about 1 year

    Podemos 💪🏽

  • Sonia y Alberto

    Sonia y Alberto

    about 1 year

    A por ello!!!💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️

#01 / La mitad: ¡conseguida! ¡GRACIAS!

Ya tenemos el 49% recaudado y ¡te lo agradecemos de corazón!

Aún quedan un par de días para conseguir nuestro objetivo y ayudar a muchas mujeres y a sus familias a luchar contra el cáncer de mama.

Te pedimos una vez más que nos ayudes y compartas nuestra campaña con tus amigos y familiares. ¡Ya queda muy, muy poco!

Podrían llevarse entradas a un concierto de Naturally que suena así:

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